Useful Tools For Working With Cryptocurrency

With over 19,000 coins registered on CoinMarketCap, cryptocurrency has stormed the world, attracting the attention of many people around the world regardless of their investment experience.

Because it’s such a popular asset today, particularly among younger investors, it’s easy to get into the crypto market without enough expertise for fear of missing out.

Investing in cryptocurrency is perilous in any situation, but it’s especially so if you don’t know how to study and assess cryptos.

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You can obtain the information to make an informed investment decision with the correct cryptocurrency tools. Furthermore, it is recommended that you purchase your cryptocurrency from a reputable platform where you can buy or trade cryptocurrency.


Messari is a cryptocurrency data aggregator that includes a number of chart analysis tools to assist you in making better trading decisions. You can utilize a screener with numerous criteria, such as sector, price, and market cap, to customise your study on different coins.

Messari is a free service. However, for $24.99 per month or annually, you may upgrade to Messari Pro to get the most out of this crypto research tool. Daily insights and long-form research are included with the Pro subscription and sophisticated filtering, graphing, and watchlist tools. You may also download data to a spreadsheet using Pro.


Glassnode is on-chain analytics and intelligence platform that collects data from several blockchains to evaluate crypto network activity and then delivers metrics and insights to investors.

You may use Glassnode to check market indicators for any coin and see how many active addresses have completed transactions. Price data, as well as the ability to set alerts and export data, are all available.

For free, Glassnode offers “Tier 1” data updated every 24 hours. Paid subscriptions cost $29 per month or $799 per month, are paid annually, and include more data tiers and more frequently updated information.


LunarCrush is a social intelligence software that analyzes social media data to determine market activity, transaction data, and investor mood.

Consider how the simple mention of Bitcoin and Dogecoin by social influencers produced massive price movements over the past year to understand the impact of mood on crypto. LunarCrush gives you real-time insight into who those influencers are and the ability to follow the influencers, coins, and exchanges that you’re most interested in.

The most complete platform features, data, and awards are reserved for those who contribute to the community on LunarCrush. These contributions will earn you LUNR, the platform’s token, which you can spend to access those benefits.

Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is a cryptocurrency financial intelligence, market data, index, network data, and other analysis tool provider that can assist you in making informed crypto decisions.

Over 100 assets and 400+ metrics are available on the site, including innovative ones like free float supply and realized cap.

You can download your chart in various extensions once you’ve finished adding measurements to it using Coin Metrics’ network data visualization tool.


Santiment is another crypto research tool worth looking at. Santiment, like Glassnode, provides on-chain and social media data on more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies, allowing you to predict price movement.

In addition, the platform provides foundational insights and behavioral data to help you stay ahead of the curve. Furthermore, you can set up notifications on Santiment to get notifications if the social volume of a currency you’re interested in increases.

Beginner cryptocurrency investors can acquire a sense of the market for free by using essential metrics and limited API calls. Paid accounts are $149 or $399 per year and include more metrics and historical data, API calls, and technical assistance.

Coin Dance

Coin Dance is a cryptocurrency research tool with a lot of data. The software keeps track of harsh rates, network nodes, fees, block sizes, and mining breakdowns, among other things.

You can also sort the data by nation to observe how cryptocurrency acceptance is progressing around the world.

Other top-level information covered by Coin Dance includes blockchain, price history, search volume, market capitalizations, demographics, and more. Users can vote on the accuracy of the information offered by the community because the platform is community-driven.

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Investing in cryptocurrencies without first evaluating the success of a particular currency is likely a wrong decision, as you could end up with a defunct enterprise. Because cryptocurrencies are software protocols, they will eventually die if they are not developed, maintained, and improved.

As a result, it’s vital to keep track of the progress of particular crypto initiatives. It’s simple to keep track of them on Github. Still, you won’t be able to keep track of all the cryptocurrencies individually, necessitating a crypto research tool like CryptoMiso.

CryptoMiso is a cryptocurrency research tool that evaluates coins based on Github activity. Based on the most popular repository, you can see how many commits an individual crypto project has made over time.


Any cryptocurrency investor requires cryptocurrency analysis tools. Before investing in a certain crypto project, familiarize yourself with one or two tools. These tools can give you information on any cryptocurrency project’s price movements.