5 Aspects to Consider Before Switching Your Electricity Supplier

Opting for an electricity supplier with cheaper rates or monthly plans is not always a good idea. An affordable plan can help you save money without compromising usage, but you may miss out on several other benefits by focusing solely on cost.

For example, Rhythm is a Texas electricity provider that offers 100% renewable energy plans, which can benefit you and the environment. Below, we have compiled this guide to help you look closely at what aspects you must consider before making the switch.

Points to Consider Before Switching Your Electricity Supplier

1.    Renewable Energy

Green or renewable energy is the most crucial aspect to consider if you want to play your part in preventing global warming. Opt for an energy supplier that offers 100% renewable energy. The electricity they provide should be generated from solar energy, wind energy, or renewable biogas.

This will ensure that you will get an electricity supply that does not release toxic gasses and fumes into the environment upon production. Not using fossil fuels also means you will get a consistent electricity supply for a very long time.

2.    Excellent Customer Care

Electrical wiring and supply can get damaged and may require maintenance over time. You must opt for an electricity provider that offers excellent customer service to ensure that all your queries and issues are handled promptly and efficiently.

An excellent way to see whether a company’s customer care is up to par is by looking at annual reports and the company’s legitimacy. You can do so by searching for complaints to see how well the company handled them. You could also check Feefo, Trustpilot, and Google Reviews for customer feedback.

3.    Multiple Fuel Types

Some suppliers may offer both gas and electricity connections. Opting for a company that offers dual fuel will reduce the hassle of dealing with another company for a gas supply. However, you can also opt for separate plans if that seems more affordable or if you are being offered discounts. It is important to note that working with two companies can be a lengthier process as you will have to get two separate installations.

4.    Online Services and Rewards

If you like the idea of online services that allow you to monitor your electricity supply right from your smartphone, choose a company that offers an app or website to aid this. You will be provided access to an individual consumer account where you can get the latest information and check your billing status. The graphs, charts, and usage data on an app can help you become energy-smart and balance out daily consumption.

Opt for a supplier that offers loyalty points and rewards if you wish to avail discounts. This can make electricity even more affordable, and you may also get your hands on a few new electrical devices to help you achieve this.

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5.    Pricing and Plans

Some companies offer monthly or yearly plans, while others offer a fixed rate. Choose an electrical energy supplier that allows you to cover the energy consumption of your house at an affordable rate. You may also want to pick between fixed rates or variable rates.

A fixed rate will not lower costs or offer discounts. A variable rate might fluctuate over time and become costly but may offer discount plans. You must research before you opt for any package or plan.


Doing your research and assessing beforehand will allow you to pick a supplier that will provide you with ease of mind for a long time. You will not have to compromise on usage, won’t have to pay large bills, and will also be contributing to the environment by picking 100% green electricity.