4 Ways to Dispose of Your Car

When your older car is on its last legs, it may seem like an eyesore sitting uselessly in your driveway. If it’s too dangerous to drive or not running at all, you’re probably looking for the most efficient way to dispose of it.

Selling the car to a new driver may require repairs or maintenance to make it worth it. Luckily for you, this isn’t the only option available.

Read ahead for 4 alternative ways to dispose of your car without the hassle of selling it yourself.

Ways to Dispose of Your Car

1. Donation

An efficient means of disposal that will also directly benefit someone in need is a donation. Several different charities accept old cars. If it doesn’t run, many are more than happy to tow it from your residence for you.

Maintenance isn’t required for this option, but if you’re donating to Goodwill or a Veteran’s donation program, it’s good to at the very least clean it before it’s given away.

2. Junk Removal Service

Another efficient way to get rid of old cars is vehicle parts recycling or a junk removal service. You’ve likely seen posted ads for junk removal services on telephone poles, but you should research the sources before calling these numbers.

A proper junk removal service will tow your car for free and pay you cash, anywhere from $250-$20,000! While donations can be written off as a tax deduction, immediate cash payments can be more desirable.

Determine first whether your scrap vehicle is still considered an intact car or is damaged in a way that a removal service would consider junk parts. Some companies will tow a badly damaged vehicle but will not purchase scrap parts by themselves.

3. Recycling

Looking for the greenest method of disposal? Consider recycling your broken-down car, which yields many of the same benefits as donating, including free towing/removal and financial benefits.

For many drivers, cars hold a sentimental place in their hearts, and when your vehicle has reached the end of its life, it may seem like a waste to leave it in a scrapyard where it’ll sit for years and years.

Recycling is a great benefit to the planet, and you can rest easy knowing your old vehicle is disposed of properly. If your vehicle is still in good enough condition to drive, some companies may suggest you go the donation route.

old car disposal

4. Trade-In

The most common way to get rid of a paid-off vehicle is a trade-in. For those with functioning cars looking for credit going towards their next vehicle purchase or leasing, trade-ins can be the most beneficial.

Out of everything disposal method listed here, this one may require a smaller bit of research to get the most bang for your buck.

While a junk car can be hauled off regardless of condition, you can certainly haggle for the value of your trade-in vehicle, especially if you bought it during the pandemic.

Car Disposal that Benefits You

An unwanted car may seem like a heavy burden at first, but there are several common methods that move your vehicle from your residence and cash into your pocket. To find the best method of disposal, assess your car’s condition and your own needs.

Would a tax write-off benefit you more, or is a one-off cash payment a more immediate convenience? Is your car able to drive safely, or is it a hunk of scraps that’s simply an eyesore on your property?

Car disposal doesn’t have to be a chore without benefit; consult these 4 popular procedures to find the right one for you!