BioEnergy Consult is the leading consultant and advisor in Waste-to-Energy, Biomass Energy, Solid Waste Management, Industrial Waste Management, Biofuels and Biogas systems worldwide.

Our Core Team, comprising of Waste-to-Energy Consultants, Biomass Energy Specialists, Waste Management Experts, Biogas Professionals and Environmental Managers is committed to making Planet Earth a better place to live.

In addition to our professional endeavors, we are also actively involved in providing voluntary guidance to social entrepreneurs, researchers and students in our areas of expertise.

Here are some of our successful projects we have accomplished in recent years:

  • Production of Activated Carbon from Palm Kernel Shells (Nigeria)
  • Organization of Lebanon Waste Management Conference (Lebanon)
  • Concept Note on Lebanon Sustainability Week (Lebanon)
  • Concept Note on Oman Sustainability Week (Oman)
  • Mapping of Biomass Resources in Surabaya (Indonesia)
  • Conversion of Agricultural Wastes into Solid Biofuel in Togo
  • Development of Waste-to-Energy Sector in Delta State (Nigeria)
  • Market Intelligence on Wood Pellets Availability in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Market Intelligence on Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) Availability and Utilization in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Market Intelligence on Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) Availability and Utilization in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Design of Garbage Room for a large Commercial-cum-Residential Complex in Jeddah
  • Design of Waste Management System in a Five-Star Hotel
  • Biomass Composition Analysis for Development of Anti-Fouling Chemicals for Biomass Industry
  • Mapping of Biomass Resources in Southeast Asia
  • Design of Garbage Room and Chiller for a large Hospitality Project in Saudi Arabia
  • Feasibility Study for medium-scale Aluminium Recycling Plant in Sierra Leone
  • Technology Evaluation/Selection for MSW-to-Energy Project in Lebanon
  • Feasibility Study for MSW-to-Energy Project in Pakistan
  • Feasibility Study of PKS Utilization in Indonesia
  • Training Workshop on Sustainable Waste Management
  • Conference Production of Oman Waste and Environmental Services (OWES) Conference
  • Data Collection for Solid Waste Management Project in Jeddah
  • Market Intelligence Study on PKS Production in Indonesia
  • Evaluation of Rice Husk Pellet Market in Vietnam
  • Review and Analysis of Rice Husk Pelletization Technologies and Industry Standards
  • Technical Evaluation of Pellet Production from Energy Crops
  • Feasibility Study of 1MW Food Waste-to-Energy Biogas Power Plant
  • Intensive Training Program on Waste-to-Energy
  • Intensive Training Program on Biomass Gasification
  • Techno-commercial Evaluation of Biomass Gasification Systems
  • Assessment of Biomass Resource Base in Southeast Asia
  • Process Design, Feasibility Studies and Risk Analysis of Waste-to-Energy Facilities
  • Assessment of Agricultural Biomass Wastes in Southeast Asia
  • Technical, Economic and Environmental Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion Plants
  • Development of Solid Waste Management Sector in Nigeria
  • Feasibility Study of Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Vegetable and Fruit Markets
  • Process Design of Large-Scale Biogas Plants for Power Generation
  • Design and Operation of 1MW Anaerobic Digestion Project.
  • Techno-economic Resource Assessment for Biogas Production

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