How to Self-Edit an Essay: Guide All You Need to Know

Self-editing an essay is a crucial stage of your writing process. An appropriate amount of time spent refining your essay will save you time when you hand it to your professor. This post explains why self-editing is essential and what type of text you should edit.

Where to Start?

Self-editing is the act of proofreading your essay and finding errors before submitting it. A proofread essay by an essay writer should follow this necessary process before handing in the paper. Whether writing a short essay or a full-length book, self-editing is needed.

How to Self-Edit Your Essay

It is essential to self-edit your work. This is because it helps identify problems in your writing. For example, some students tend to use too many commas, thus making the sentence confusing.

Also, some writers struggle with grammar and spelling issues. You can hire an editor to edit your work to avoid such errors. Another alternative is reading more books and articles about self-editing and how to self-edit an essay.

Benefits of Self-Editing Your Essay

Aforementioned, self-editing is an intricate part of your overall writing style. Here is a breakdown of some benefits of self-editing to expect:

1. It helps you become better at writing

Becoming a better writer may seem like an obvious point. However, the more you edit your work, the better you will become at spotting errors in your writing. It gives you an overview of the overall work before putting pen to paper. You will also learn from your mistakes and improve as a writer overall. Writing is similar to any other skill: the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

2. It makes your work more coherent

Coherence is key to good writing, whether writing fiction or nonfiction. This helps readers understand what you are trying to say (even if what you are saying is fictional). When reading through your work after finishing a draft, make sure everything makes sense.

It helps you save time. Getting an editor from a professional essay editing service is a great idea.

3. It helps you find errors

The primary purpose of editing any paper is to help you find mistakes in grammar and spelling. Doing this on your own allows you to do just that. Also, it is a great way to learn how to write better in the future.

4. It helps you save money

Essay editing will cost far less than hiring someone else to do the work for you. This is often a good reason for many students to choose this option over hiring an editor to write essays.

How to Self-Edit Your Essay: Tips and Tricks

Several techniques apply to your essay edit. Below are essential tips from experts on how to self-edit an essay:

1. Read your essay with a purpose

It is hard to find mistakes when reading a page or two of your writing and thinking about it as a whole. This is where a purpose comes in handy. For example, when editing the grammar and punctuation of your essay, read your content with those things in mind. Read and look for transitions between paragraphs and ideas to get coherence.

2. Read the essay aloud

Reading aloud will help you catch errors that may not be obvious when reading silently. It also gives you a chance to hear how your words sound and how they fit together. You are more likely to notice awkward phrasing or too-long sentences when you listen to the spoken rather than see them on the page.

3. Read backwards

Reading backwards helps avoid distractions by the meaning of what you wrote. Instead, you can focus on making sure each word sounds right and is spelt correctly. You may even find that you deleted a word or two without realizing it.

4. Take breaks

Breaks can help you clear your mind. Therefore, you see things with fresh eyes after coming back. This can help you spot any holes in your reasoning or places where you might have gone off track from the essay’s main idea.

5. Check for wordy phrases

You may think that using more extended, complicated words makes you sound intelligent. Unfortunately, it takes away from your writing style. You want to make the process as painless as possible for the reader. Therefore, choose simple words over fancy ones. Read aloud to see how it sounds.

6. Remove distracting or confusing details

Remove any scene or part of the essay that does not fit with the rest of your message. Think about what each story brings to the table. Cut it out when it does not contribute to your overall goal.

Essay Editing Checklist: Important Things to Look For

Many errors are common as we all slip up on occasion. Here are some things to watch for with your edit essay:

Spelling and grammar

Check for any spelling or grammar errors. Do not solely rely on the spellchecker to catch everything. Some words are spelt wrong but are still recognized as valid words. For example, “form” instead of “from.”

Unnecessary words

Look for unnecessary words in your sentences and paragraphs. Try to use as few words as possible to get your message across. Take any sentence out when it does not add anything to your message.


When using a word that is unclear to you, it probably won’t be clear to your readers. Look for these types of terms and replace them with simpler ones. Always use simple language, even when it is not the most elegant way of saying something.

Motivation for Writing a Paper

Passive voice

The passive construction is when the subject is being acted upon by someone or something else. The passive voice appeals to a formal and academic audience. It can also be awkward at times, mainly when overused.

Consequently, try to keep your writing active. Active voice means that the subject acts in the sentence (e.g., the student is skipping class). Passive voice means that the subject has something done to it (e.g., the student missed class).


Suppose you use a word once, fine. However, when using it twice, see if you can find a different way of saying the same thing. Consider rewriting the whole sentence or paragraph to avoid using the same word three or more times.


These words and phrases have been used so much that they have lost their meaning. Examples include “at the end of the day,” “it’s a no-brainer,” and “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Try finding another way of expressing your thoughts rather than using them. Alternatively, cut them out altogether.


Most writers tend to be wordy at first. This is because they have so much they want to say. Try reading your work aloud. Try to see any places where you can shorten it without losing meaning. This is often the case with long sentences strung together with commas and semi-colons (reread those carefully).

Sentence structure variety

Good writing includes sentence structure variety. However, your sentences don’t need to be extremely lengthy or complex. Your reader might find your work boring or confusing when all sentences are lengthy. Likewise, you could use a lot of very long sentences with multiple clauses and commas. However, using it too often might make your reader lose interest and struggle to follow along.

