The Common Types of Electrical Wires Used in Homes

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types of wires used in homes

Common Types of Electrical Wire

Now sticking to the main course that revolves around our houses and common types of electrical wires used in our houses, although nowadays artificial intelligence is making further ways into our lives as some people prefer to install the electronic door and windows that tend to open with a voice command. Besides that, google security system is also quite a common thing nowadays.

But let us explore the very common types of electrical wires used in homes. All of them still hold significant importance because of their iconic and exquisite functionalities in the wiring of homes and buildings. So, the following are the most common types of electrical wires used in homes:

  • Armored Cable
  • Feeder Cable
  • Low voltage cables
  • Phone and data wire
  • NM cable

To have a good concept regarding each of their respective roles, let us shed some light on the different and versatile aspects of these common types of electrical wire used in homes one by one. This will help us understand even the underlying minor details, ultimately yielding a better understanding of the overall concepts, ideas, roles and last but not the most minor basic functionalities of these electric cables.

1. Armoured Cable

Whenever the topic of discussion revolves around the common wires to be used in the house wiring systems, armoured cables tend to pop up in one’s mind immediately. Typically, armoured cables tend to contain an earthed metal sheet that enables them to act as an excellent protective conductor. They are commonly used for underground installation procedures.

Armoured cables also play a role in different exceptional situations where the wiring has to be done in tight underground spaces or through a tunnel-like structure. They are highly cost-effective as after using them, there is no need to install anything to protect the system. Along with that, their installation comprises simple procedures and is also time-efficient.

2. Feeder Cable

Feeder cable is specifically designed for some particular functionalities that tend to involve the installation in wet places or different areas with a higher possibility of rain. These cables are buried directly underground. They can also be used to wiring the primary circuits as they contain plastic sheathing and a grey sheathing at the outer surface.

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3. Low Voltage Cable

The name clearly indicates that these cables are designed explicitly for circuits with a typically low voltage limit of up to 50 V. They are mainly used for the wirings in thermostats, doorbells and sprinkler systems which do not require much electricity.

4. Phone and Data Wire

The phones and data that refer to the internet connection have become the utter necessity of our lives. As highlighted in the introduction, our lives have become dependent on technology. So, these wires are used for the phone and data connection. Although these wires contain low voltage, it is specifically recommended to be precautious while operating them. One should not be negligent in touching a bare wire.


5. NM Cable

This cable is generically used at dry places specifically for indoor home wirings, primarily including various appliances, switches, etc. This cable has a flexible plastic jacket referred to as a wrapped sheathing possessing three individual conductors inside it.

So, these are the most commonly used types of electric wire. When it comes to manufacturing them, have been remarkable excellent in providing their customers with high quality and a wide variety of electric wires. They have been living up to their reputation as they are considered brilliant when it comes to manufacturing these common types of electrical wire used in homes and many others.