Exploring Generators For Sale: 5 Key Features To Consider

Generators are an essential tool for many businesses and households. Their impact on productivity is immeasurable as a multi-functional and dependable power supply. They can offer critical energy and assistance to various applications such as manufacturing facilities or medical centers. They provide power in emergencies, during power outages, or natural disasters and can be used to power various appliances and tools.

Additionally, with so many generators for sale Connecticut or in your location, choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. Here are a few key features to consider when looking for generators for sale.

how to choose the right generator

1. Wattage Capacity

When selecting a generator, understanding the wattage capacity is crucial as it directly impacts its power. Choosing too low of a wattage capacity for your power needs can result in underpowered equipment while selecting too high can lead to wasted resources and increased expenses.

To determine the appropriate wattage capacity for your needs:

  • List the appliances and equipment to power during an outage or emergency.
  • Include any essential equipment, such as medical devices or refrigerators.
  • Once you have a list, determine their wattage requirements and add them to get an estimated wattage capacity needed.

It will ensure that your selected generator can provide enough power to meet your needs during an emergency or outage. Just like a power inverter, wattage capacity is necessary.

2. Fuel Type

When choosing a generator, it’s essential to consider the type of fuel that will power it and will determine the generator’s efficiency, runtime, and maintenance requirements. Below are the types:

  • Gasoline-Powered Generators: They are typically the most affordable option, making them attractive for those on a budget. However, they have a shorter runtime and require more maintenance than other fuel types.
  • Propane-Powered Generators: They are more efficient and have a longer runtime but are generally more expensive.
  • Diesel-Powered Generators: These diesel-powered generators are the most costly option but have the most extended runtime and require minor maintenance.

To make an informed decision, consider the available fuel types in your area, and select a generator that fits your budget and requirements.

3. Portability

Portable generators are an excellent choice for those who require a power source for outdoor activities or camping trips. They are lightweight and easy to move, allowing for convenient transport. They come in different sizes and can be powered by gasoline, propane, or solar, offering flexibility in selecting the ideal power source.

On the other hand, standby generators are intended for permanent installation in a specific location, making them ideal for homeowners who require a reliable backup power source during an outage. They are more substantial and decisive than portable generators, offering unlimited power for extended periods. However, due to their size and strength, standby generators are not portable and require professional installation to ensure safe operation.

4. Run Time

A generator’s runtime is crucial when purchasing one. The length of time it can operate continuously on a single fuel tank is essential, especially during power outages or emergencies. A generator with a longer runtime can provide more power for an extended period, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. Depending on the power needs and expected usage time, some generators can operate for 8-10 hours, while others can run for up to 24 hours or more. Therefore, choosing the ones with a suitable runtime that meets your power needs is essential.

Apart from the runtime, the size of the fuel tank also determines how long a generator can operate continuously. A larger fuel tank can support longer runtime, allowing you to use your generator for an extended period without frequent refueling. Consider the size of the tank and the consumption rate to estimate the runtime accurately.

5. Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when purchasing a generator as they produce carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas that can cause illness or death if inhaled in high concentrations. Choose a generator with automatic shut-off, which detects low oil levels or overheating and turns it off to prevent accidents. Additionally, those with spark arrestors are ideal as they prevent sparks from causing fires. By selecting a generator with good safety features, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and enjoy the benefits of a reliable power source with peace of mind.


Choosing the right generator for sale can be daunting, but considering the key features discussed above, you can make an informed decision. Whether you need a generator for emergency backup power, construction sites, outdoor events, or camping trips, it is crucial to consider factors such as wattage capacity, fuel type, portability, efficiency, safety features, and runtime. Select something that meets your power needs, budget, and safety requirements to enjoy a reliable and cost-effective power source for years. Remember to maintain your generator regularly to ensure it operates efficiently and lasts longer.

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