Self-Editing Tips for Your Essay

You will likely have many ideas when beginning the essay writing process. You may have a strong thesis statement or even a topic already in mind. However, these ideas are not always the most well-crafted and may not be appropriate for the audience of your essay. Here are some standard steps that you can follow to self-edit your essays.

Remember your audience

The first step is determining your audience before writing your college essay. Please consider who will be reading the essay and what they want from it. How much do they know about the topic? Are there any specific words or phrases that need defining? It is important to remember that writing an academic essay for school may not be appropriate for writing an essay for a blog post.

Stephen King’s ten per cent rule

According to Stephen King, who wrote On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, you should reduce every first draft by ten per cent before submitting it. This means cutting out unnecessary words, sentences, or paragraphs and may even mean deleting a whole section if it doesn’t suit the text.

Listen to your essay

Listening to your essay is one of the essential aspects of self-editing. It allows you to catch mistakes that you may not see when reading your material. Reading aloud will help you spot confusing or awkward passages while also giving you a chance to hear how well your writing flows. You can record yourself reading aloud. Alternatively, ask a trusted friend to read it for you.

Check for consistency

Make sure that each sentence makes sense within the context of your paper. Also, the tone remains consistent throughout all sections of the essay. Pay attention, particularly to transitions, which connect ideas and give your reader an easy way to follow along. When a transition does not sound right when you read through it, you should probably change or delete it altogether.


Essays are written to persuade or inform readers. Make sure all time taken to write the essay will be transparent with the point you are trying to get across. Also, ensure a clear introduction body paragraphs are organized into a logical order—lastly, a conclusion to drive home your message.

Create a compelling story

Your essay must have a clear theme that is present throughout the piece. A central storyline should develop in each paragraph and carry through from the introduction to the conclusion for narrative essays. Each paragraph should support your thesis statement when writing an expository essay. Your sentences should connect back to this central idea. Therefore, your reader understands how the paragraphs fit together into one cohesive whole.


Evaluate your essay’s structure and organization

Strengthen the organization of your paper by making sure that there is a clear introduction, body, and conclusion to each paragraph. The most standard way to accomplish this is by creating a simple outline or a bulleted list of topics covered in the paper.

Final Takeaway

A self-edited essay is an essential tool for any student. Ensure you do not cut yourself off too soon. Also, try to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect essay. There will always be others on a similar topic, or even competing with yours. Read the material carefully, check grammar and spelling mistakes, proofread, and add new material when needed.

A Glance at College Recycling Programs

Just one look at your local landfill is enough to convince you that there is a need for more recycling programs. Recycling should be a priority for all institutions across the country. College recycling programs ensure that such institutions make a contribution to environmental conservation.

Every student should have a recycle bin where they dispose of recyclable materials like paper, batteries, water bottles, and so much more. The world is going through a green resource transition, and college institutions such as essay writer helper should not be left behind.


Local communities can also borrow a leaf from college institutions and recycle their waste. The internet is quite resourceful when it comes to researching how a recycling program should work. Students can also use online resources to make their school life easier. For instance, thesis writing services ensure students get the marks they need to graduate.

1. American University

American University strives to be 100% waste-free. Its zero waste policy was adopted in 2010, and since then, the institution has had significant milestones. The system ensures that all university wastes are diverted from landfills. AU uses only renewable materials to ensure no waste is going into the environment.

The university’s environmental conservation efforts ensure it maintains a healthy student community. AU’s fraternity practices sustainable purchasing to maintain an environmentally-friendly campus.

AU makes paper towels from restrooms as well as kitchen wastes. The elimination of water bottles and food trays also helps cut down on wastes. The kitchen grease is recycled for electricity to help manage utility bills.

This institution has one of the finest recycling systems in America’s academic scene. In 2012, the school beat over 600 other universities at a RecycleMania contest.

2. Valencia College

Valencia College has a decade-old recycling system that’s updated each year. The institution has established itself as the model for university sustainability by bagging RecycleMania gold for waste minimization from 2012 through to 2014.

The school encourages students to reduce their waste output. It has a seamless paper, aluminum, plastic, and e-waste management system in place. The school no longer uses water bottles as this is the source of plastic waste in many institutions. Valencia College recycling program aims to reduce the institution’s carbon footprint.

3. College of the Atlantic

College of the Atlantic is well known as the greenest university college in the country. The institution’s recycling system is a comprehensive program that offers outlets for all types of waste.

Aside from outlets for food, the university also has units for composting disposable flatware and kitchen napkins. For foods that cannot be recycled, the campus uses these as a source of renewable energy. The recycling program is run by students to teach them the importance of environmental conservation.

4. University of California

One of University California’s goals is to achieve zero waste by 2020. A 90% waste diversion from landfills will have a significantly positive impact on the environment. The campus also aims to phase out procurement and distribution of Expanded Polystyrene.

Within the institution, is a hub for repurposing items. Students also collect leftover food in their rooms. The school rethinks daily operations to achieve a comprehensive diversion campaign.

5. Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo College is another higher learning institution with comprehensive waste management and recycling program. The school not only recycles but also donates stationery, mirrors, lamps, and so much more to the surrounding community.

The school’s recycling department handles the exportation of food waste to a local pig farm. Kalamazoo College also recycles e-wastes like batteries, calculators and electric motors.

