10 Websites That Can Help You With Your Homework

Balancing the academic workload can be challenging for students. They get bombarded with homework, thesis, research papers, and exams. It is natural to feel exhausted and mentally stressed with everything that school/college throws at them. But with today’s technology, students can get a lot of benefits from the internet. There are plenty of available resources online, such as whatsapp gb, to help them with their tasks.

Seeking guidance and assistance helps students achieve better results. When aid is available online, it gets even better. You can search “help me with my homework” and get tons of legit resources offering help. Modern technology has paved the way for a variety of other resources to help students. There are several websites assisting with research, explaining specific topics, 1-1 discussion, and whatnot.

In no particular order, here is a list of some of the best websites that help students with their homework.

websites that can help with your home

1. Studyfy

Studyfy is an extraordinary homework and study helper available online. Do a Google search on ‘write my homework for me‘ and you will get plenty of information about different subject areas, including but not limited to Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, and Statistics.

Whether you need to deal with a school essay or college thesis paper, Studyfy can help you by providing samples and answers to the most frequent questions. In addition, you can find guides and clear explanations of some topics whenever you struggle with your homework or a class.

2. Do My Homework For Me

Do My Homework For Me is a rising star in the market for homework help. Possessing an enormous number of “experts” in various fields, they’re willing to offer solutions at almost all courses and subjects at school, ranging from high school to undergraduate and post-graduate level. Despite their late entering into the market (in comparison with other companies), Do My Homework For Me obtains an excellent strategy to surpass their competitors and become the leading brand in just a few years with advantages no one can compete. 

Good price is always their most striking features, especially for assignments within their fortes (such as Business, Economics, Math, Management, etc.), there’s a chance you might get the price 20% – 30% lower than other websites, but still, with quality guaranteed. Additionally, they truly know how to retain and please their customers by regular promotion for returning clients and super-quick response no matter day or night. You’ll feel like a King, since you never have to wait.

After all, with regard to service quality, Do My Homework For Me can bring in great experience for their clients. It can be assured that they’re worth a try

Website: do-my-homework-for-me.com 

Contact (Whatsapp/Telegram): +1 270 859 1105

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profitable organization that helps students with free education. Students, teachers, and parents also can benefit from this academy. They offer classes with a wide range of topics. Students can take up foundation courses for each subject or brainstorm on specific topics.

Most of its courses range from Class 1 to Class 12. They cover topics on a wide variety of academic subjects. Apart from those, students can take courses on the exams like IELTS, SAT, and LSAT. Khan Academy is one of the biggest online educational platforms that can help students significantly improve their overall academic scores.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a popular platform for learners and students across almost all age groups and areas of study. The good news about using Udemy is that it lives up to all of the hype created from its advertising and marketing campaigns. As an educational platform, Udemy continues to recruit various professionals to broaden its teaching spectrum.

One of the most prominent features of Udemy is that it has courses in almost any subject you can think of. Their website and mobile apps also have a modern as well as easy-to-understand interface. Students should keep their ears to the ground regarding Udemy as it usually offers various discounts and offers for their services.

5. Paul’s Online Math Notes

This one is a dedicated website for helping students with math problems. It is an excellent platform for students who are bad at math. It can also be a fascinating place for math geeks. They aim to provide free online coaching to all the students requiring it. The downloadable notes with solutions are available for anyone and everyone.

Students can find notes, practice problems, and assignment problems on the below subjects.

  • Algebra
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Calculus III
  • Differential Equations

6. Grammarly

One of the best homework help websites today to help students with several types of checkers related to improving one’s writing is Grammarly. Some of its main features are checking grammar, plagiarism, providing simpler word alternatives, refining sentences, and more.

Grammarly can be easily installed and used across several of the biggest platforms and software like Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft Word, and many more. Its free version has several checkers that can be used before opting for the paid version.

7. Google

Google is a one-stop shop for virtually any kind of information conceivable online. The platform is an information monolith and is often the first platform or tool people use to learn about anything. Students can use Google to get answers to all of their questions regarding their homework.


Google also has its own tools for images, books, news, and videos that can help students learn through different forms of media. The company continually strives to provide its audience with the most relevant and up-to-date information. Google also owns YouTube – the most prominent online video platform.

8. Hemingway App

Although still on the rise, the Hemingway App is a handy tool for all those who are into any type of writing. The interface is easy to understand and offers students various parameters to improve their writing.

Hemingway App provides an overall score for an individual’s writing. The grade or score is determined by the overall readability, quality, and understandability of the text. This tool can help students to finetune their homework submissions and produce crisp content.

9. Truely

Truely is a product comparison site that collects reviews with the help of AI from all places on the internet. School is many parts digital so you’re constantly in the need of different software or solutions that could help you with your schoolwork or homework. Here a website like Truly can help you when choosing the right tools, as they feature reviews of all things digital, including software and services.

Maybe you need to find the best research writing services, or the best presentation software for your next project. With this platform you can easily gather information and compare which solution is the best for you!

10. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best platforms for beginner, intermediate, and expert-level courses offered by various professionals across the globe. Most of its courses are offered by well-known universities with several accolades and accreditations.

Coursera’s courses are designed and created to offer comprehensive guidance, knowledge, and skills to all its students. The platform offers several free courses that can boost an individual’s academic base while also improving their life competencies and skills. Some of the subjects offered by Coursera are photography, life sciences, mathematics, humanities, and more.

To Conclude

Seeking homework help online should always be looked at in a positive light. It is normal to reach out for help when students don’t understand something. Some students take help from family and friends, while others need an expert.

Anyway, homework shouldn’t be scary or a burden. It is done to improve the subject knowledge. All these helpful online resources are a blessing for every student. So, no matter what help one needs, there is always an expert to solve the queries.

Writing Ecology Research Papers: How to Do It and What to Pay Attention To?

