Up Your Green Knowledge: 5 Ways to Learn More About Plants

Flora and fauna start to become of great interest to people. A number of ecological problems cause the desire to take care of plants, trees, flowers, etc. But before proceeding to purchase a plant and care for it, there is a need to gain more knowledge about the green world.

Have no idea where to get interesting information about a particular flower? This is where innovative technologies come to the rescue. These can be special apps and a well-known Internet. Thus, let’s dive deep into useful ways to improve your lore concerning the flora and fauna world.

Ways to Learn More About Plants

Download an App

One may be surprised by the number of various applications available in your App Store. While some of them are created in order to assist you to have fun, others are connected with the plant world.

No matter if you are an owner of an iPhone or other device, it is possible to find the fittest application with a set of useful functions. If you discover a bright flower, you probably would like to know its title. This is where the plant identification app will be handy for this task. One of the examples Plant Identification – Lily was developed to assist users to discover new representatives of flora.

Such apps enable people not only to define plants around them but also set reminders for plant care. Thus, for example, the next time you detect a huge tree, using an application provides you with the possibility to determine how it is called and get information or advice from botanic experts.

Use the Internet

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine modern life without the global web. Access to the required information is possible with several clicks on your PC or taps on your smartphone or tablet such as an iPad.

Let’s imagine you want to up your knowledge about a particular plant but you forget to download the app. This is where the Internet will be useful. All you need to do is to enter a title of a necessary plant or tree and an amount of information is available for your consideration.

Take Books

Taking a book from a library is another way to be aware of flora. Although it is not considered one of the innovative technologies plants information gathering, books are full of interesting facts about them.

The most pleasant thing is that books are free for readers. Everyone who desires can visit the nearest library and spend several hours familiarizing themselves with the chosen botanic book. There is no need to waste time searching applications in your App Store. A large number of books are waiting for you in one building with a piece of detailed information about plants.

Chat with Experts

Are you a newcomer to the green world? Then, you need advice from specialists for sure. In order to take care of your plant properly, you can communicate with botanic experts and ask for their help.

Where is it possible to find such people? First, you can download an app where all specialists in flora are gathered. This can resemble a chat application where you can conduct online calls with experts and get helpful tips on how to care for plants in your home.


Also, botanic specialists can be found on various forums for plant lovers. Using your iPhone or other types of device, you should simply sign the needed forum and get information about a plant of your interest.

Attend Lectures

Do you think attending lectures is a practice for students only? You may be surprised after you know how many lectures are held on flora topics. Just follow what lectures are going to be conducted in the future and select the most interesting for you.

Utilizing your iPad or other devices enables you to take notes during a lecture. Moreover, after a discourse is completed, you will have the opportunity to communicate with a lecturer individually and ask for a professional recommendation.


To sum up, we can say that not only innovative technologies exist to get more information about the plant world. Having an app is useful but also there is no need to forget about usual ways of acquiring knowledge.

Thus, aside from the mentioned tips for upping your lore about the flora, you can make use of various online resources, YouTube videos, pieces of advice from your friends or family members, educational films, directory, etc.

How Do You Install Solar Panels?

Installing solar panels can seem like a daunting task, but it’s really not that difficult. In this article, we will walk you through the steps involved in installing solar panels on your home or business. We’ll also give you some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible. So let’s get started!

mistakes when switching to solar energy

Step 1: Mount Installation

The first step when installing solar panels is to mount the panels on your roof. This may require hiring a contractor to help you with the installation. Make sure to choose a qualified contractor who has experience installing solar panels.

The mounting system will depend on the type of roof you have. If you have a tiled roof, you will need to use special mounts that attach to the tiles. If you have a metal roof, you can use clamps to attach the panels to the roof.

Step 2: Install the Solar Panels

The solar panels must be connected to an inverter, which converts the DC current produced by the solar panels into an AC current that can be used in your home. The inverter must be installed in a location that is protected from the elements.

Step 3: Do Electrical Wiring

You will need to run a wire from the solar panel to your home’s electrical system. The easiest way to do this is to run the wire through the roof and into your attic. Make sure you have a sturdy roof that can support the weight of the solar panel.

You will also need to drill a hole in your attic so that you can run the wire through it. Make sure the hole is big enough for the wire to fit through easily.

Step 4: Connect the System to Solar Inverter

Once you have your solar panel system set up, you need to connect it to a solar inverter. This device converts the direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is what most home appliances use. The inverter should be placed near your breaker box so that it can easily send power to your home’s electrical system.