In addition to recycling, the department also takes up reuse and waste reduction responsibilities. The recycling department is run by students under the supervision of staff in charge. This way, students can understand just how much waste goes into the environment. The campus has two dedicated electric-powered golf carts that help with transportation of waste.

6.     Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the institutions that adopted the single-stream recycling. This means that all recyclable materials are mixed together in one waste receptacle. This is an effective system because it eliminates any confusion or guesswork.

The school runs a recycling program for different kinds of waste, including e-waste, food, ink, paper, and cartridges. Over the years, the recycling program has evolved and improved in efficacy. The school uses competitions to encourage students to reduce waste.


College recycling programs ensure students learn the importance of environment conservation. Institutions of higher learning are an excellent platform to teach students about environmental friendliness. Diverting waste from landfills ensures they don’t overflow with items that can be reused or recycled.

What College You Have to Graduate from to Apply for Tesla Engineering Team?

Tesla is recording exponential growth lately in its production and sales units. Currently, the company has advertised for various vacant positions. By studying for a degree in engineering, you get good career opportunities in the world.

You stand better chances to join the major automotive companies in the world. Different universities offer engineering majors at different levels. They offer majors like mechanical, computer science, and electrical.

Below is the list of the best colleges to graduate from to apply for Tesla and other top automotive companies

best colleges to join for tesla engineering team

1. Harvey Mudd College

Students who want to study engineering will find Harvey Mudd College a good choice. The college is located in Claremont, California. It is a not-for-profit institution with a smaller student population. The school ranks number 1 out of 2,576 schools which makes it a top choice. Students from the college are marketable globally. They get jobs in some of the best companies around the world.

Engineering programs are course-intensive programs. They require students to commit a lot of their time to study. Students have to develop critical thinking skills to succeed in their studies. They also need to commit a lot of their time to study and critical thinking. You will spend a lot of time in practical and theoretical training too. These skills will help develop experience in paper writing. Use the Fixgerald plagiarism checker to help you write an original paper. It is a useful tool for students in college and other institutions of higher learning. By using this plagiarism checker, you will be certain to submit an original paper. You will also earn better scores and stand out in the classroom.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology focuses on modern technology and science. The school is a private grant-based institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It offers majors in mechanical engineering, computer science, aeronautical engineering, physics, and mathematics. The school trains students to develop various soft skills. They learn analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and big new ideas.

3. Harvard University

The faculty of arts and sciences at Harvard University offers students different programs. The faculty offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in applied sciences and engineering. There are several majors the students can choose from. They can choose electrical, applied math, and bioengineering. They also offer applied computation, applied physics, and computer science. The school ranks number 1 as the best school in Massachusetts.

4. Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany

Technische Universitat Munchen offers the most marketable degrees in the world. Starting in 1868, the university ranks as a top university in the world for many years. The university trains students in research-oriented courses. They help them get career opportunities globally.

Students can register for a wide range of engineering degree programs. The engineering majors offered by the institution are mechanical and mobility systems engineering. The other majors are energy and process engineering and materials engineering.

5. The University of Melbourne, Australia

The University of Melbourne’s faculty of engineering and IT trains future innovators. The university prepares students to face the real-life challenges of engineering. The training helps them build a sustainable future. Students can major in transport engineering, infrastructure design, and water resource management. The institution ranks number 1 in Australia.

6. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Huazhong University of Science and Technology is a government-sponsored school. It focuses more on research and training. Located in Wuhan, Hubei province, the school ranks as a top school in China. Its majors include electrical and masters in mechanical. They also have majors in new energy science and a master in civil.

how to join Tesla engineering team

7. Imperial College London, UK

Imperial College London, UK, offers majors in design, electrical and mechanical engineering. Students can also enroll in materials and earth science engineering. The school ranks number 8 as the best college globally. Its school of engineering ranks 5th best school of engineering in the world.

8. The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo ranks number 38 in the world. It is the best engineering and technology school in the world according to the ranking. It is the most innovative school in Canada in 2022 by Maclean. It ranks number 1 best mechanical engineering school in Canada. The university majors in electrical, civil, automotive, and computers.


Majoring in engineering gives you the advantage of working with some of the best companies in the world. There are different universities in the world that you can join. You can major in mechanical and electrical engineering. Other majors are physics, mathematical, and environmental engineering. Most majors take between four and five years in most universities.

Top 10 Best Degrees to Get in 2022

Choosing a degree is the first step to deciding what type of career you want to have in the future. Some majors offer stability, higher employability rates, and competitive salary more than others for 2021.

If you are on the fence about choosing a degree to pursue in the current job market, below are the top 10 best degrees to get in 2022:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Engineering
  • Physics
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Economics
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics Engineering

top 10 degrees

Top 10 Degrees in 2021

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the following degrees listed as some of the top-rated careers in 2022.

  1. Cybersecurity – more so than ever before, has become a job that is in high demand. A bachelor’s degree in this major provides a career in coding, software development, a large corporation, or a government position.
  2. Software Engineering – the technology field is expanding by the minute. With a degree in software engineering, a student can obtain programming, web development, and many more technology-based jobs.
  3. Physics – given the current state of the world and the need for medical professionals, degrees in this field can lead to careers based in laboratories, medical research, and academia.
  4. Petroleum Engineering – the job market in this career field is highly competitive. Still, it has a lucrative payout if you land a position in areas such as economics, engineering, or environmental study.
  5. Information Technology – This degree can land you a job in a plethora of technology fields, to name a few:
    • Programming
    • cybersecurity
    • software development
    • application development

6. Economics – most economists work in government-based jobs, but a degree in economics can also open up possibilities in data analyst careers.  Economy and finance, like technology, are careers that will always be a necessity.

