Tips To Sell Your Old Car and Earn Money

Are you ready to sell your scrap car? Do you want to earn extra money and get rid of your old vehicle? If so, this post brings you some valuable tips to sell your car for maximum cash! A quick search of the nearby salvage yards will help you sell your junk car for the highest money.

To sell your car, there are a few steps you need to do to sell scrap cars for cash in Auckland.

how to sell your old car for cash

1. Gather Your Paperwork

Getting all of your papers and information organised is one of the first stages in junking your car. General details including the vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage, body condition, make, and model are included here. Additionally, you must offer the most thorough description you can of the condition and extent of the car’s damage. For the sale of a junk automobile, several states want titles, and yards frequently insist on them even when the law doesn’t demand it.

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2. Advertise Your Car

Even if the junkyard is a great place to sell trash cars, you shouldn’t try to sell them on your own, even if doing so will result in a better price. Newspaper advertising is still effective, especially if you want to reach an older demographic, claims the paper writing service. If your junk automobile still operates but is ancient, it makes sense to link to an older audience. There may be an older person wanting to purchase what you are selling.

Don’t forget to advertise online on the many social media applications because you can reach younger individuals who are also interested in your car through social media. Such a person might be able to afford your junk car because of how inexpensive it is.

3. Call Car Salvagers

It’s ideal if you don’t worry about your car breaking down. Although you couldn’t sell it for more money, you could still make a tiny profit by selling it to car wreckers. Depending on how much your automobile weighs, they would pay you. Additionally, you may earn extra money by selling them the car pieces separately.

Consider their reputation when you want to sell scrap cars for cash; you may determine their legitimacy by reading customer evaluations.

removal and recycling of old vehicles

4. Choose Your Car’s Pick Up Time

You’re quite elated. You are doing a great job of turning your junk car into cash. Currently, getting your car to the junkyard is the only obstacle. The good news is that the salvage company has a tow truck that would come and take the car off your hands. You probably assume you need to get a tow truck to help you get your car to the junkyard. The bad news is that you’ll lose some money, but the stress-free environment makes it worthwhile.

5. Complete The Sale

The last step is to finalise the sale process once you’ve arrived at the junkyard. Get your cash or cheque before you sign any legal documents. After that, you will fill out the pink slip and sign a release of liability.

After you transfer the title, the junkyard owns the vehicle, and they are free to scrap it. This concludes the sale process if there are no pending legal issues with the disposal of your vehicle.


As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to do to sell your trash car. Ideally, you’ll be able to reuse the car’s components, remove it from your property, and earn a little cash.