Step 5: Connect Solar Inverter and Solar Battery

After the solar panels are installed, you need to work with a solar inverter company to connect the solar inverter and solar battery. The solar inverter converts the DC power from the solar panels into AC power, which is the type of power that is used in homes. The solar battery stores energy from the solar panels so that you can use it at night or on cloudy days.

To connect the solar inverter, first turn off the main power to your home. Then, connect the positive and negative wires from the solar inverter to the positive and negative terminals on the solar battery.

Step 6: Connect Solar Inverter to the Grid

After your solar panels are installed, you will need to connect the solar inverter to the grid. This will allow you to sell excess energy back to your utility company. The solar inverter will also monitor your system and provide alerts if something goes wrong.


To connect the solar inverter to the grid, you will need to have an electrical permit. You will also need to have your utility company inspect your system before it can be connected to the grid. Once your system is connected, you will be able to start generating solar power!

Step 7: Start Solar Inverter

  • Locate the Start Solar Inverter button on the inverter’s front panel. This button is rectangular and has a small solar icon in the center.
  • Press and hold the Start Solar Inverter button for three seconds.
  • The inverter will startup, and the LCD screen will display the current operating status of the inverter.

Now that your solar panels are installed, you can start generating electricity! Simply follow these steps to get your inverter up and running. With a little help from the sun, you’ll be powering your home in no time.


Installing solar panels is not as difficult as one might think. In most cases, the panels can be mounted on the roof of a home or building. The process of installing solar panels usually starts with mounting the panels in an area that will receive the most sunlight. Once the panels are in place, wires are run from the panels to a power inverter. The power inverter converts solar energy into electricity that can be used by the home or building.

Finally, the system is connected to the electrical grid so that any excess electricity can be sold back to the utility company.

With a little bit of planning and some basic knowledge of electrical work, anyone can install solar panels.

Anaerobic Digestion of Tannery Wastes

The conventional leather tanning technology is highly polluting as it produces large amounts of organic and chemical pollutants. Wastes generated by tanneries pose a major challenge to the environment. Anaerobic digestion of tannery wastes is an attractive method to recover energy from tannery wastes.

According to conservative estimates, more than 600,000 tons per year of solid waste are generated worldwide by leather industry and approximately 40–50% of the hides are lost to shavings and trimmings. Everyday a huge quantity of solid waste, including trimmings of finished leather, shaving dusts, hair, fleshing, trimming of raw hides and skins, are being produced from the industries. Chromium, sulphur, oils and noxious gas (methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulphide) are the elements of liquid, gas and solid waste of tannery industries.

Biogas from Tannery Wastes

Anaerobic digestion (or biomethanation) systems are mature and proven processes that have the potential to convert tannery wastes into energy efficiently, and achieve the goals of pollution prevention/reduction, elimination of uncontrolled methane emissions and odour, recovery of biomass energy potential as biogas, production of stabilized residue for use as low grade fertilizer.

Anaerobic digestion of tannery wastes is an attractive method to recover energy from tannery wastes. This method degrades a substantial part of the organic matter contained in the sludge and tannery solid wastes, generating valuable biogas, contributing to alleviate the environmental problem, giving time to set-up more sustainable treatment and disposal routes. Digested solid waste is biologically stabilized and can be reused in agriculture.

Until now, biogas generation from tannery wastewater was considered that the complexity of the waste water stream originating from tanneries in combination with the presence of chroming would result in the poisoning of the process in a high loaded anaerobic reactor.

When the locally available industrial wastewater treatment plant is not provided by anaerobic digester, a large scale digestion can be planned in regions accommodating a big cluster of tanneries, if there is enough waste to make the facility economically attractive.

In this circumstance, an anaerobic co-digestion plant based on sludge and tanneries may be a recommendable option, which reduces the quantity of landfilled waste and recovers its energy potential. It can also incorporate any other domestic, industrial or agricultural wastes. Chrome-free digested tannery sludge also has a definite value as a fertilizer based on its nutrient content.

Potential Applications of Biogas

Biogas produced in anaerobic digesters consists of methane (50%–80%), carbon dioxide (20%–50%), and trace levels of other gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide.  Biogas can be used for producing electricity and heat, as a natural gas substitute and also a transportation fuel. A combined heat and power plant (CHP) not only generates power but also produces heat for in-house requirements to maintain desired temperature level in the digester during cold season.