Writing scientific research papers has become more and more popular amongst students. Perhaps it is due to their need of possessing this sort of written text for their college projects but that’s surely not always the case. Ecology research papers represent one piece of these scientific papers and we will be focusing on them. According to Buybiologyessay.com survey, these academic papers are mostly used in order to describe a bond that exists between living organisms and the environment around us. Students who are particularly interested in fields that are closely related to ecology and biology may find the most benefit from todays’ guide. Truth to be told, even if you are not among this group, you can still learn something new and maybe develop an attraction for it, who knows? So, stay alert to see what we’ve got for you.

ecology research paper

An Outline

If you don’t know much about writing essays or research papers, you can always feel free to check some information online. For example, Reddit users prefer popular services that provide others with help about it. It is a small probability that you have never heard of or visited this website, but if not, you can find more about it on Reddit. Just type a theme you are interested in and you will find reviews from other people associated with it.

Anyways, let’s get back to our writing of ecology research papers. What should be your first moves? If you are even a little bit familiar with writing scientific papers, then you already know that it can’t be done without the existence of an outline. It is fair to say that every single student across the globe knows that those two things come like fingers and a nail.

In the outline, which you should be writing before you start your research paper, try to summarize all the important parts that you consider valuable for the text. Write down all ideas that come to your mind. Later on, you can always arrange them or even delete some if you can’t fit them well in the paper. There is no big philosophy about it at all. It is like writing a normal essay. Your outline should have the role of guiding you or giving you a proper direction which you will follow while writing.

Topics Are the Key

It is not a rare case when students find themselves “forced” to write about something they are not interested in. This can be seen with ecology research papers too because students often like to write about some easier stuff to understand.

To be able to write an ecology research paper, make sure to get to know this world before you even consider starting. As for any type of written text, don’t think about writing ecology-related papers if you are not well prepared or don’t possess some prior knowledge. Topics that you will include must be well researched and an author should exactly know what to pay attention to. So, do some quality and in-depth scientific research about themes that are closely connected with ecology. For an instance:

  • How does the ecosystem function?
  • What is biogeochemistry?
  • Where does the relationship between living organisms and the environment lie?

Those are just a few topics that you should be asking yourself about. Ecology research papers require a certain level of education and knowledge so don’t take it for granted. So, if you have chosen the topics, you will commit yourself to, make sure to have a look at the next details:

  • Pick only the ones that fit your interests
  • Try to apply the brainstorming method before you start writing (to simply put, it represents all your thoughts written on a pile and then separating ones that will perfectly fit your research paper)
  • Do a quality research
  • In the end, leave some space for proofreading (editing of the text)

Your Thesis Must Contain an Appropriate Support with Evidence

It is well known how everything that comes in touch with the science of any form needs to possess evidence. It is simply the way that science functions and principles that scientists like to follow. Writing an ecology research paper will surely need to have your thesis statement involved. And to write a paper, you need to back it up with reliable support in the form of the evidence, of course. It gives your statement credibility and value.

When people speak or read about things that are connected with science, a single word or phrase that is misunderstood can spark big discussions and disagreements among the readers. Hence, your thesis statement must prevent that to happen. Instead, try to define in detail what your evidence is so the audience can fully understand you.


Try Starting Your Paper with Question

The last tip we will provide you with about writing your ecology research paper is related to the very beginning of the writing process. One method you can use is starting with a question. Why do we suggest this? Well, because science-related questions can easily allow you to take out some thesis from it. As you may assume, this theme can start dozens of questions that readers would be eager to know an answer to.

For example, the question can be associated with how pollution affects the environment. After you provide readers with a suitable answer, focus on further details that you will be mentioning.


It is needless to say how ecology represents an inevitable part of peoples’ lives. We are somehow always connected with it. And that’s why your ecology research paper can have even bigger value. Hopefully, our tips will help you to write it correctly. If you ask us, that is indisputable.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Quality Online Homework Help for Students

If you feel that your homework is not getting done well, or if you are struggling to find time to complete your homework, it might be time to consider online homework help. . But before you choose a homework help company, consider the following tips:

  • Research the company carefully – in addition to checking out what they have to offer, you should also check their reputation and make sure that they won’t charge extra fees or give your personal information without your permission. You don’t want to pay for service that is not worth it.
  • Choose a reputable homework help company – any reputable online homework help companies will offer free trials so you can try them out before deciding if they are right for your needs.

Getting Quality Online Homework Help for Students

Online homework help can be a great way for students to get quality work done. They don’t have to worry about where they will find the time and it can also save them a lot of money on tutors. There are many benefits to using homework help for college students. They can do their work at home and also have access to a tutor during the day. This can be helpful for busy students because they don’t have to worry about not having time or not being able to find a tutor in the evening.

It gets really hard to find a tutor in the evenings and you have to pay for them. So why not try an AI tutor? They are cost effective and can provide high quality work without the need for any human interaction. If you also need a good essay writer, who can provide you with paper of high quality, just visit our writing service Essaysforme with an option to do my essay.

5 Ways to Get Low-Quality, Expensive Online Homework help from a Tutor or Teacher

Online homework help is becoming a trend in the education industry. However, it is also becoming more expensive. There are many options available to get homework help online, but they are not all reliable.

If you are struggling with your homework, it is best to ask for help online, but not all online tutors are reliable. It can be hard to find a reliable tutor on the web, so students have turned to other options like live video tutoring where a tutor is present and able to answer questions in real time.

Here’s how to get low-quality, expensive online homework help from a tutor or teacher:

  1. Searching for an online tutor who is willing to work with you on a price that you can afford.
  2. Searching for an online tutor who will accept your money and provide quality homework help.
  3. Buying pre-written assignments from an online tutor service that guarantees high quality work.
  4. Using a professional tutoring service that will provide one-on-one tutoring sessions with qualified teachers.
  5. Finding someone who offers free homework help.

How to Find an Affordable, Reliable & Well-Trusted Tutor or Teacher

Online learning is becoming more and more popular as it allows students to learn from anywhere at any time. With that, it is important to find a reliable and affordable online tutoring service that will help you manage your time efficiently.

