Tesla Model X: The Electrical Car That Will Change The World

Cars have changed a tremendous amount in recent years and are providing driving experiences that are unlike anything anyone has ever imagined.

Electric cars are now available and what an exciting time for the automotive industry. Lease Loco has your curiosity covered with these vehicles.

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Reasons to lease an electric car

Reasons to lease an electric car

The electrical car already sounds otherworldly and because they are a quite recent invention they are extremely expensive to own. Particularly the Tesla Model X.

What better way to feed your curiosity than by leasing an electrical car. The biggest and most important factor here is that you are not obliged to own the vehicle.

Leasing allows you to have the drive the vehicle for a short period of time. Once the lease period is over you return the car and that is that. Leasing is the perfect opportunity to test drive the car. Test its features, its comfortability and perhaps at the end of the period you will decide on whether it is worth owning or not.

How does Tesla Model X work?

The simple answer to this is that instead of using an internal combustion engine like most cars, the Tesla X uses an electrical motor.

This means that it does not run on petrol but instead electricity. The Tesla X has a built-in battery that needs to be charged.

It has the latest ion-battery technology that is connected to either a single-electric motor or a double-electric motor that either power the rear wheels or all four of the alloy wheels.

The brakes of the Tesla regain energy as the car slows which ultimately charges the battery while driving. These brakes also give power to all of the mechanical systems of Tesla.

Tesla does not have multiple gears in the transmission. This is because the electrical motor already offers maximum torque at the start which means it only needs one gear to get acceleration and top speed.

The batteries are made to last very much longer than an internal combustion engine and are practically maintenance-free. They charge quite quickly and batteries in Australia should have a warranty for up to eight years.

What you need to know about the Tesla X

The Tesla X is described as quick and high-tech. It is an expensive but interesting and very unique vehicle.

It comes with a double electric motor which gives off 670 horsepower as well as has an all-wheel drive. It has an upgraded version called the Plaid with a triple electrical motor that gives off 1 020 horsepower. There will be a mega motor version that will be released later in 2022.

It is spacious and can the second row can even be ordered with captain chairs. It of course boasts cool infotainment that has a green screen across the dashboard for all of its features. It also has a very interesting rectangular-shaped steering wheel.

It has a range of up to 363 to 351 miles per charge. It costs around $116 440 in Australia which is quite expensive for a vehicle.

The Tesla X comes with two electrical motors, situated at the front of the axle and one at the rear. This enables all-wheel drive.

The Tesla X can reach an impressive speed and can go from zero to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

Charging and its battery life

The Tesla X battery can cover a range of 351 miles. Charging does not take long, with charges available throughout Australia. You are even able to charge it at home with a 240V or 120V connection, which may be slower but they will get the job done. You would have to purchase these at home chargers from Tesla at an additional cost.

Driving Assist

The most exciting feature about Tesla is that it has autopilot. It has a semi-autonomous driving mode which allows you to be on the road, driving with no hands on the steering wheel or feet on the pedals.

It uses multiple cameras, multiple sensors and radars to stay on course as well as to detect objects, people and other vehicles.

It has a touchscreen infotainment system that takes over the dashboard and is equipped to control almost all of the Tesla X’s features and settings.

How to Protect Your New Tesla?

If you’re lucky enough to have just purchased a Tesla Model X, you’ll want to take steps to protect your investment. The best way to do this is with a Tesla Model X Cover. A car cover will help to keep your Tesla clean and free of scratches, while also protecting it from the elements. In addition, a Tesla Model X car cover can also help to deter thieves, as it makes it more difficult for them to access the vehicle. With so much money invested in your Tesla, it’s important to take every precaution to protect it.


Leasing a vehicle like the Tesla X is a good way to test out all of its fun gadgets and cool features. Visit the Lease Loco site for deals on an electric car lease.