CHP systems cover a range of technologies but indicative energy outputs per m3 of biogas are approximately 1.7 kWh electricity and 2.5kWh heat. The combined production of electricity and heat is highly desirable because it displaces non-renewable energy demand elsewhere and therefore reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

AD Plant at ECCO’s Tannery (Netherlands)

A highly advanced wastewater treatment plant and biogas system became fully operational in 2012 at ECCO’s tannery in the Netherlands. A large percentage of the waste is piped directly into the wastewater plant to be converted into biogas. This biogas digester provides a source of renewable fuel and also helps to dispose of tannery waste materials by converting waste from both the leather-making processes, and the wastewater treatment plant, into biogas. All excess organic material from the hides is also converted into biogas.

This project enables ECCO Tannery to reduce waste and to substitute virtually all of its consumption of non-renewable natural gas with renewable biogas. The aim is to use more than 40% of the total tannery waste and replace up to 60% of the total natural gas consumption with biogas.

How to Become More Energy-Efficient at Work?

Nowadays, smart business owners are taking steps towards making their company more efficient in every way. By establishing more efficient processes, these businesses are capable of getting more done in a shorter amount of time, and they’re also saving money along the way. But, beyond helping their employees perform better, business pros are also working on implementing tools and strategies for becoming increasingly more energy efficient so that their business can be greener and so that they can save money on their energy bill.

save energy concept

If you are ready to take your basic eco-friendly office to the next level, keep reading for some helpful information on how to become more energy efficient at work.

1. Make the Switch to Laptops

Desktop computers that are always plugged in are always consuming some level of energy, even when they are turned off. Unless you have all of your electronics plugged into a power strip that is turned off at the end of every workday, those devices will continue draining energy, and you will see it on your energy bill. For this reason, a lot of businesses are opting to make the switch to using laptops rather than desktops.

Laptops only need to be plugged in when they are in need of a charge; the rest of the time, they use a built-in battery to function. This can help you save quite a bit of money on your energy bill, and it can also help you save much-needed space because laptops are smaller than desktop computers with separate monitors. This is one of the easiest ways to make your office more energy efficient, and your employees will likely welcome the change to laptops as well.

Recommended Reading: Sustainable Ways to Reuse Old Computers

2. Purchase Products Having Energy Star Seal

Another way to save money on your energy bill while making your office more energy efficient is by switching to Energy Star appliances and office products that will use up far less energy than their counterparts. Properly dispose of old appliances, such as your office’s refrigerator and microwave, and replace them with Energy Star appliances so that you can start to save money and allocate it towards more important aspects of your day-to-day operations.

Beyond appliances, office products like printers, scanners, copiers, and computers can also come with the Energy Star seal, so be sure to stick with those as well. Because you use these products every day, and for hours on end, making the switch to energy efficient office equipment is wise.

3. Get Smart About Lighting

Another way to become more energy efficient at work is by focusing on the lighting throughout your office. It is important to replace outdated light bulbs that are less efficient than modern options. So, for example, you could replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs, which do not contain the harmful mercury that compact fluorescent light bulbs contain. Beyond that, you can check to see if there are any light fixtures that you do not really need to have in place after all. Plus, simply turning the lights off when you leave a room can be a great way to save money really easily.


You can even opt to install light fixtures that use sensors to determine when there are people in a room, thereby allowing the lights to turn on and off automatically. And, finally, whenever possible, take advantage of natural light during the day so that you can rely less upon artificial, energy-consuming light.

4. Keep Your Staff Comfortable, but Save Money Too

What temperature is your office thermostat currently set to? Do you think that you can maybe tweak the temperature a bit so that you could save money, while also keeping everyone comfortable? Many times, office thermostats are set at temperatures that end up costing the business a lot of money. Small changes in temperature can make a big difference in your energy savings, but your staff are not likely to notice the changes because they will still feel comfortable while they work.

To keep the workers productivity high enough, you should definitely keep your office warm with the minimum cost incurred. It is more reasonable to use the energy efficient radiators that enable you to control the heating easily from anywhere you want. For instance, you can use BestElectricRadiators to not spend much money and keep the heating as well as the productivity of the workers.


For example, you can save money during the summer by setting the thermostat to 78-80°F. When the workday is over, you can allow the office to reach 80°F because no one will be there anyway, so you don’t need to bother keeping the air conditioner going. In the winter, on the other hand, you can keep your thermostat set anywhere from 65-68°F, and you can let it drop to 60°F overnight when no one is in the office. Go ahead and change the temperature setting by a degree or two for a month to see how much you can save.


It is pretty clear to see that it is very important to become more energy-efficient at work. The first step involves setting up an eco-friendly office. But, once you have set the foundation, you can go even further by becoming energy efficient for the planet and for your bottom line.

How To Raise Security In The Digital Space?