Tutors are typically used in the classroom setting but there are many benefits of hiring a tutor or teacher online. It can be beneficial for students who live far away from their school, or those who have a busy schedule and only have time for one-on-one tutoring.

This article provides tips on how to find an affordable, reliable and well-trusted online tutoring service. Getting tutoring is a big step for students. When you want to find an affordable, reliable and well-trusted online tutor, you should consider many different factors.

websites that can help with your home

What Are the Best Platforms For Finding a Tutor or Teacher Online?

Finding a tutor or teacher online has never been easier. There are a number of websites that offer to help students find the best tutor for their needs, as well as providing a platform for them to make contact with their potential tutor. Tutors and teachers offer different rates, qualifications, and services. Some may only be available on Wednesdays while others might be willing to work during the weekend or after hours by request. It’s important that students spend time looking around different sites before deciding which one they want to use.

The top 10 websites managing homework help are:

  1. Tutor Vista.
  2. Tutor Avenue.
  3. Chegg Tutors.
  4. Teacher’s Domain.
  5. Edmentum Tutors.
  6. My Tutor.
  7. Student-to-Teacher Matching Service.
  8. TeachersOnTap.
  9. The Helping Hand Project.
  10. Expertise Exchange.

The Truth About Low-Quality Online Homework Help and How to Avoid it in 2023

A lot of students are still using low-quality homework help websites to get their assignments done. These websites are not only expensive but they also provide poor quality work. In 2023, students will be more aware of the fact that these websites are not worth the money and will be looking for other options.

The future is bright for students who use online homework help services that provide high quality work without being expensive. The future is bright for students who use online homework help services that provide high quality work without being expensive.

The internet has made almost everything accessible. However, there is still a discrepancy between the quality of work provided by freelancers and the cost to hire them. This has led to many people looking for affordable solutions that support high-quality work.

3 Resources Students Can Use For Writing A Green Energy Essay

Most high school and college students often go through a major educational ritual: writing essays. As a student, you will most likely find yourself in a situation where you have to write an essay on an unfamiliar or abstract topic such as green energy. If this happens, how do you tackle the assignment?

Well, you can take the easy way out by hiring a college essay writing service to get the job done for you. However, there’s a harder but more fulfilling option: writing it yourself. If you do decide to go for the latter second option, here are some major resources to help you write a winning green energy essay:


Peer-reviewed Essays

When it comes to writing a green energy essay or any kind of essay at all, peer-reviewed articles should be your primary source of information. This is because they are more authoritative, making it easy for you to include only factual information in your essay.

Generally, peer-reviewed essays or articles are considered reliable hubs of information in the academic field since they have been closely reviewed by a panel of experts who have provided feedback on the ideas and research methods employed in the essay.

However, finding these top-tier essays can be a little difficult if you’re trying to find it on your own. Most websites offer only the abstracts of these articles which isn’t enough for you to write a comprehensive essay. An easy way to find peer-reviewed articles is by using your university’s library website or database to search for them.

Print or online textbooks

If you’re trying to write an essay, a renewable energy one in particular, textbooks are also great resources that could help you write a detailed work. Although these sources are not as reliable as peer-reviewed journals (for obvious reasons), they can be a comprehensive hub of information as well.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find a wide range of textbooks about green energy. All you have to do is search in your school library or do a quick Internet search for textbooks relevant to your essay. For instance, if you’re writing an essay on biorefinery, you could use a relevant textbook such as Biorefinery by Juan-Rodrigo Bastidas-Oyanedel and Jens Ejbye Schmidt.

However, when choosing a textbook, it’s important to choose the one that’s in line with your academic level. For instance, if you’re in high school, don’t use a textbook made for fourth graders or professors. The former will be too simplistic for your essay while the latter may be too advanced for you to understand.

Internet sources

The Internet is one of the most popular sources of information as a poll on Reuters shows. Most students often run to the internet when confronted with a difficult assignment or task. This is mainly because it’s easy to find any answer you need in just a few clicks. Whether you’re trying to find a picture of a grinning Cheshire cat or get information for an essay on clean energy, this serves as a great option.

However, the Internet is not so reliable since everyone can easily plaster their opinions online without providing evidence to back up their claims. As such, when using online websites or search engines to look for information, it’s advisable to always double check or filter what you see. You can review the information with your teacher or compare it with peer-reviewed journals and textbooks. This way, you can avoid including misinformation in your essay.

Tips for Writing a Comprehensive Essay on Green Energy

If you’re looking to write a winning essay on green energy, here are some tips to guide you:

1. Narrow down your topic

Clean energy is a wide, ambiguous field. If you try to write a generic essay on this field, you’ll most likely get overwhelmed or end up writing an entire book. To make the writing process easier, narrow down your topic to a specific niche. For instance, instead of writing an essay titled “Green energy”, you can whittle it down to the environmental impact of clean energy conversion or its benefits.

2. Come up with an interesting thesis statement

Your thesis statement forms the basis of your entire essay. As such, it’s important to make it clear, arguable and interesting. You should also ensure that it clearly demonstrates your stance on the subject matter.

3. Use examples

When writing your essay, you should back up every claim or topic sentence with alternative energy examples. This way, your audience – and teacher – will know that you have sufficient knowledge about the subject matter.

For instance, if you write a sentence that says “Many companies are now utilizing green energy conversion to help in IT modernization“, don’t just stop there. Add real-life examples to substantiate your claim, such as: “For example, Netimpact Strategies, an IT service provider, recently launched….”

This will lend your paper more credibility and authenticity.

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay on green energy is easy enough once you have the right resources. In this article, we’ve outlined the best resources you can use for writing a winning, comprehensive essay. Good luck!

