6 Ways to Get Money for Moving Costs

Are you looking for cheap ways to move, maybe considering different ways from personal loans? We all know how moving affects us physically and emotionally. One normally plans to move out one or two months before the date of moving.

One study shows that 54.4% of Americans can only afford to pay between $500 and $1000 for their move. The costs for a full-service move normally cost $1000 or more and hence people need to find ways of getting more money to move.

how to save money on moving costs

Should You Use Professional Movers?

If you are considering moving, it can be a great idea to use professional movers. They will do all the physical work for you and ensure the safety of your house items. This will however happen if you choose the full-service moving. The cost will be higher.

If you decide to do some activities by yourself, the cost will be lower. The rule is that the more professional help you get, you more money you’ll pay. So, if you are considering moving cheaply, it’s better to do some activities by yourself.

Some major factors should be considered when calculating the moving costs if you decide to use professional movers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Professional Movers

1. The Weight of Your House Items

Let me ask you something. If someone asked you to carry his/her suitcase for a fee up to the taxi destination and then later adds up another suitcase, will you still charge the same amount? Absolutely not.

This is the same case with professional movers. The moving costs are determined by the weight of your household items. This means that the more items you have, the more money you are going to spend.

Similarly, the more space your items take, the more the costs. This is because a larger truck will be required to transport your items which require more fuel consumption.

2. The Relocation Distance

Let me again use the example above. For instance, if the person changes his mind and no longer wants to travel by taxi but instead by bus which is 1.5km ahead of the taxi destination, will you still charge the same fee? Nope. Not for me. He/she will have to increase the fee.

The same case applies to professional movers. The further the pickup location is, the more expensive the transportation is. The trucks will take more fuel to transport the items. There will also be parking fees involved if there is a need to stay on the way overnight.

The cost will be calculated based on how long it takes to complete the movement.

Use a moving costs calculator to find the true costs of your movement. You can as well create a moving costs checklist which will make it easier to estimate moving costs.

Top 6 Ways to Get Money for Moving Costs

1. Consider Cheap Moving

Wait, what? How does cheap moving lead to getting money? Cheap moving can save you a lot of cash. We have already seen how expensive it is to get a full-service move. So, if you don’t have adequate money for that, why not find ways to cut down on the costs?

One way to do that is to cut down on the packing materials. ‘Use the free packing supplies. It won’t hurt to ask your family members and friends if they have any corporate boxes, tapes, or any other packing supplies that they don’t have use for them,’ says Annie Margariat Yang, a Finacial Advisor.

Try to dispose of the unwanted things. We mentioned earlier that the weight and space of your household items affect the price of the professional move. So, why not reduce some of these things?

‘If you have things in your home, which yes, you have them, that you haven’t touched in several months, why would you want to spend the effort of picking them up and spending more money to move them to your new home not touch them again? Go through your possession and clear the clutter,’ urges Annie.

You can decide to throw them out if they are in bad shape, donate them or sell them.

2. Save Save Save

You have planned to move in two months but the calculations don’t add up. The cots are too high. Why not save more for the move? You can consider cutting out some costs like entertainment costs or some subscriptions until the move is over. It will only be for two months.

reasons to hire local moving firm

Try to analyze your budget. If you don’t have a budget, it’s high time you create one. It’s recommended you use the 50/30/20 rule to create an effective budget. Try to find other areas you can cut down some cash to increase the money allocated to moving.

3. Get a Loan from Financial Institutions

If the move is sudden and you don’t have time to save, it can be wise to take out some loans. You must have a good repayment strategy to avoid missing the payments or defaulting in the future. Some of the recommended loan types for moving costs include:

  • Personal Loans

These are installment loan types that can be used for a variety of purposes including covering the cross-country moving costs. They are mostly unsecured meaning no collateral is needed but you can as well secure them with a valuable asset.

Their interest rate ranges between 6% and 36% depending on your credit score, the period of loan repayment, and the lender. You can access them from banks, online lenders, or credit unions.

  • Payday Loans

If you are looking for a way to get money for moving costs fast, then a payday loan is a good option. The application process is easy, the requirements are minimal and the response time is fast. Once the loan is approved, the cash is immediately deposited into your account. This procedure takes a few minutes before completion

You can apply for payday loans from the online lender’s official website or use a payday app. Be aware of the high interests. The APR for payday loans ranges between 200% and 500%. It’s a good idea to search for lenders with low interests.

  • Credit Card Cash Advance

This is a good option for people with credit cards. You can decide to borrow some cash against your credit card lender and pay them together with the normal credit card payments when the time is due. The cash advance, however, has a relatively high interest than the normal credit cards but it’s worth getting them.


It is easy to get money for moving costs. You can decide to save for it, cut down on the costs through cheap moving, or get a loan.

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