Recent world events related to Covid-19 have radically changed the lives of people around the world. Businesses have to adjust to rapidly changing conditions, and organizing remote work has become a serious challenge for many companies. In the wake of the pandemic, the surge in cybercrime has made this process even more difficult. Many entrepreneurs are deeply immersed in the processes of how to properly set up ads, buy real Instagram followers, store money on the exchange, but they neglect the security setting and do not know how to protect their accounts and online wallets from hacking. There is a basic set of rules which, if applied systematically, will ensure you a zone where there is no risk.


What are the types of cyber threats?

Statistically, people with the same occupation or lifestyle have approximately similar threat patterns. If a person is different from the general level, for instance, he is engaged in entrepreneurial activity, he will have different risks.

The most common tool of cybercriminals is malware. They create it themselves so that they can use it to damage the user’s computer, or disable it. Hundreds of thousands of bots scan the network for vulnerable systems, access with weak passwords, open databases, and send tons of spam with malicious attachments. Malware can be different. There are programs such as viruses that infect files with malicious code. In order to spread inside the computer system, they copy themselves. There are adware programs that can spread malware. Another type is spyware, programs that secretly monitor user actions and collect information, such as credit card data.

Hacker’s use this spyware to commit identity theft to leverage some form of financial gain. Identity theft victims should immediately contact their bank if they suspect their identity may be compromised. Once the bank has been notified victims can should consider credit repair specialist to help reverse the damage of identity theft on their credit scores. Credit repair specialist often offer free consultations and can be accessed online at sites like creditsage.com

It is very common for people to be targeted by phishing attacks, the purpose of which is to trick users into obtaining confidential information. In such attacks, criminals send emails to victims posing as an official organization. This activity generates billions of dollars from simple user inattention.

There are Man-in-the-Middle attacks, during which a cybercriminal intercepts data during its transmission. He becomes an intermediate link in the chain, and the victims do not even know about it. You can be exposed to such an attack if you connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

How to improve cybersecurity?

First, use antivirus, even if you are a very attentive user, never install any third-party software, and the list of sites you visit is limited to a few very reliable ones. Your computer may be infected simply because your browser has installed plugins and someone knew they were vulnerable before the update was released. This is not the most common way of spreading malware today, but it does happen. Antivirus is an important security element and can prevent such threats.

Second, use strong passwords. The complexity of passwords directly determines their strength, so it is recommended to use long, random combinations of characters. That way, they can hardly be broken by the enumeration of different options and are not related to the user’s identity. Do not use the same passwords for all email accounts, social networks, and banking services. Ideally, there should be a different combination for each case. It is important to keep passwords in a safe place without free access, for example on a flash drive. Never store passwords in the cloud, and never confirm an action when the browser system asks you to save the password for the next login.

Third, always and everywhere use 2FA. These are one-time passwords that are generated every 30 seconds and are important to enter when you make any important operations. Thus, you have several codes that will be sent to your phone, to email, and from Google Authenticator. If you use them in tandem, this will guarantee maximum protection for any operations.

Fourth, use a VPN. In this way, your IP address changes, and you are inside the virtual network protected if you connect via Wi-Fi or other unprotected connections.

While there are great deals out there for individual VPNs, it takes a lot out of your wallet to secure your business. If you’re a bit short on cash for it, you can consider taking out a loan. You can always go to trusted lending platforms like GetCash. There, you will be able to be connected to trusted lenders for any financing needs you may have, including keeping your businesses safe.

How to avoid a social engineering attack?

At the word “cybersecurity” most people think of how to protect themselves from hackers exploiting technical vulnerabilities in networks. But there is another way to infiltrate organizations and networks – through human weaknesses. This is social engineering, a way to trick someone into revealing information or giving access to data. For example, someone who poses himself as a support employee might ask users for their passwords. Very often people voluntarily give this data, especially if they think that the request comes from an authorized person.

How To Ensure Digital Security

Social engineers often use the illusion of urgency in the hope that the victim will not think much about what is happening. So, just a minute of thinking can help you identify and prevent an attack.

Do not rush to provide data by phone or follow the link. Better call the official number or go to the official website. Use a different contact method to verify the source’s credibility. For example, if a friend asks for money in an e-mail, write or call him on the phone to make sure that the letter is really from him.

Think about your digital footprint. By publishing a lot of personal information on the Internet, you help attackers. To get started, you can view your pages on social networks and clear them of personal data that can be used by attackers: addresses, phone numbers, names and ages of children and parents, information about expensive purchases, and so on.

Social engineering attacks are extremely dangerous because they occur in completely ordinary situations. However, if you fully understand their mechanism and take basic precautions, you are much less likely to become their victim.