Tips for Writing a Good College Essay: The Only 5 College Essay Writing Strategies You’ll Ever Need

Your essay exposes something about yourself that grades and tests results can’t: your personality. It can provide admissions officers with a bigger picture of whom you are while also demonstrating your writing abilities. Do you want to know how to write a college essay? Many students preparing to apply to universities are unsure where to begin with their college admissions essays. You’re not alone in this boat. Here you are with the best tips for writing a good college essay.tips to write a good college essay

5 Essay Writing Tips to Create a Decent College Paper

Many students, understandably, are intimidated by the prospect of writing a college essay. The college essay not only has a lot of weight in the admissions process, but it may be challenging to write about oneself in a way that is complementary yet pleasant and not arrogant. Below, we’ll discuss helpful essay writing tips to help students develop and create an essay that effectively communicates their narrative to the admissions board.

1. Start Your Essay with a Strong Introduction

It’s significant to have a powerful introductory paragraph with ideas that can pique the readers’ attention. You want the admissions officer to be intrigued by what you’re going to say next. So, you should demonstrate your ability to write. Colleges want to see you understand the fundamentals of effective writing, which is a critical component of academic achievement.

2. Think Critically and Reflectively

The admissions officer would like to go beyond the facts of your application to determine your aptitude for critical thinking. How do you digest information about yourself and the world around you? What is important to you? Which experiences have shaped you? Your essay should explain how and why they influenced you.

3. Make the Reader Answer Your Question

Basically, that doesn’t mean you should write a question directly in your essay, but you should leave the reader guessing. “How is that going to come out?” “What exactly does she mean?” “How is this going to all come together?” Start your essay with a hook that entices the reader to want to learn more. For example, you may write, “I sat in the back of the full auditorium, unaware that I’d soon be standing center stage.” That establishes a forward momentum right away, making your reader want to keep reading.

4. Don’t Summarize

Avoid directly declaring your essay’s point. When you spell things out for someone, it’s significantly less effective. Delete everything. “That’s when I realized,” “that’s when I learned,” and “the essential lesson was…” It sounds redundant, unconvincing, and takes the reader out of the scene.

How to Self-Edit Your Essay

Instead, let readers read between the lines and come to their conclusions about the significance of your story. You shouldn’t have to say anything like, “And that’s how I learned to stand up for myself,” because the admissions officer should already know this. An actor’s look, sigh, or closing a door often communicates louder than words when watching a movie. It only needs to show that you’ve decided, changed, or taken a risk.

5. Proofread

Correct language, punctuation, and spelling are critical, so self-edit your essay and check your work numerous times once you’ve done it. Then, invite a teacher, parent, or college student to skim it. Finally, admissions officers pay attention to how well you can format your speech. Remember to follow the specified essay length or word count. So, make your text short and simple to persuade the professor.

Why Is It Worth Hiring Essay Writing Help

Several essay writing services have emerged lately, and it appears to be a continually developing market. Because it plays such an essential part in the lives of college and university students, the industry benefits both a student and an essay writer. If you wonder why students favor this path and why you should, too, here are some compelling reasons:

  • A paper with flawless English;
  • School activities and other obligations;
  • Tight deadlines;
  • Profound research;
  • A well-structured essay;
  • Grades improvement;
  • Additional editing and proofreading.

Students turn to essay writing services online for various reasons, the most common of which are improving their grades and obtaining assistance if they don’t wholly comprehend English. You can order the necessary writing help with a simple request, “I need someone to write my essay for me.” As a result, you’ll hire an essay writing service to get A+ essays and all the help you need to pass the degree or certificate you’re pursuing.

Where to Get Essay Writing Help: A+ Essay Writing Service

College essays are a dealbreaker. It’s nice to have a perfect GPA and extracurriculars, but the fact is that many students have an impressive academic background. One of the things that might help you stand out from the crowd is your college essay.

Your college essay is an indispensable part of your application, since you want to make sure you’re portraying yourself as an appealing prospect for admission to your preferred school. Now that you know about the many benefits of buying college composition samples, it’s time to think about where you can hire such services.

A+ essay writing service provides you with the opportunity to get A+ essay and cheap professional writing help to students of all academic levels on different topics. With the A+ paper writing service, you can order a template or finished paper of argumentative, persuasive, and many other types of articles. Moreover, the APlusEssay team offers you free editing and examples as well.

Best Online Dictionaries That Will Make Writing an Essay Easier For Students

Writing skills are to a writer what gasoline is to a car. Similar to the relationship between gasoline and automobiles, authors cannot advance without good skills. These abilities do not just appear overnight. Besides, they necessitate patience and perseverance. In addition, to obtain them, you must work hard and be smart. You can only reach the sphere of influential and always-in-demand writers with experience.

Effective writing, of course, necessitates a vital mastery of the language in which you write or wish to write. Once you’ve mastered that skill, you’ll need to learn a few pointers to help you stand out in the competitive world of writing.

Write My Essay Today is a custom writing service that assists students by providing custom-written work. Furthermore, take advantage of the writing instructions, topic ideas, as well as samples available on the blog to improve your writing abilities. Aside from these, you can use any of these free online dictionaries to help you with the complete writing process:

top online dictionaries for students

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online source that works in both Microsoft Word and Outlook. Generally, using Grammarly is like having an English tutor hovering over your shoulder while proposing changes and corrections to help you better your essay. This is also a fantastic tool for anyone looking to spot common grammar mistakes and get advice for better word substitutes.

The following are some of the features of Grammarly;

  • Word choice suggestions
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Identifying over 250 grammatical mistakes.
  • Spell checking in the context
  • Detecting poor vocabulary use

The Grammarly basic version is completely free and helps fix all significant mistakes, and it’s probably all you require. However, there is also a paid version if you want more sophisticated writing recommendations.

2. Google Translate

Google Translate is definitely a stroke of luck. Undoubtedly, there is no other more valuable dictionary for a language learner apart from Google Translate.

