11 Great and Diverse Career Options with a Biology Degree

Once you have a degree in biology, there are lots of great and diverse career options open to you. Here are eleven that you might like to consider.

career options for biology degree holders

1. Research Scientist

A biology degree can lead you to a career as a research scientist. In this role, your tasks could fluctuate from biological experimentation to theoretical analysis. You would be at the forefront of scientific discoveries and innovations.

If you have an inherent curiosity about the natural world and want to make a difference, this could be the ideal role for you.

2. Genetic Counselor

You may find that being a genetic counselor suits your skills better. In this position, you would help families to understand and make decisions about genetic disorders and diseases. Essentially, you would be applying your knowledge of genetics to real-life situations,

This career could be fulfilling if you have an interest in genetics and enjoy helping people.

3. Ecologist

If you have a passion for the natural world, consider becoming an ecologist. As an ecologist, you would study the relationships between organisms and their environments. Your work might involve field research or planning policies to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

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4. Biological Technician

Another option is to become a biological technician. This job involves assisting in medical or biological research under the supervision of higher-level scientists, often in labs or industrial settings. This career choice provides a promising path for those who wish to strengthen their laboratory skills.

5. Biomedical Equipment Technician

As a biomedical equipment technician, you would leverage your biological knowledge while working on state-of-the-art medical equipment. That includes equipment used for patient monitoring, diagnostics, and treatment.

If you decide to pursue this career, take a look at these biomedical equipment technician resume samples. By crafting a top-notch resume, you stand a better job of landing the job you are applying for.

6. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

If you have a passion for sales as well as biology, consider becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative. Equipped with a biology degree, you could sell drugs or medical equipment to hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare providers.

The role would involve explaining the benefits of your company’s products and how they outshine the products of competitors.

environmental inspection process

7. Environmental Consultant

For those who care about environmental welfare and have an interest in scientific analysis, a career as an environmental consultant could be the right option for you. Your job would typically involve assessing the environmental impact of commercial and industrial projects, such as within the construction industry, to potentially save ecosystems from damage.

8. Quality Control Scientist

As a quality control scientist, you would test and monitor the quality of products and processes within industries like food and drink, pharmaceuticals, or manufacturing. This career path provides ample opportunity to apply analytical thinking.

9. Wildlife Biologist

If working outdoors is more your style, consider being a wildlife biologist. In this role, you would study animals in their natural habitats. Tasks can vary from capturing and tagging animals to mapping migration routes. It is an ideal career for adventurous biologists who have a passion for wildlife conservation.

10. Microbiologist

Working as a microbiologist allows you to study microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. You would try to decipher how they interact with their environments. This is a challenging yet exciting field that offers vast scope for making groundbreaking discoveries.

11. Teacher

Last but not least, do not rule out the fulfilling profession of teaching. If you love imparting wisdom about biological sciences to others as much as learning about it yourself, becoming a biology teacher can be deeply rewarding.

Final Thoughts

You should look at each of the above career options in more detail and find out about other jobs that you can pursue with a biology degree to better discern which career paths are most suitable for your skills, knowledge, and interests. With due diligence, you can find the right career for you.