Why Industrial Property Owners Should Own Their Own Transformers

Owning industrial property comes with plenty of responsibilities, like having to maintain a large roof, keep your HVAC system fully operational, and get regular landscaping. In addition to these standard responsibilities, have you ever considered the benefits of owning your own transformer?

At first glance, you might not realize all the benefits that come from transformer ownership, but there are plenty.

benefits of buying industrial transformers

1. You can ensure quality

When you rely on the electric company to loan you a transformer, you can’t guarantee it’s high-quality. And the quality of your transformer won’t change your electric bill. The electric company can give you a brand-new transformer, a used one, or a refurbished one, and they’ll still charge you the same rates. Sure, they’ll replace it when it fails, but that can be inconvenient even though you won’t have to foot the bill. Even when you aren’t paying for it, you still need a reliable transformer.

On the other hand, when you buy your own transformer, you can guarantee its quality by getting it from a reputable manufacturer, like ELSCO Transformers, where the craftsmanship is superior, and they’ve never had an operational transformer fail since 1988.

You just don’t have any control over what the power company gives you, and that can end up being a disaster. A transformer built to last rather than built to sell will give you reliable power and peace of mind at the same time.

2. Owning your transformer will lower your costs

Power companies usually offer lower rates when you own your transformer. However, it’s crucial that you find out the rates and do the math to make sure it makes sense in light of how much you’re going to pay for your new transformer. That doesn’t mean the dollar amount has to add up. Remember to include the value of reliable power that won’t put you in the dark at random times and leave you hanging. Sometimes, the value of peace of mind is worth an extra expense.

3. You can have your transformer repaired faster

When you experience an unplanned power outage resulting from a failed transformer, you’d normally need to wait for the power company to come out and fix it for you. They’re usually pretty good about getting someone out quickly, but that’s not always the case. If they need a specific part that isn’t available, it could take weeks.

Owning your transformer means you can hire a qualified, licensed electrician to fix it for you, and you can even go a step further by keeping spare parts on hand that you’ve ordered ahead of time just for the occasion. However, if you buy a high-quality transformer to start with, the chances of it failing are low.

4. Choice

When left up to the utility company, you’re going to get the cheapest transformer available at the moment. That may or may not be what you want or need, but it’s what you’ll get. They will make sure it meets your basic load needs, but that’s about as far as they’ll go with the extra care. They want to save money, and they aren’t going to give you the Cadillac of transformers.

When you buy your own transformer, you have a choice regarding what you get. You can buy a transformer that is more powerful than you currently need if you know you’ll grow into it, and you can ensure it has all the qualities you’re looking for.

The biggest benefit here is being able to order the specific transformer you want ahead of time, so even if the lead times are long – like one or two years – you can start the order process early to get exactly what you want.

5. Breakdowns are less likely

There are a ton of reasons transformers can break down, and the good news is that when you own your transformer, those situations are less likely to become your reality. For example, poor insulation, too much voltage, power surges, corrosion, lightning strikes, and static electrification area all common reasons for transformer failure.

While you can’t prevent lightning from striking your transformer, you can minimize the potential for all the other reasons for failure by purchasing your own high-quality transformer. The higher the level of craftsmanship, the less likely it is to fail.

A transformer is a worthwhile investment

If there’s one thing that will make life easier, it’s owning your own transformer. It’s the easiest way to get reliable electricity and prevent unplanned power outages caused by inferior equipment.