As a student, you can always use Google Translate to look up the definition of a word, synonyms, as well as pronunciation of a phrase. In addition, you have the option of typing directly into the online app or copying and pasting content from the word processor. Furthermore, you may even use your browser to translate a whole page or site.

Generally, Google Translate is suitable for students of all levels. It’s thus suitable if you are just learning English and require to translate an entire text or are a seasoned English writer who needs to double-check some vocabulary.

3. A thesaurus and a dictionary

These are important writing instruments. A dictionary can assist you in deciphering the meaning of particular words as well as how to spell them. On the other hand, synonyms and antonyms words that signify a similar or the opposite thing can be found using a thesaurus.

In addition, understanding the words and how to use them correctly, as well as the various ways to say something with a different term, is critical in essay writing. Therefore, without a doubt, a dictionary and thesaurus will assist you in finding the most appropriate words for your task.


Traditional dictionaries can make it difficult to determine how terms are related to one another. Luckily, VisuWords is essentially a dictionary that visually depicts the relation between two or more words.

VisuWords source, therefore, assists in learning through making visual relations with other words. Hence, this allows you to use your creativity and visual recall. In addition, this tool helps you boost your English writing skills. It enables you to write words and observe how they are spelled, phonetically changed, and applied.

How to Self-Edit Your Essay


The free Hemingway software makes your essay writing straightforward and bold by identifying suggested revisions. The colors can help you recognize too long or dense phrases, difficult words, and unnecessary adverbs. This tool also highlights the areas where you are employing passive voice wrongly. Therefore, by using Hemingway to write your essay, you can easily condense your thoughts to their simplest form.

Final Word

Writing is not typically the first choice of ability to concentrate, yet it is critical. Writing in proper English benefits you at school, and it will also help you express yourself in general. Therefore, the best method to improve your writing skills is simply to write. Remember progress is made via practice.

The above accessible online sources will undoubtedly help you better your essay writing. Feel free to give them a shot, and always select those that work best for you at the end of the day. Also, don’t forget to practice!

How to Self-Edit an Essay: Guide All You Need to Know

Self-editing an essay is a crucial stage of your writing process. An appropriate amount of time spent refining your essay will save you time when you hand it to your professor. This post explains why self-editing is essential and what type of text you should edit.

Where to Start?

Self-editing is the act of proofreading your essay and finding errors before submitting it. A proofread essay by an essay writer should follow this necessary process before handing in the paper. Whether writing a short essay or a full-length book, self-editing is needed.

How to Self-Edit Your Essay

It is essential to self-edit your work. This is because it helps identify problems in your writing. For example, some students tend to use too many commas, thus making the sentence confusing.

Also, some writers struggle with grammar and spelling issues. You can hire an editor to edit your work to avoid such errors. Another alternative is reading more books and articles about self-editing and how to self-edit an essay.

Benefits of Self-Editing Your Essay

Aforementioned, self-editing is an intricate part of your overall writing style. Here is a breakdown of some benefits of self-editing to expect:

1. It helps you become better at writing

Becoming a better writer may seem like an obvious point. However, the more you edit your work, the better you will become at spotting errors in your writing. It gives you an overview of the overall work before putting pen to paper. You will also learn from your mistakes and improve as a writer overall. Writing is similar to any other skill: the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

2. It makes your work more coherent

Coherence is key to good writing, whether writing fiction or nonfiction. This helps readers understand what you are trying to say (even if what you are saying is fictional). When reading through your work after finishing a draft, make sure everything makes sense.

It helps you save time. Getting an editor from a professional essay editing service is a great idea.

3. It helps you find errors

The primary purpose of editing any paper is to help you find mistakes in grammar and spelling. Doing this on your own allows you to do just that. Also, it is a great way to learn how to write better in the future.

4. It helps you save money

Essay editing will cost far less than hiring someone else to do the work for you. This is often a good reason for many students to choose this option over hiring an editor to write essays.

How to Self-Edit Your Essay: Tips and Tricks

Several techniques apply to your essay edit. Below are essential tips from experts on how to self-edit an essay:

1. Read your essay with a purpose

It is hard to find mistakes when reading a page or two of your writing and thinking about it as a whole. This is where a purpose comes in handy. For example, when editing the grammar and punctuation of your essay, read your content with those things in mind. Read and look for transitions between paragraphs and ideas to get coherence.

2. Read the essay aloud

Reading aloud will help you catch errors that may not be obvious when reading silently. It also gives you a chance to hear how your words sound and how they fit together. You are more likely to notice awkward phrasing or too-long sentences when you listen to the spoken rather than see them on the page.

3. Read backwards

Reading backwards helps avoid distractions by the meaning of what you wrote. Instead, you can focus on making sure each word sounds right and is spelt correctly. You may even find that you deleted a word or two without realizing it.

4. Take breaks

Breaks can help you clear your mind. Therefore, you see things with fresh eyes after coming back. This can help you spot any holes in your reasoning or places where you might have gone off track from the essay’s main idea.

5. Check for wordy phrases

You may think that using more extended, complicated words makes you sound intelligent. Unfortunately, it takes away from your writing style. You want to make the process as painless as possible for the reader. Therefore, choose simple words over fancy ones. Read aloud to see how it sounds.

6. Remove distracting or confusing details

Remove any scene or part of the essay that does not fit with the rest of your message. Think about what each story brings to the table. Cut it out when it does not contribute to your overall goal.

Essay Editing Checklist: Important Things to Look For

Many errors are common as we all slip up on occasion. Here are some things to watch for with your edit essay:

Spelling and grammar

Check for any spelling or grammar errors. Do not solely rely on the spellchecker to catch everything. Some words are spelt wrong but are still recognized as valid words. For example, “form” instead of “from.”

Unnecessary words

Look for unnecessary words in your sentences and paragraphs. Try to use as few words as possible to get your message across. Take any sentence out when it does not add anything to your message.


When using a word that is unclear to you, it probably won’t be clear to your readers. Look for these types of terms and replace them with simpler ones. Always use simple language, even when it is not the most elegant way of saying something.

