Common Myths About Multiple Monitor Setups

It’s difficult to know what to believe online these days. From fake news to gossip and made-up statistics, it can be very confusing. Many of us have our trusted news sources, but what about when buying a product? How do you know what’s right for you? It’s all about first knowing what you want to achieve and how the product will fit into your lifestyle, no one else’s. To get you started, view more options for some of the best computers in the industry for a 6 monitor setup. Then, we’ll review how to make an informed decision. However, don’t forget to send your name and email address to get regular updates.

Common Myths of Having a 6 Monitor Setup

Everyone is raving about their multiple monitor setups, whether they run two, three or 6 monitors with their computer. Then again, if you’re being cynical, you could say that of course they’re going to rave about their 6 monitor setup. After all, they’ve just spent time and effort setting it all up.

Myths About Multiple Monitor Setups

However, with the right research, you can work it out for yourself if a 6 monitor setup is the perfect answer for you. Ultimately, most people claim it improves their productivity. Every case is different though and it’s worth knowing the myths about that claim:

  • Multitasking
  • Productivity is a given
  • Bigger doesn’t mean better
  • Balance


Every neuroscientist and psychologist can tell you that multitasking is simply not possible with the human brain. As Dr Madore and Wagner from the Dana Foundation show in their research, our brain architecture doesn’t allow us to do two tasks at once. We believe we are doing that because the switch is so fast. Either way, we are less effective.

Sadly, many people claim they can multitask with a 6 monitor setup. While that is not true, let’s not forget that you can lay out your documents to refer to more easily when working on one thing. We often need several data points and you have less tabbing to do with a multi monitor setup.

Productivity is a given

There are many studies that claim that you are between 30% and 50% more productive with a 6 monitor setup. They forgot to tell you that this depends on the individual, the work involved and how they manage their workflow. You can just as easily be distracted by all your display screens, games, chat platforms and various other open windows.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

Most people prefer working on a larger desk space rather than a cramped one. Nevertheless, you need to know how to optimize your 6 monitor setup. That’s why many people start with two or three before deciding if they really need 6 monitors. Again, it depends on the individual’s needs.

Another point to note is that with more monitor display screens come more cables. This can be a nightmare if it’s not tied back properly. You can also be far away from your power supply unit which opens you up to lots of tripping over. Moreover, you often end up with a mix of various ports that fit with one HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB or DisplayPort. That’s confusing for most of us.


We all need to work out our balance in life and how we approach the various aspects of our lives whether family, friends or work. It’s the same with the 6 monitor setup. You can’t just assume that you’ll have a balanced approach because you now have this multi-monitor setup sitting in your house.

You now have to work out how to manage your distractions, how to organize your workflow and schedule. Perhaps some of the others in your house want to use the 6 monitor setup as well? How will you manage to keep everyone happy?

How to Buy a 6 Monitor Setup or Not to Buy?

Just as people have strong opinions about Mac versus Windows 10, there are debates about whether a 6 monitor setup is worth it. Everyone has to make their own choice even though there’s no denying that it’s amazing equipment with huge advantages.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about what’s right for you:

  • What are your goals and intentions?
  • How will you manage distractions?
  • What entertainment benefits can you enjoy?


In essence, if you work with multiple documents and programs then yes, a 6 monitor setup is going to be very useful for you. People who need to review documents such as lawyers also appreciate having the extra screen space.

Entertainment and distractions

The most famous users though are traders and gamers because of the extra power they get from their 6 monitor setup. Basically, graphics get updated more effectively thanks to the integrated graphics card that powers multiple monitor setups. That’s why you’ll often see the top brands Radeon and NVIDIA for this video card installed on top computers for multiple monitor setups.

We all need breaks sometimes and a 6 monitor setup doubles up as an amazing home cinema. Again, this is thanks to your graphics cards. Nevertheless, you need to make sure you’re happy with how you’re going to manage the distractions that many screens open at any one time can provide.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is ever black and white and everything has its pros and cons. This is the same when quoting productivity and other benefits for a 6 monitor setup. You need to work out whether it will really provide a positive for you or more likely to be a distraction. Think about your needs and why you want a multiple monitor setup. It will be much easier to then make the right decision for you.