What are the Job Responsibilities of a Firefighter?

A firefighter is an occupation that is as old as civilization itself. We will give you a general overview of the firefighting profession, including what duties are expected from each type of firefighter. Along with useful links to resources related to this career, you’ll also find some helpful websites where you can learn more about different aspects of the job. But if you want to know how to become a fire fighter and go into the job, we are describing below some responsibilities that you need to be aware of.

Responsibilities Of A Fire Fighter

1. Part-time Firefighters

One of the primary differences between full-time and part-time firefighters is that part-time firefighters are only expected to work a few hours a week. While it might be difficult for some people to apply for a job that pays by the hour, it’s important that you can balance your life with being able to dedicate enough time to your family, friends, and school.

2. Fire Chiefs

The fire chief is responsible for hiring the firefighters (including part-time ones), evaluating performance (including physical fitness), assigning different tasks such as training or rescue to each shift, scheduling shifts, and rotating shifts.

3. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

EMTs are people who go to the fire scene with a group of firefighters and perform medical procedures that help to save lives. They provide medical care and transport patients to a hospital if necessary. EMTs also care for fire victims until the ambulance arrives and give emergency treatment before transporting the victim to a hospital.

4. Fire Marshals

Fire Marshals are responsible for ensuring all safety equipment is working and organized properly before, during, and after the fire. Another responsibility of fire marshals is coordinating the efforts of fire departments from other cities during an out-of-state emergency or disaster.

5. First-Line Supervisors (FLS)

The FLS is the first person who answers a phone when there is a fire emergency. She tests the alarm system and signals the department to respond if it works well. They are responsible for making sure alarms are working, their equipment is ready to use, and all members know how to use that equipment. They must be able to answer questions about how to use the equipment and why it was used when sending out firefighters in an emergency.


Firefighting is a challenging job, with both safety and health risks. You can learn more about the firefighting profession through suitable sites.

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