Motivation for Writing a Paper

Passive voice

The passive construction is when the subject is being acted upon by someone or something else. The passive voice appeals to a formal and academic audience. It can also be awkward at times, mainly when overused.

Consequently, try to keep your writing active. Active voice means that the subject acts in the sentence (e.g., the student is skipping class). Passive voice means that the subject has something done to it (e.g., the student missed class).


Suppose you use a word once, fine. However, when using it twice, see if you can find a different way of saying the same thing. Consider rewriting the whole sentence or paragraph to avoid using the same word three or more times.


These words and phrases have been used so much that they have lost their meaning. Examples include “at the end of the day,” “it’s a no-brainer,” and “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Try finding another way of expressing your thoughts rather than using them. Alternatively, cut them out altogether.


Most writers tend to be wordy at first. This is because they have so much they want to say. Try reading your work aloud. Try to see any places where you can shorten it without losing meaning. This is often the case with long sentences strung together with commas and semi-colons (reread those carefully).

Sentence structure variety

Good writing includes sentence structure variety. However, your sentences don’t need to be extremely lengthy or complex. Your reader might find your work boring or confusing when all sentences are lengthy. Likewise, you could use a lot of very long sentences with multiple clauses and commas. However, using it too often might make your reader lose interest and struggle to follow along.

Self-Editing Tips for Your Essay

You will likely have many ideas when beginning the essay writing process. You may have a strong thesis statement or even a topic already in mind. However, these ideas are not always the most well-crafted and may not be appropriate for the audience of your essay. Here are some standard steps that you can follow to self-edit your essays.

Remember your audience

The first step is determining your audience before writing your college essay. Please consider who will be reading the essay and what they want from it. How much do they know about the topic? Are there any specific words or phrases that need defining? It is important to remember that writing an academic essay for school may not be appropriate for writing an essay for a blog post.

Stephen King’s ten per cent rule

According to Stephen King, who wrote On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, you should reduce every first draft by ten per cent before submitting it. This means cutting out unnecessary words, sentences, or paragraphs and may even mean deleting a whole section if it doesn’t suit the text.

Listen to your essay

Listening to your essay is one of the essential aspects of self-editing. It allows you to catch mistakes that you may not see when reading your material. Reading aloud will help you spot confusing or awkward passages while also giving you a chance to hear how well your writing flows. You can record yourself reading aloud. Alternatively, ask a trusted friend to read it for you.

Check for consistency

Make sure that each sentence makes sense within the context of your paper. Also, the tone remains consistent throughout all sections of the essay. Pay attention, particularly to transitions, which connect ideas and give your reader an easy way to follow along. When a transition does not sound right when you read through it, you should probably change or delete it altogether.


Essays are written to persuade or inform readers. Make sure all time taken to write the essay will be transparent with the point you are trying to get across. Also, ensure a clear introduction body paragraphs are organized into a logical order—lastly, a conclusion to drive home your message.

Create a compelling story

Your essay must have a clear theme that is present throughout the piece. A central storyline should develop in each paragraph and carry through from the introduction to the conclusion for narrative essays. Each paragraph should support your thesis statement when writing an expository essay. Your sentences should connect back to this central idea. Therefore, your reader understands how the paragraphs fit together into one cohesive whole.


Evaluate your essay’s structure and organization

Strengthen the organization of your paper by making sure that there is a clear introduction, body, and conclusion to each paragraph. The most standard way to accomplish this is by creating a simple outline or a bulleted list of topics covered in the paper.

Final Takeaway

A self-edited essay is an essential tool for any student. Ensure you do not cut yourself off too soon. Also, try to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect essay. There will always be others on a similar topic, or even competing with yours. Read the material carefully, check grammar and spelling mistakes, proofread, and add new material when needed.

How to Get Essays for Free: All Ways and Tips

An essay is one of the most popular tasks in college, so it is no exaggeration to say that every student will have to write at least one argumentative text, based on sources revealing a problem. Together with the free essay writer program WritingEssays.com, we try to find answers to the questions of how to get such a text for free, whether it is possible to buy free essays, and whether it is so difficult to write it yourself.

How to Get Essays for Free

1. Write an Essay By Yourself

The first point let’s consider this option, not the best, but the most logical. Its obvious advantage – it will definitely be free, but at the same time, the advantage and disadvantage – all the guarantees for the quality of the result lie only on you.

Here are some tips on how to write a good essay by yourself:

  1. Ask your teacher for a sample paper to know what to strive for.
  2. Examine the problem, to understand what is required of you.
  3. Find the right sources: scientific books, academic websites, courses from other colleges.
  4. Process the information, find arguments, and facts that confirm them.
  5. Describe the structure of the text. You should have an introduction, the main part of the text, and a conclusion.
  6. Practice.
  7. Write an essay.

2. Ask a Friend or Classmate

If you have a friend or classmate who understands the topic of your assignment, you can ask him to help. He may even agree. Perhaps even for free.

Of course, this option has too many conditions and too few guarantees: a friend may get sick, not have time or not want to write your essay. If everything turned out well, do not forget to reread the finished text, and also, preferably, to double-check it in anti plagiarism programs: maybe all the paper is just a cut from the book? Do not forget that in this version, only you are responsible for the quality of the text.

3. Find the Beginner Freelance Writer

Professional freelancers work for a fee. But beginners are looking for freelancing gigs to fill their portfolio, so they may agree to write your essay as a test task.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find out in advance how good and responsible an employee you will get. For example, some freelancers just disappear. To try to avoid such a situation, ask at least the contact of the previous customer to get his review on the potential helper.

Some students also announce essay contests on freelancer sites. So you get a lot of free samples, which is true, you will still have to pay the winner.

4. Use Free Essay Writer Program

In principle, this option can be considered partly as an extension of the first paragraph. Only instead of a guide on how to write an essay yourself, you get a ready-made example.

