Certified Energy – A One-Stop Destination to Get Your Construction Approved

With the end of the new year just around the corner, all buildings and construction projects seek to get their documents approved quicker. Logistical requirements are stacking up, tax obligations are peaking and the National Construction Code has an endless number of requirements for your business to get the mandatory approvals.

Feeling a bit stressed?

Certified Energy can fix this for you!

At Certified Energy, we aim to speedily adapt to each client’s issues and ensure that your construction will be approved. As a company consisting of a highly qualified group of architects and engineers, our specialty is dealing with Section J compliance reports for commercial buildings and on the residential side, NatHERS energy star ratings certificates.

Section J compliance reports are essential to attain as per the requirements under the National Construction Code.

This is applicable for all Class 2 to 9 buildings, including:

  • commercial,
  • retail,
  • apartments and
  • industrial buildings

Attaining a Section J Compliance Report is an absolute necessity for most councils in Australia in order to proceed with a Development Application.

At Certified Energy, we believe in offering fast, reliable and cost-efficient solutions to our clients with the purpose of fostering long-term relationships. This not only means that pricing is minimal in comparison to our competitors, but it highlights that every project for us is unique and individualistic. As an added bonus, we offer complimentary 24 hour turnarounds for all Section J projects of one story and less then 20 windows.