How to Start a Solar Panel Business in 2023

In the modern world, there is a growing culture of promoting eco-friendly products and adopting green practices. Demand for clean energy and solar power continues to be one of the growing trends. According to Fortune Business, the global market size for this industry is projected to reach USD 373.84 billion by 2029.

Obviously, green energy demand is going to keep gaining traction. So, if you are still not sure if it is a good venture to invest in, the answer is more than positive. In this guide, we will tell you the steps you need to take to launch a business in this thriving industry. Let’s dive in.

how to start a solar panel business

Start With Market Research

No matter what type of business you are intending to start, first of all, you need to conduct market research. In this case, you will need to deeply research the solar industry, including market trends, demand, and, of course, competition. Another important thing you should take into consideration is the potential of your local market. Ideally, you need to understand how accessible it will be for the market.

Form a Legal Entity

There are several business types you can use. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, you need to choose the structure that will be more lucrative. Some of them can shape your taxes.

One of the most widely spread types of solar businesses is an LLC. Additionally, forming an LLC can take a couple of minutes. You can simply generate a free LLC operating agreement.

Think About Costs and Investment

To start a solar panel business, you will require investment. Typically, this kind of business requires a high level of investment. Ideally, you need to define your budget and include costs for equipment, office space, marketing, and the like before the start. However, there are some costs that you can reduce.

For example, instead of having an in-house personal assistant, you can hire a virtual assistant. Today, many platforms are empowering you to hire a VA from the same location as you, so you can both work in the same time zone.

So, if you are located in the UK, hire virtual assistants in the UK and delegate your to-do list to remarkable and experienced VAs. They can manage your calendar, schedule meetings, send reminders, write email letters, and more.

As for the sources of funding, you can explore options such as personal savings, loans, grants, or investors. If you aim to engage investors, then create a competitive and robust business plan.

Comply With Regulations and Licensing Requirements

For any business, there are some regulations that entrepreneurs need to follow. Therefore, when embarking on the journey of establishing a solar panel business, make sure you are in strict compliance with the regulations specific to the solar industry in your region. It is also important not to overlook the importance of obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

Otherwise, you may face legal consequences, safety risks, and the distrust of customers, which will damage your business reputation and can lead to other unpleasant results.

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Hire Skilled Installation Team

Another crucial component of a successful solar panel business is having a skilled installation team. First of all, you need to make sure that they are masters at their job, then equip them adequately and offer some platforms to simplify their job.

For example, one of the most common problems is finding the right route. To handle it effectively, you can use Circuit Route Planner to optimize routing, save time, and enhance customer service.

Build a Strong Marketing Team

Having a strong marketing team is pivotal for your business. Especially if you are going to enter the highly competitive market of the solar panel business, you will need to enshrine your strengths and engage people. And one of the foolproof options to build your brand image and propel it forward is having a strong marketing team.

The solar panel industry is a specific one, so it’s crucial to provide your staff with a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s significance and the benefits it offers. Make sure that you are on the same page with your staff.

To keep your marketing team motivated and driven, one effective strategy is to implement a reward system. For example, you can consider high-quality awards and plaques for your workers to recognize their achievements.

Get Business Insurance

Last but not least, get business insurance. It is critical, even though many business owners overlook its relevance. It can safeguard you from unanticipated cases that could have an unfavorable effect on your business.

For example, if the panels you put on your client’s property are destroyed, you will be responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacements if you do not have insurance. This can be very cost-effective.

Final Thought

Equipped with the crucial knowledge of how to start a solar panel business, you can feel confident to start your journey. This industry offers ample opportunities for growth and success. Make sure you comply with industry standards, have a skilled team and feel confident to start your journey.

Market Research as a B2B Lead Generation Propellant

In any kind of business, sustainable growth is impossible without expanding your reach and attracting new customers, which spells turning average site visitors into leads. While for B2C ventures, the potential clientele is the total population of the Earth, B2B leads are harder to come by since they aren’t that numerous. That is why B2B lead generation is a harder nut to crack, causing companies to go all lengths in order to win corporate consumers to their side.