Motivation for Writing a Paper

How does it work? You need to go to a free essay writing service and click on the section with ready-made examples. If you are lucky, you will find a similar topic. Simply downloading the text and showing it to your teacher will not work, because then your essay will not be unique. But you can use the same sources, look at the ideas of arguments and the principle of text construction. For example, how a professional author divides different parts into separate paragraphs.

Unfortunately, this method will not work if you need texts on complex and narrow topics. But even if you need a simple English essay, it is not the fact that you will find it on the first website or you will find it at all.

5. Order Work From Professional Essay Writing Services

Online academic aid services are websites where you can find the author who will write your essay for you.

Experts of essay writing services work for a fee. But such free options are available for students:

  • A bibliography page.
  • Plagiarism Check.
  • Revision of the text.
  • (sometimes) + 1 bonus page.

In this case, unlike the previous four methods, you are guaranteed to get a quality academic paper written for you from scratch and submitted on time. Such an essay will pass any plagiarism tests, no matter what software or tools are used to test it.

You can also find free essay writing tutorials on such sites. However, if you need a tutor (in the UK, USA or another country), these services will not work for you.

So, we looked at five ways to get an essay for free. Some of them have significant disadvantages, some – are free only conditionally. In any case, you can try each one and see which one is right for you. By the way, you can also combine the methods. For example, you can write an essay yourself and send the finished text to the authors for revision.

Where Can I Get Help with Essay Fast and Properly?

It is not easy to learn and be a successful student. Young people seem to face all kinds of issues – academic and private. When we talk about academic complications, time management is among the first issues that occur to the mind. Every academic paper has a strict deadline that mustn’t be violated to avoid a loss of vital grades. When students run out of time, they commonly ask – Who is able to write my essay fast?

They require urgent assistance, and commonly, they opt for a reliable and fast essay writing service, similar to Fastessay.net. Such a service has skilled experts who meet the shortest time limits and always produce papers of the required quality. However, one may try other ways to handle academic tasks fast and on time. These are as follows:

fast essay writing service

1. Special applications

You may sufficiently speed up the process of writing if you use at least one helpful learning app. For example, a grammar checker will help define and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. A topic generator will also save your time by offering a great list of topics in any direction. Check all possible apps to define which ones may help you become a fast and more effective writer. They are commonly free of charge.

2. Educational websites

Make use of various educational sites. They are offered either by colleges and universities or by non profit sites similar to WikiHow. They contain heaps of useful materials that help boost any skill and overcome any impediment. Read and use samples, textbooks, guides, manuals, etc. Most of them are free.

3. Private tutors

The help of a private tutor is also very quick. He or she is a professional who knows how to overcome any difficulty and speed up the process of writing. Use his/her recommendations and tip, or ask to complete at least one section of your paper instead of you. It won’t take long. However, the price is pretty high.

4. Online events

Another possible solution is to join certain online events and meetings. These should be organized by teachers and professors. Their purpose is to improve the skills and knowledge of students. They provide effective tips and tricks. Explain how to improve any skill, overcome any hardship, and write any piece of writing. The common formats of such meetings are webinars, masterclasses, workshops, discussions, lectures, etc. You may even participate in some of them and ask important questions.

Finally, you may try the help of one of the custom writing agencies, such as spark tutoring. These agencies offer professional writers and editors who have perfect time management skills. They easily solve any learning hardship, and they are not late. We will highlight their major benefits here below.

Hire Only a Fast Essay Helper

If you intend to use someone’s help, be sure you hire a fast essay helper. He or she should be educated and experienced in academic writing, editing, citing, etc. Although you may find a solo expert, it’s better to trust custom writing agencies and select a helper there. Why are such platforms better? Here are a few strong reasons:

  • A solo expert is only one person. He or she will not always be available because there will be other clients, as well as some routine tasks and duties of that person.
  • If you collaborate with a highly reputed and trusted agency, you are already confident that all its experts are certified and may handle any piece of writing excellently.
  • Custom writing agencies set lower prices in comparison with solo writers.

Enjoy the Highest Quality

Once you find an urgent essay writing service, which can be trusted, you may not worry about the success of your paper. Its certified and experienced writers sharpen their skills regularly. They know how to meet all academic requirements for writing. All of them pass a series of tests and job interviews before they are accepted. Admission committees are selective and refine all the candidates until they find the perfect ones. Thus, you may be 100% confident that you will get papers of the highest quality.

100% Authentic Papers

Every highly reputed writing agency releases only authentic and creative academic papers. All experts regularly enlarge their active vocabulary to be ready to replace any outdated or overused words or phrases with a modern substitute. The experts write relevant and readable papers, which will be interesting to read.

Research Paper Tips for College Students

They use dependable checking apps, which help detect the slightest traces of plagiarism. If such elements are detected, they will be quickly replaced. You may al request help with citations and references. Skilled experts will format your text according to any writing style:

  • AMA
  • APA
  • ASA
  • MLA
  • Turabian, etc.

All Kinds of Skills and Assignments

If your last minute essay writing service is trustworthy, you enjoy pro assistance automatically. It comes in various forms to satisfy your demands to the fullest. Every order is tackled individually. You may set whatever academic requirements you have and count on precise assistance. For example, your paper may be:

  • Written;
  • Edited;
  • Outlined;
  • Calculated;
  • Researched, etc.

You will find experts in math, literature, history, medicine, economics, marketing, business, and other academic areas. Of course, you may freely request assistance with any academic project. You may count on:

  • Essays
  • Case studies
  • Dissertations
  • Research proposals
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Admission papers
  • Term papers, etc.

Affordable Pricing and Other Finance Benefits

If you find a cheap essay writing service fast, you get professional assistance that will not cost a lot. All highly reputed services realize the shortcomings of students and are aware of their problems with money. They study the market and propose affordable prices, which are quite cheap for ordinary students.