7. Renewable Energy Engineering– a degree in this field is on the list as renewable energy becomes a significant source for our planet. Engineers typically find careers in power plants, machinists, field engineer project managers, and so much more.

8. Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence – anticipated to be the fastest-growing job field, students obtaining this degree will dive into skills such as artificial intelligence, computer science, machinery, and robotics.

9. Chemistry – as one of the most popular of the science majors, a student earning a degree in chemistry can look towards careers as a chemist, laboratory researcher, biotechnologist, or chemical engineer, to list a few.

10. Electronic Engineering – students with a degree in this major are in high demand as they are the designers and creators of electronic devices. Aerospace, broadcast, and design engineers are some of the careers these degrees can fulfill.

Writing A College Essay

Using online essays for sale websites is a college student’s best friend when writing papers. College essays are nothing like the high school papers we are used to. For starters, there are factors like APA/MLA, citations, references, thesis paragraphs, and many other parts that were not required in high school. This resource will save you many hours pulling an overnighter in the library.

things to consider before starting college

College Admissions Requirements

Once you have narrowed down the college that best suits your career needs, the lengthy college admissions application is your next step. A crucial part of the acceptance criteria is your essay; the most challenging part is figuring out what to say. Looking through a myriad of essay samples on various topics is a great way to get those juices flowing.

Finding a major aligned with your interests is just as important as finding one that will eventually be financially beneficial for your life. You have a better chance at successfully graduating if the major you choose also helps you achieve a sense of happiness and purpose.

11 Ways College Students Can Save Paper

Paper, in all of its forms, is one of the most useful and versatile products. It is also one of the most widely used item for college students. The bad news is that our use of paper has some pretty intense impacts on the environment. These include water and air pollution, deforestation, and the accumulation of paper waste in landfills.

The good news is that every individual can play a role in helping to eliminate the damage done by the use of and production of paper products. Now, this is the point where many readers will think of themselves, “I recycle. Isn’t that enough?”

The truth is, while recycling certainly helps, it doesn’t eliminate the problems our use of paper creates. In fact, the recycling process itself has an environmental cost.  Keep recycling for sure, but also consider ways in which you can reduce the amount of paper you use. Here are a few top ways college students can save paper:

1. Make your subscriptions digital

Whether your interests are in technology, fashion, current events, music or something else, magazines are full of useful information. The problem is that once you’re done with them, your choices are to recycle them, throw them out, or let them collect dust. None of these things are good for the environment.

Instead, convert your paper subscriptions to digital. Not only will you help the environment, you’ll save space as well. Even better, digital copies of magazines are searchable. This means you can find the articles you want with ease.

2. Donate old newspapers and magazines

If you do have hard copies of newspapers and magazines at home, don’t throw them out or recycle them. There may be places that are happy to take them off your hands. Your local community center, retirement homes, hospitals and homeless shelters are often in search of reading materials for their clients.

3. Use double-sided printing

There is no way to avoid printing altogether, but you may be able to reduce the paper you use when you do print. Whenever possible use double-sided printing. You can even print more than one page per side. Also, experiment line spacing and font size. With a few adjustments, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper you print over time. Encourage your friends, even your University and College, and your community to do the same.

4. Get your statements online

If you are still receiving your bank statements and billing notices via snail mail that’s a problem. Not only are you getting your paper bills and statements, chances are you’re receiving inserts, coupons, and other junk. Convert to paperless mode and eliminate all of this.

5. Use a blackboard or whiteboard

Shopping lists, reminders, and notes to your roommates represent just a few of the things you likely jot down and have scattered about your place. You aren’t alone. Those bits and pieces of paper add up. You can replace these by simply hanging up a whiteboard or blackboard in a convenient spot.

If somebody needs to jot something down, they can use that instead of wasting paper. If you need something a bit more portable, simply snap a picture with your phone.

6. Get a digital calendar

You also don’t need paper to stay on top of your schedule or to coordinate with friends and family members. Instead, choose a digital calendar that works for you. Then arrange to share calendars with those friends and family members. With most online calendars you can create to-do lists, set alarms, and send out reminders.

7. Give old newspapers to animal shelter

Your local animal shelter or rescue might be thrilled to get your old newspapers. They use these for bedding and as cage liners.  Newspapers can also be used to help insulate winter shelters for feral cat colonies.

8. Use washcloths and hand towels

There is no doubt that paper towels and napkins are useful. Many of us use them while we’re eating, to wipe up spills, for cleaning, even for covering food in the microwave. The problem is that once we’re done all of those paper products go directly into the trash. That’s wasteful and bad for the environment. Instead, invest in cloth alternatives.

Washcloths and hand towels are exceptionally cheap. Cloth diapers last forever and are amazing for cleaning. Even old worn-out clothing can be cut up and used as dust rags.

9. Take notes digitally

At this point, there should be little or no occasions where you need to take notes on paper. There are simply too many options for taking notes digitally, not to take advantage of this. Save paper by using an app, such as Evernote, to take and organize your notes. While applying for college admission, make use of admission essay by domyessay.