Now Lead Generation Will Be Easier Through B2B Market Research

Market research is commonly understood as a technique of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting various business-related data that is highly instrumental in addressing a whole gamut of commercial challenges and developing an overarching marketing strategy.

market research for b2b lead generation

An essential element of such a strategy is finding business sales leads that have all chances to augment your B2B client base and bring a stream of revenues into your coffers.

Why Market Research is an Effective Tool in B2B Lead Generation

Market research can be a powerful engine that will enhance the business efforts of every B2B digital marketing agency aimed at successful B2B sales lead generation. Where does it come in especially handy?

1. A deeper understanding of customers

By holding regular surveys you can create a 360-degree view of your clients. Who are they? Why do they acquire your products? How often do they do that? How do they like them? Once you get answers to these questions, you will realize how the obtained image fits into your vision of an ideal customer and discover where you are wrong in your expectations.

2. Identifying the standing of competitors

Assessing the niche, you will see who is outperforming its adversaries and in what aspects. You will be able to have a closer look at your competitors’ success and see where your shoe pinches. What do they do better than you? Where do they lag behind? Knowing this, you will learn why your business leads are eventually converted into your rivals’ clients.

3. Pre-launch product testing

Before investing heavily into any business idea, you should discover whether it holds water (both operationally and financially). Moreover, you will see what marketing approach you should adopt to take the shortest cut to your customer’s heart and wallet.

How to Use B2B Market Research for Lead Generation

There are several key processes that can be drastically improved by leveraging market research.

1. Valuable MQL Detection

Marketing Qualified Leads in B2B sphere are companies that stay within an ace of becoming your clients. They have opted into a program of yours, downloaded some data from your site, or submitted contact information on their own initiative. Which of them should you target first of all to complete their conversion? Of course, those who are likely to generate the largest profit. Market surveys furnish you with the information on the size of their organization and funding stage that can help you sift the most valuable leads out and get at them hammer and tongs.

2. Identification of Business Leads’ Readiness to Buy

By asking leads a direct question in a survey whether they plan to make a one-time purchase or are considering long-time cooperation, you can determine how they see your future cooperation.

3. Revision of your Content Strategy

Market research can help you discover mainstream trends in your industry and check whether your content fits them. By polling your B2B leads, you can add more infographics or enlarge the product characteristics section thus catering to their needs.

4. Pain Point Elimination

Bottlenecks and issues can be found both in the quality of your products/services or in the way you sell them. In either case, market research helps you identify problems and take steps to improve UX by eradicating them.

In the age of total digitalization, market research can be conducted via leveraging respective software.

Tools in Market Research to Generate B2B Leads

There is a wide array of tools that can be utilized in performing B2B market research. They are honed to tap various data related to your customers.

Some of them (like Google Keywords Tool) can give insights into the way people search for products and services in your niche, others (for instance, Klout, Kred, or Peerindex) allow you to identify top influencers in your industry, still others (KeySurvey) enable creating questionnaires. And there are comprehensive tools (like Google Trends or Google Analytics) that create a broad-scope picture of your potential clients.

Yet, whatever tool you might opt for, you should make sure your messages reach your addressee since email is universally recognized as the major means of building and maintaining rapport with the clientele.

market research for b2b lead generation


The best way to do it is via a spam checker. This state-of-the-art software can help you monitor the deliverability of your letters since the email spam checker is designed to avoid spam filters and dodge blacklists. Once you install it, your B2B email lead generation will grow apace as well.


To go big-time in B2B commerce, you can’t rely on anecdotal evidence and entrepreneurial instinct. When used on a permanent footing, market research is a solid crutch in understanding key needs of your clients and the consumer environment in general, which is sure to tell positively upon the efficiency of lead generation