How Do You Maintain An Outdoor Water Feature?

As beautiful as it is to have a water feature in your outdoor space, the work doesn’t stop just by putting it in your desired area. An outdoor water feature, small or large, centerpiece or not, needs the same good amount of maintenance to preserve its beauty and serve its purpose. Keep your garden free of moss, undesirable weeds, and insects if you want it to be a relaxing and tranquil oasis.

Luckily, taking care of your outdoor water features isn’t something you should worry about too much. If your garden is still new and you’re a little bit lost on what to do, we got you all covered! Below are some helpful tips on properly maintaining your outdoor water feature and preserving the natural beauty of your lovely relaxing area.

how to maintain outdoor water feature

1. Constantly check your water levels

It’s only natural for your outdoor water feature’s water levels to change from time to time. We can’t always control factors such as splashes, evaporation due to the weather, and birds or other animals coming in the piece. So, to safeguard your water features, the best thing you could do is constantly keep an eye on its water levels. Make sure it has its necessary amount so it won’t dry out. You can either manually refill the water or purchase an autofill device to keep your water levels in check.

You might not get the right amount, so you should refill your fountain or pond right after you get rid of all the moss and other unwanted things on your water feature. If you fill it first and then take out some fallen leaves, most likely water will also get carried out, resulting in a lower level after cleaning.

The water level is what makes up a water feature. One of the most important things in outdoor water fountain maintenance is making sure it has what it needs the most – water.

2. Clean your skimmers and filters from time to time

Water features like fountains have a tool called filters and skimmers. They are made to ensure that the water inside your fountain is as clear as day and that no unwanted debris would be floating around it. To keep your water clean and your filters properly working, you need to pay good attention to it and check whether there isn’t anything stuck on it that would keep your water restricted.

Keep track of your skimmer’s debris basket, make sure it’s not too full, or your water feature will have a slower water flow. You should constantly check filter mats. They’re built to last until two years, so if your mat appears to be shabby and faded, then it’s time to replace it with a newer one to help unwanted debris be placed in the right basket and not get stuck on the filter’s other parts.

Lastly, in maintaining filters and skimmers, make sure you clean the pump from time to time. Doing this will be easy by simply unplugging the pump and manually removing any undesirable materials trapped on it from top to bottom.

3. Get rid of algae using a bristle brush

Not to state the obvious, but people need to get reminded of how much a simple cleaning with a bristle brush can do to your outdoor water feature. Algae can multiply in an outdoor water feature with water in it 24/7 and its location, exposed to different seasons and external factors. If not taken care of properly, you might witness your fountain or pond turn into an elegant work of art to those props used to scare people in a horror movie.

To restrict algae growth and other bacterial manifestations, manually cleaning it with a bristle brush should be practiced. Additives can also be utilized. One thing you can do, for example; barley is a natural algae deterrent so that you can use it alongside your brush. EPA-registered algaecides are also available, so you won’t have a hard time finding the right detergent or solution.

Bottom Line

Outdoor water features might need a little care and maintenance, but we have to realize that you must preserve every beautiful thing. So people can admire it longer, and it can serve its purpose better. Like any other feature in your garden, you should also give your fountain and pond the same amount of attention and importance.

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