Use voice to text, or simply type up your notes in your favorite word processor. Not only will your digital notes save paper, you’ll be better able to create quality essays and research papers. If you need help to turn these notes into better papers, check out essay editing reviews. Save the planet, and improve your grades.

In some cases, you don’t need to take notes at all. See if your instructors save handouts and lecture notes online. Then, simply use these as reference materials.

10. Reduce paper use at the grocery store

Hopefully, you have ditched single-use plastic and paper bags for reusable ones. If not, this is a great place to start. However, that’s just the beginning. There are other ways to reduce paper use while you shop.

First, hit the bulk bins for your dried goods. Instead of using the plastic or paper bags provided, bring your own reusable containers. Next, pay attention to packaging as you shop. You’ll be amazed at the amount of paper and plastic that is wasted through extra packaging. Be a conscientious shopper, and buy products that use the least amount of paper material.

11. Praise brands that use less paper

While you shop, pay attention to which brands are responsible in their use of paper and which brands are not. Then, let your thoughts be known. If a brand is behaving responsibly in this area, contact them and let you know you appreciate it and will be buying their products.

If not, contact them with your concerns. Believe it or not, companies do care what you think, and if they hear from enough people they might change their behaviors.

Final thoughts 

Paper waste is a huge problem at colleges and universities. In fact, the issue can seem overwhelming. However, if every individual would change a few of their habits with regard to paper consumption, there would be a great impact. You can get started with these steps.

How to Get Essays for Free: All Ways and Tips

An essay is one of the most popular tasks in college, so it is no exaggeration to say that every student will have to write at least one argumentative text, based on sources revealing a problem. Together with the free essay writer program, we try to find answers to the questions of how to get such a text for free, whether it is possible to buy free essays, and whether it is so difficult to write it yourself.

How to Get Essays for Free

1. Write an Essay By Yourself

The first point let’s consider this option, not the best, but the most logical. Its obvious advantage – it will definitely be free, but at the same time, the advantage and disadvantage – all the guarantees for the quality of the result lie only on you.

Here are some tips on how to write a good essay by yourself:

  1. Ask your teacher for a sample paper to know what to strive for.
  2. Examine the problem, to understand what is required of you.
  3. Find the right sources: scientific books, academic websites, courses from other colleges.
  4. Process the information, find arguments, and facts that confirm them.
  5. Describe the structure of the text. You should have an introduction, the main part of the text, and a conclusion.
  6. Practice.
  7. Write an essay.

2. Ask a Friend or Classmate

If you have a friend or classmate who understands the topic of your assignment, you can ask him to help. He may even agree. Perhaps even for free.

Of course, this option has too many conditions and too few guarantees: a friend may get sick, not have time or not want to write your essay. If everything turned out well, do not forget to reread the finished text, and also, preferably, to double-check it in anti plagiarism programs: maybe all the paper is just a cut from the book? Do not forget that in this version, only you are responsible for the quality of the text.

3. Find the Beginner Freelance Writer

Professional freelancers work for a fee. But beginners are looking for opportunities to fill their portfolio, so they may agree to write your essay as a test task.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find out in advance how good and responsible an employee you will get. For example, some freelancers just disappear. To try to avoid such a situation, ask at least the contact of the previous customer to get his review on the potential helper.

Some students also announce essay contests on freelancer sites. So you get a lot of free samples, which is true, you will still have to pay the winner.

4. Use Free Essay Writer Program

In principle, this option can be considered partly as an extension of the first paragraph. Only instead of a guide on how to write an essay yourself, you get a ready-made example.

Motivation for Writing a Paper

How does it work? You need to go to a free essay writing service and click on the section with ready-made examples. If you are lucky, you will find a similar topic. Simply downloading the text and showing it to your teacher will not work, because then your essay will not be unique. But you can use the same sources, look at the ideas of arguments and the principle of text construction. For example, how a professional author divides different parts into separate paragraphs.

Unfortunately, this method will not work if you need texts on complex and narrow topics. But even if you need a simple English essay, it is not the fact that you will find it on the first website or you will find it at all.

5. Order Work From Professional Essay Writing Services

Online academic aid services are websites where you can find the author who will write your essay for you.

Experts of essay writing services work for a fee. But such free options are available for students:

  • A bibliography page.
  • Plagiarism Check.
  • Revision of the text.
  • (sometimes) + 1 bonus page.

In this case, unlike the previous four methods, you are guaranteed to get a quality academic paper written for you from scratch and submitted on time. Such an essay will pass any plagiarism tests, no matter what software or tools are used to test it.

You can also find free essay writing tutorials on such sites. However, if you need a tutor (in the UK, USA or another country), these services will not work for you.

So, we looked at five ways to get an essay for free. Some of them have significant disadvantages, some – are free only conditionally. In any case, you can try each one and see which one is right for you. By the way, you can also combine the methods. For example, you can write an essay yourself and send the finished text to the authors for revision.

How to Create Presentations for Your Studies

Writing research seems to a lot of people to be a difficult task which makes them feel nervous and requires a lot of time, urging them to look for a legit essay writing service  like EssayShark or EssayBulls. However, it is only a part of the working process which also includes a preparation of useful presentation which can help the speaker to represent the information from the study in the most effective and understandable way.

We used to think that a process of development of the presentation is a difficult and complicated process because it seems impossible to choose only important parts of the study, as all parts which are included in this study we consider to be essential for the audience. Also, the problem with the preparation of presentation is related to the fact that the speech and slides should be structured in the way which is interesting to the people who will listen to it.

