Fun Home Décor Projects That You Can Tackle This Spring

As the winter turns to spring, many individuals and families feel better about life. The cold weather and the bleak days melt away. The spring sun warms the grass, making it grow. The birds reappear, and you hear lawnmowers rev up throughout the neighborhoods.

Spring brings renewal, and it’s a time when some people feel like they want to make some changes. They might do so outdoors by planting flowers or installing new backyard features, but maybe you’re looking around your home’s interior and feeling like you want to shake up its appearance.

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You can do that this year. Even if you’ve had to spend money on water damage restoration or some other big project, and you don’t have much money, you should know about some relatively inexpensive home décor options that can get you excited about your living space again.

Colorful Books as Decorations

You might have some bookshelves in your home. If you like reading, perhaps you have many books on those shelves. Maybe they’re on there randomly, or perhaps you arranged them by author or through some other system that works well for you.

You may not realize that books can work as decorations, though. You can do that easily enough. All you must do is start attending library book sales, or you can look for books at Goodwill or yard sales as well. You’re looking for books with particular-colored spines.

You can choose a color, like red, yellow, green, or some other color you like. Then, you can have entire shelves with books that color.

This introduces a color into your living space. It doesn’t matter what books you get, as long as the color matches. This way, you can feature a color very cheaply in your home since Goodwill or library books cost very little.


You might also look into getting some colorful wallpaper if you feel like you need a change in your home décor. You can check out many different wallpaper patterns. You can get some with a nautical motif or ones with animals or creeping vines.

Once you have picked one you like, you can order it online, and it will show up on your doorstep within a couple of days. You might also pick up some wallpaper at a home goods store near you.

You can watch some helpful YouTube videos that will show you how you can put up your new wallpaper. It’s a useful skill, and you can usually learn it without very much difficulty. You might invite a couple of friends over to help you. You can buy them a pizza as payment.

Ways to Bring Freshness in Home Through Decoration

Painting Rooms a New Color

You might paint one or two of your home’s interior rooms a new color. You can look at paint colors online and find just the right one.

You might want to create a new mood in your home, and color helps you do that. Maybe you’ll go with a light blue or something bolder, like a crimson or vivid emerald.

Think about what color makes you feel happy. If you go with something unconventional, you will likely get some favorable feedback the next time you have a party or invite a few friends over to watch the game on TV.

Interesting Bottles and Other Artifacts

You can put up some shelves on the walls easily enough. Then, you must decide what you’ll feature on those shelves.

You can put up some family pictures, though you might hang those on the walls instead. If you need inspiration, spend time in some local antique stores. Visit swap meets and yard sales as well.

Many times, you can collect some interesting bottles from a bygone era and use those as decorations. You might get some old milk bottles or ones from apothecaries.

You can find some in fun colors. You might position them so that they can catch some natural light when you draw back the blinds. They can dazzle the eye. They cost very little in most cases.

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Upholstered Chairs

You might buy some old chairs from Goodwill or another second-hand furniture outlet. Then, you can buy bolts of colorful cloth and wrap the chairs in them.

You might use a staple gun to secure the upholstery around the chairs. They will add color and texture to the room, and people can sit in them when you entertain.

These ideas don’t cost much, but they can completely change your home’s interior in an environmentally-friendly manner.