Besides, you may easily regulate the total cost. Before you confirm the placement of the order, fill in compulsory fields. They determine the total cost:

  • Quality
  • Urgency
  • Size

Each field may change the final sum. Be attentive and alter the demands until the cost is suitable for your budget. You may also save up your earnings thanks to various promotions and discounts. Trustworthy agencies regularly offer them.

Your money is ensured with a special policy. After your helper accepts your conditions, he/she pledges to complete them as promised. If some of your conditions were not fulfilled or their quality was poor, all your money will be returned to you.

24/7 Accessibility and Full Anonymity

Every quick essay writing service welcomes its clients at any suitable time because it surely functions 24 hours round the clock. Even if you remember about your assignments at the last minute, and it’s late at night, don’t give up! Your paper writing service will be available in the hour of need to accept urgent orders. In case you have some issues with the site or order, turn to the team of support. It will provide quick and clear consultations.

Wrapping Up

If you have no time, energy, or knowledge to handle some of your learning projects, use any solution highlighted in our informative article. Each has certain peculiarities and benefits for learners. You may even combine them to enjoy better effects. Thanks to them, you will surely submit high-quality academic papers on time!

Why Homework is Bad for Mental Health?

All students have to do their homework tasks. It is a common practice, which is very important. It helps students to become self-reliant, independent, inventive, creative, and disciplined. They obtain important experience and boost all kinds of academic skills. On the other hand, too many tasks and duties may lead to serious mental issues. They grow desperate and constantly ask: “How can I do all my homework tasks when there is no time for me and my goals?”

This matter must be taken seriously! Not all students can withstand this challenge. Luckily, they can use various sources of information and support on the right websites. For example, they may get professional homework help from CWAssignments. It is a reliable online custom writing, which has only certified and skilled writers. Each writer knows how to help with the accomplishment of any homework assignment.

We will discuss this solution later. In the meanwhile, we would like to pay your attention to the negative effects on the mental health of students when they have too many academic tasks and duties.

why homework is bad for mental health

Mental Issues

One of the worst manifestations of too many homework assignments is triggering various mental ailments and deviations. Some of them are very dangerous and may remain for long, if not for the entire life! Youngsters may take their academic liabilities too close to the heart. As they are worried about their results, it leads to various mental ailments and deviations.

The Burnout

Too many tasks and great mental pressure make students “burn out”. Children and young adults cannot withstand the constant flow of academic tasks and duties. They get exhausted as they are stressed and deprived of sleep. All they do is think about their learning. It leads to burnout.


Unfortunately, buying is pretty common for all schools, colleges, and universities in the USA.  Other students crack jokes about the so-called nerds. It is an ugly behavior and when children grow up, they understand that and become ashamed. Nonetheless, the damage will be already done. Clever and diligent |nerds” will suffer from it, and the negative consequences may remain with them until the last day of their lives.

Some of them will surely want to become “normal” and so may stop doing their homework. They will not be that diligent to try not to stand out of the crowd. It is also a huge mistake, but due to their inexperience, they don’t realize it.

No Time for Private Affairs

Too many homework tasks deprive students of time for themselves. They cannot have enough fun. There is little time for personal relationships, communication with their peers, having hobbies, and so on. This shortage of time makes many students oppose their homework duties. They start to hate it, and so may top learning. At any rate, it is a serious drawback for their mental health.

Tips to Getting Rid of Homework Stress

We want to help all students. We have gathered several great tips and tricks that may help to handle your homework tasks faster and easier. Make allowance for the next points:

  • Plan your time reasonably;
  • Set realistic deadlines and goals;
  • Prioritize your goal;
  • Always have time to rest;
  • Sleep enough;
  • Understand when help is required.

Follow these tips and your academic life will become much easier!

Consider Using a Custom Writing Service

One of the most effective ways to put off your academic load is to use the help of a good custom writing platform. If you find a trustworthy writing service, you may solve almost any learning issue. It hires only certified and skilled experts who specialize in various disciplines and assignment types.

Such services have hundreds of educated writers who can easily handle any assignment in programming, java, management, statistics, accounting, law, Matlab, history, etc. You may freely count on help with your:

  • Essay;
  • Resume;
  • Speech;
  • Term paper;
  • Lab report;
  • Book review;
  • PowerPoint presentation;
  • Dissertation and so on.

As every order is 100% customizable, you may get any kind of academic help. Discuss all the terms with your solver and tell how your paper must be tackled. You may request:

  • Writing and rewriting;
  • Editing and proofreading;
  • Researching and analyzing;
  • Citing and referencing;
  • Generating topics;
  • Outlining;
  • Calculating, etc.

You may not worry about the price you will surely have to pay. If you find a highly reputed platform, it will not charge a lot. Such services set pretty cheap prices to make affordable their help. Every ordinary student will be able to buy the required type of help. Just set the demands and regulate the total cost until it suits your financial possibilities. Moreover, these services offer great discounts for students to save up more of their money.

Research Paper Tips for College Students

The help is very fast. Everything depends on the demands you set. Make sure they are realistic. For example, a simple essay can be completed in 2-4 hours. A case study or coursework will take much more time. Place a complicated assignment beforehand and your helper will surely accomplish it on time. You are expected to provide the next details:

  • Deadline;
  • Quality;
  • Type of skills;
  • Length;
  • Type of the paper.

The price of pro help isn’t that high if you choose a highly reputed platform. It also depends on the demands you set. Change the value of quality, length, or urgency to make the price cheaper. Most assignment types have the same cost. However, such a complex paper as a dissertation will surely cost more. Nonetheless, the prices are pretty affordable and fair.

Among other dividends you will enjoy are:

  • Authentic papers;
  • Inserting citations and bibliography of all formats;
  • Protection of your private data;
  • Availability and support 24 hours round the clock.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, doing homework may be harmful to youngsters. Educators should finally realize that they assign too many tasks. Youngsters need more time for themselves to escape mental complications. Follow our useful tips and tricks to get rid of at least some part of your academic load.