I think that the main task of the presentation is to demonstrate the findings from the study in the way which makes the audience to concentrate on the research and understand its importance, but it is impossible to do this if the presentation provokes the desire to fall asleep or contain too much unnecessary information. So, in this article, you will find a few tips which will make the process of creation of presentation to be easier for you, and with the help of these pieces of advice, you will get a better result in the process of demonstration the findings of your research to the audience.

Prepare a good plan

You know that for the good research you should develop a well-structured outline first of all, as it is a basic step which helps to make the working process to be easier and more effective. If you want to prepare a successful presentation you should develop a plan which will help you to structure the working process and the whole presentation as well. So, you need to understand the basic steps which you will follow during the working process on your presentation in order not to miss anything important for a good result in the end.

You need to analyze your research, to make sure that you understand the perspective which you want to present to the audience, and highlight the most essential parts of your study in order to use this information in your presentation.

The presentation as an additional tool

One of the biggest mistakes is done by people who prepare their presentation is the lack of understanding of the main function of the presentation. A presentation is an additional tool which helps you to represent your main ideas and findings to the audience. A lot of people perceive the information more effectively if they have visual materials which are related to the presented information.

Speech is the main part in the process of demonstration to the audience your findings, but a presentation is a tool which can help audience to see the most important facts or information on the screen in order to remember it in the most effective way. You have to understand that there is no necessity to put all your speech on slides, as people should not read your speech, but you can use pictures, graphics, and other visual materials in order to help the audience to understand better the information which you present to them. A lot of people put too much unnecessary information on slides, so the audience is distracted from the main points of the speech.

Design and visual effects

Presentation is not only about the content, but also it is about the way in which you represent this content to the audience. It is important to remember that a lot of people perceive information visually, so you should think about the design and visual effects such as transitions between slides in order to make the presentation to be perceived in a better way.

For the best choice in design, you should analyze the topic of your presentation. In the case of presentations for studies, it would be better not to choose too bright or too dark colors. It is important not to distract the audience from the information which you present to them, but make them focus on the main points. Also, if you use too much animation in transitions between slides, it will distract the audience as well or make them nervous. So, the best tip in this aspect of the preparation of presentation is based on total simplicity as design should be a helpful tool but not a distraction from the content of the presentation.


Content of presentation consists not only of the information which you use but also of images and other visual effects. As it was stated above, presentation is a helpful tool which is developed to help people to perceive information using their visual senses. However, it is important to find a balance in your presentation. As we speak about presentations for studies, it is essential to remember that too many images or memes can be inappropriate in this situation, so you should use pictures in order to make your presentation less boring and more informative, but do not focus only on this visual effect.

In addition, you have to find a balance between the amount of text which you put on each slide and the number of images and graphics. The best way to represent information to the audience is to use bullet points in order to help them to define the main aspects of your research and understand better your findings. People cannot remember instantly a great amount of information, and they will memorize the information from your presentation partly, so you have to show them which parts are the most important and what they should understand at first.

Parting Shot

These tips can help you to create a presentation for your studies in a fast, easy, and effective way. A lot of people think that the process of preparation of presentation is based on the necessity to put the information from the speech or research on the slides, but it is related to the importance of visual perception. You should develop your speech and presentation in a way which will not be boring to your audience but will help them to understand your study more effectively.

In this process, everything matters: the choice of font, the number of slides, the order of slides, the choice of images, and visual effects using graphic design tools. Balance is the most important thing in the process of preparation of presentation, so you should think about the content of the slides and design keeping this rule in mind. Also, try to think like your audience, and if you consider your presentation to be interesting and informative, it means that you did a great job.

7 Energy Saving Tips for Students

Being a student is a wonderful experience that comes with a lot of perks, especially if you’re living on campus. This is the time to explore various experiences, gain personal responsibility, and figure out your meaning in the world.

You can have a lot of fun, make a lot of new friends, and enjoy your independence to the maximum. There are no parents to tell you what to do, no bedtime hour, and very few rules to follow.

Nevertheless, the biggest problem comes when you realize that your money reserves are slowly fading away. In fact, money management is one of the biggest problems that students face when parents aren’t really an option.

The most obvious way to get more money is to get a part-time job.  A good way for students to save time for jobs is to use assignment-helping sources. Just search on Google “help me with my paper“. The less obvious way is to become disciplined and reduce your energy bills and expenses. If you haven’t thought about that yet, here are some of the most important benefits of saving energy during college time:

  • You’re significantly reducing your energy bills.
  • You’re improving your self-discipline.
  • You’re understanding how a few simple actions and habits can boost your financial life.
  • You’re protecting the environment
  • You’re gaining health benefits
  • You’re learning to become a responsible person

If you’ve never done it before, there’s no need to worry about it. You can make a decision now and commit to being a part of the energy efficiency movement. College and university life can be so much better with more money in your pockets, while also knowing that you’re contributing to a higher purpose.

In today’s article, I’m sharing 7 ways to save energy for students who are eager to reduce the costs of their bills and reduce unnecessary waste.

1. Turn Off the Lights

Spend less time with the lights on and you’ll soon notice a significant difference in your energy bills. This is a simple habit that needs to be implemented through lots of practice. To make it easier, place a note near the switch that says “TURN ME OFF” or “green to go”.

