Novelties from the South Korean Game Industry for 2022/23

The gamer community keeps a close eye on the iconic events in the industry to keep abreast of all the latest news and trends. One such major annual event took place on November 17-20 in South Korea. G-Star 2022 provided a glimpse into the immediate future of the gaming industry as South Korea is one of the top five global game makers. The Game Karma platform selects the best gaming products from the world’s famous providers. The results of the G-Star 2022 exhibition promise a very intriguing replenishment of its game library.

What to expect from South Korean Game Industry in 2023

The Scale of the Event

The significance of the exhibition held by the Korea Game Industry Association this year was strengthened because of the opportunity for gamers to gather in a common non-virtual space. The last two years of Covid-19 restrictions made holding such a large-scale event offline impossible. However, in 2022, representatives of almost 1,000 companies from 43 countries of the world took part in the exhibition, placing their products on almost 3,000 stands.

Even if you are the most desperate fan of online games, it was almost impossible to explore all these stands in one day! Therefore, the event took place within 4 days and was covered on the G-STAR TV channel with almost 1 million viewers.

What to Expect in the Near Future from the Leading Game Providers?

1. WeMade

The main sponsor of the exhibition was the leading Korean gaming company WeMade. It presented two of the most anticipated games to gaming fans.

  • “Legend of Ymir” is based on Norse mythology and promises breathtaking majestic scenes with large-scale battles.
  • “Night Crows” is another promising game inspired by Medieval Europe. It will simultaneously be able to host thousands of players, conducting global battles in the air or on the ground.

2. Nexon

Nexon Korea presented as many as 9 new games for fans, 4 of which could be viewed right at the exhibition on a specially equipped platform with computers. Among the most expected games are:

  • “Mabinogi Mobile” is a fantasy MMORPG game made in animation style. It gives the possibility of creating and developing your own world and interacting with other game participants.
  • “Dave the Diver” is a nautical-themed RPG featuring an intriguing Blue Hole that promises incredible adventures.
  • The First Descendant: Return” is a game aimed at fans of shooters and quests, who will find here both one and the other in abundance.

The Advantage of Multiplatform Game Product

Fans of online games no longer have to worry about having a limited budget for purchasing expensive gaming equipment. Since the competition among game providers is high, they strive to bring their products as close as possible to the end consumer. To do this, they release games that can be played not only on consoles but also online on PCs and mobile devices.

The Game Karma platform closely monitors all gaming events in the world to offer its users the most exciting games. The Asia-Pacific region shows very high dynamics in the gaming market. It is ready to delight and surprise fans of online games around the world. Register on the Game Karma platform, and you will be the first to try all new games!