2. Unplug Unused Devices

Once I decided to cut down the energy waste, I have realized that my energy bills were huge because I was always forgetting to shut down my computer and online learning devices.

Don’t repeat my mistake. Simply unplug all the unused devices, including the phone and laptop chargers. Even when you’re not charging, the chargers are still wasting energy. Also, if you really want to save energy, reduce the TV time and don’t forget to turn it off before you leave or fall asleep.

3. Dry Your Clothes Naturally

Most students are used to drying their clothes on radiators because it’s fast and convenient. However, besides the fact that they’re wasting energy throughout the process, they’re also putting their health at risk.

Clothes are absorbing heat from the radiator while pouring condensation into the air. This creates damp and mold.

The simplest solution is to dry your clothes naturally on a rack, especially when the sun is out and you don’t need them immediately.

4. Use Dishwashers

There’s a false belief that washing dishes manually consumes less energy than a dishwasher. Well, that’s a myth that needs to be treated like a myth. To be truly energy efficient, make sure you fill your dishwasher entirely before turning it on.

5. Keep the Door Closed

What’s the point of using energy to create heat if you leave the door open? This is common sense advice that should stick with you immediately. Don’t let the heat go out by simply making a habit of keeping the doors closed.

6. Turn Down the Thermostat

Your thermostat is a very tricky device. If you set the temperature high, the thermostat won’t stop heating until it reaches the values that it has been instructed to reach. It is said that turning the thermostat down can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%.

7. Turn Down the Temperature of the Washing Machine

Whenever you wash clothes, you should consider two important aspects: First of all, use your washing machine only when you can fill it up with a lot of clothes. There’s no point in using it twice a week when you can be disciplined and wait until more dirty clothes are gathered up.

Secondly, make sure you turn down the temperature of your washing machine to approximately 30 degrees. Because washing machines leverage the same amount of water to get the job done, the temperature doesn’t need to be high.


Saving energy in college is easier than you may think. Every time you turn off the light and consciously think about the fact that you’re saving energy, you will be laying the foundation of a new habit.

Start developing more and more energy-saving habits and you’ll notice the amazing benefits in a very short time. Besides the fact that you’ll feel good about yourself, your energy bills will put you in less trouble every time they pop. More money for you, more benefits for the planet!

What Should You Look For in an Environmental Consulting Firm?

If you or your business has ever wanted to develop a property, chances are, you have probably worked with an environmental consulting firm, like Aegis Environmental, at some point in the process. If you haven’t yet, the chances are that you will. Environmental consulting is one of the most critical aspects of the planning process for any project. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

If you think you might be in need of environmental consultants for your project, keep reading to learn more about two of the most important services they can provide. Also, try to keep in mind that while these services may increase your initial costs up front, they save you time and money in the long run by ensuring things are done correctly from the start. This can also protect you from potential liabilities later on, should something go wrong on your property or with your project.

What Environmental Consultants Do

Environmental consultants offer many services that provide information necessary for any project, such as environmental impact assessments, ecological studies, and environmental and natural resource management systems. Some consultants, like the Sydney-based environmental consultants Molino Stewart, also offer stakeholder and community engagement and education services. These can be helpful in cases where developers, stakeholders, and the community may harbor different views of a project.

Most environmental consulting firms offer a very wide range of important services. However, some can have a larger impact on the success of your project than others. Not all consulting firms are made equal, but the really great ones share a few key hallmarks: a solid community and stakeholder engagement/education program, and a well-organized environmental and ecological impact assessment and management service.

Ecological Studies and EIAs

Before you can begin any construction or development project, you have to conduct ecological and environmental impact assessments (EIAs). These assessments map the flora and fauna of the ecosystems potentially affected by the project and quantify the biodiversity in these locations.

This information is required by various environmental protection acts to gain approvals for a project. The outcomes of these studies might also require management plans for vegetation and wildlife.

A good environmental consulting firm will have experts with all the proper certifications required to conduct every aspect of the study. They will also help you with the process of submitting the results and developing biodiversity management systems.  A great firm will even offer the planning and technology to implement those systems and help you through the entire approval process.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

No matter the project or what it entails, chances are that someone, somewhere, will have an objection. Therefore, one key service you should look for in an environmental consulting firm is a good community education/outreach or a stockholder education program.

What does a good education program look like? Well, the first indicator is an adaptive education plan that can effectively target a broad range of demographics. This encompasses everything from local government councils and nearby residents to businesses and schools. This will help clear up any objections borne of misunderstandings. It will enable the community to more fully understand how your project will impact their environment and help them feel engaged in the process.

When it comes to stakeholder education and engagement, you want to look for a slightly different approach. These are people who will be directly impacted by the proposed project and hold a stake in its outcome. An effective education plan will provide subject background information that is relevant to all concerned parties. It will also include learning activities that cover the scope of the topic and clear guidelines that establish when and what is being done to address the issue.


You can’t overstate the importance of environmental consulting, so it is critical that you go with a good firm. It can be a little tricky to know which ones are best. Your best bet is to stick with ones that have a strong outreach and education program and a comprehensive impact assessment and management service.

Where Can I Get Help with Essay Fast and Properly?

It is not easy to learn and be a successful student. Young people seem to face all kinds of issues – academic and private. When we talk about academic complications, time management is among the first issues that occur to the mind. Every academic paper has a strict deadline that mustn’t be violated to avoid a loss of vital grades. When students run out of time, they commonly ask – Who is able to write my essay fast?

They require urgent assistance, and commonly, they opt for a reliable and fast essay writing service, similar to Such a service has skilled experts who meet the shortest time limits and always produce papers of the required quality. However, one may try other ways to handle academic tasks fast and on time. These are as follows:

fast essay writing service

1. Special applications

You may sufficiently speed up the process of writing if you use at least one helpful learning app. For example, a grammar checker will help define and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. A topic generator will also save your time by offering a great list of topics in any direction. Check all possible apps to define which ones may help you become a fast and more effective writer. They are commonly free of charge.

2. Educational websites

Make use of various educational sites. They are offered either by colleges and universities or by non profit sites similar to WikiHow. They contain heaps of useful materials that help boost any skill and overcome any impediment. Read and use samples, textbooks, guides, manuals, etc. Most of them are free.

3. Private tutors

The help of a private tutor is also very quick. He or she is a professional who knows how to overcome any difficulty and speed up the process of writing. Use his/her recommendations and tip, or ask to complete at least one section of your paper instead of you. It won’t take long. However, the price is pretty high.

4. Online events

Another possible solution is to join certain online events and meetings. These should be organized by teachers and professors. Their purpose is to improve the skills and knowledge of students. They provide effective tips and tricks. Explain how to improve any skill, overcome any hardship, and write any piece of writing. The common formats of such meetings are webinars, masterclasses, workshops, discussions, lectures, etc. You may even participate in some of them and ask important questions.

Finally, you may try the help of one of the custom writing agencies, such as spark tutoring. These agencies offer professional writers and editors who have perfect time management skills. They easily solve any learning hardship, and they are not late. We will highlight their major benefits here below.

Hire Only a Fast Essay Helper

If you intend to use someone’s help, be sure you hire a fast essay helper. He or she should be educated and experienced in academic writing, editing, citing, etc. Although you may find a solo expert, it’s better to trust custom writing agencies and select a helper there. Why are such platforms better? Here are a few strong reasons:

  • A solo expert is only one person. He or she will not always be available because there will be other clients, as well as some routine tasks and duties of that person.
  • If you collaborate with a highly reputed and trusted agency, you are already confident that all its experts are certified and may handle any piece of writing excellently.
  • Custom writing agencies set lower prices in comparison with solo writers.

Enjoy the Highest Quality

Once you find an urgent essay writing service, which can be trusted, you may not worry about the success of your paper. Its certified and experienced writers sharpen their skills regularly. They know how to meet all academic requirements for writing. All of them pass a series of tests and job interviews before they are accepted. Admission committees are selective and refine all the candidates until they find the perfect ones. Thus, you may be 100% confident that you will get papers of the highest quality.

100% Authentic Papers

Every highly reputed writing agency releases only authentic and creative academic papers. All experts regularly enlarge their active vocabulary to be ready to replace any outdated or overused words or phrases with a modern substitute. The experts write relevant and readable papers, which will be interesting to read.

Research Paper Tips for College Students

They use dependable checking apps, which help detect the slightest traces of plagiarism. If such elements are detected, they will be quickly replaced. You may al request help with citations and references. Skilled experts will format your text according to any writing style:

  • AMA
  • APA
  • ASA
  • MLA
  • Turabian, etc.

All Kinds of Skills and Assignments

If your last minute essay writing service is trustworthy, you enjoy pro assistance automatically. It comes in various forms to satisfy your demands to the fullest. Every order is tackled individually. You may set whatever academic requirements you have and count on precise assistance. For example, your paper may be:

  • Written;
  • Edited;
  • Outlined;
  • Calculated;
  • Researched, etc.

You will find experts in math, literature, history, medicine, economics, marketing, business, and other academic areas. Of course, you may freely request assistance with any academic project. You may count on:

  • Essays
  • Case studies
  • Dissertations
  • Research proposals
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Admission papers
  • Term papers, etc.

Affordable Pricing and Other Finance Benefits

If you find a cheap essay writing service fast, you get professional assistance that will not cost a lot. All highly reputed services realize the shortcomings of students and are aware of their problems with money. They study the market and propose affordable prices, which are quite cheap for ordinary students.

Besides, you may easily regulate the total cost. Before you confirm the placement of the order, fill in compulsory fields. They determine the total cost:

  • Quality
  • Urgency
  • Size

Each field may change the final sum. Be attentive and alter the demands until the cost is suitable for your budget. You may also save up your earnings thanks to various promotions and discounts. Trustworthy agencies regularly offer them.

Your money is ensured with a special policy. After your helper accepts your conditions, he/she pledges to complete them as promised. If some of your conditions were not fulfilled or their quality was poor, all your money will be returned to you.

24/7 Accessibility and Full Anonymity

Every quick essay writing service welcomes its clients at any suitable time because it surely functions 24 hours round the clock. Even if you remember about your assignments at the last minute, and it’s late at night, don’t give up! Your paper writing service will be available in the hour of need to accept urgent orders. In case you have some issues with the site or order, turn to the team of support. It will provide quick and clear consultations.

Wrapping Up

If you have no time, energy, or knowledge to handle some of your learning projects, use any solution highlighted in our informative article. Each has certain peculiarities and benefits for learners. You may even combine them to enjoy better effects. Thanks to them, you will surely submit high-quality academic papers on time!