To sum up, the rules mentioned above will help you to know how to reduce the likelihood of cyberattacks. Remember that security is one of the fundamental aspects of digital hygiene, and it should not be neglected.

6 Ways to Get Money for Moving Costs

Are you looking for cheap ways to move, maybe considering different ways from personal loans? We all know how moving affects us physically and emotionally. One normally plans to move out one or two months before the date of moving.

One study shows that 54.4% of Americans can only afford to pay between $500 and $1000 for their move. The costs for a full-service move normally cost $1000 or more and hence people need to find ways of getting more money to move.

how to save money on moving costs

Should You Use Professional Movers?

If you are considering moving, it can be a great idea to use professional movers. They will do all the physical work for you and ensure the safety of your house items. This will however happen if you choose the full-service moving. The cost will be higher.

If you decide to do some activities by yourself, the cost will be lower. The rule is that the more professional help you get, you more money you’ll pay. So, if you are considering moving cheaply, it’s better to do some activities by yourself.

Some major factors should be considered when calculating the moving costs if you decide to use professional movers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Professional Movers

1. The Weight of Your House Items

Let me ask you something. If someone asked you to carry his/her suitcase for a fee up to the taxi destination and then later adds up another suitcase, will you still charge the same amount? Absolutely not.

This is the same case with professional movers. The moving costs are determined by the weight of your household items. This means that the more items you have, the more money you are going to spend.

Similarly, the more space your items take, the more the costs. This is because a larger truck will be required to transport your items which require more fuel consumption.

2. The Relocation Distance

Let me again use the example above. For instance, if the person changes his mind and no longer wants to travel by taxi but instead by bus which is 1.5km ahead of the taxi destination, will you still charge the same fee? Nope. Not for me. He/she will have to increase the fee.

The same case applies to professional movers. The further the pickup location is, the more expensive the transportation is. The trucks will take more fuel to transport the items. There will also be parking fees involved if there is a need to stay on the way overnight.

The cost will be calculated based on how long it takes to complete the movement.

Use a moving costs calculator to find the true costs of your movement. You can as well create a moving costs checklist which will make it easier to estimate moving costs.

Top 6 Ways to Get Money for Moving Costs

1. Consider Cheap Moving

Wait, what? How does cheap moving lead to getting money? Cheap moving can save you a lot of cash. We have already seen how expensive it is to get a full-service move. So, if you don’t have adequate money for that, why not find ways to cut down on the costs?

One way to do that is to cut down on the packing materials. ‘Use the free packing supplies. It won’t hurt to ask your family members and friends if they have any corporate boxes, tapes, or any other packing supplies that they don’t have use for them,’ says Annie Margariat Yang, a Finacial Advisor.

Try to dispose of the unwanted things. We mentioned earlier that the weight and space of your household items affect the price of the professional move. So, why not reduce some of these things?

‘If you have things in your home, which yes, you have them, that you haven’t touched in several months, why would you want to spend the effort of picking them up and spending more money to move them to your new home not touch them again? Go through your possession and clear the clutter,’ urges Annie.

You can decide to throw them out if they are in bad shape, donate them or sell them.

2. Save Save Save

You have planned to move in two months but the calculations don’t add up. The cots are too high. Why not save more for the move? You can consider cutting out some costs like entertainment costs or some subscriptions until the move is over. It will only be for two months.

reasons to hire local moving firm

Try to analyze your budget. If you don’t have a budget, it’s high time you create one. It’s recommended you use the 50/30/20 rule to create an effective budget. Try to find other areas you can cut down some cash to increase the money allocated to moving.

3. Get a Loan from Financial Institutions

If the move is sudden and you don’t have time to save, it can be wise to take out some loans. You must have a good repayment strategy to avoid missing the payments or defaulting in the future. Some of the recommended loan types for moving costs include:

  • Personal Loans

These are installment loan types that can be used for a variety of purposes including covering the cross-country moving costs. They are mostly unsecured meaning no collateral is needed but you can as well secure them with a valuable asset.

Their interest rate ranges between 6% and 36% depending on your credit score, the period of loan repayment, and the lender. You can access them from banks, online lenders, or credit unions.

  • Payday Loans

If you are looking for a way to get money for moving costs fast, then a payday loan is a good option. The application process is easy, the requirements are minimal and the response time is fast. Once the loan is approved, the cash is immediately deposited into your account. This procedure takes a few minutes before completion

You can apply for payday loans from the online lender’s official website or use a payday app. Be aware of the high interests. The APR for payday loans ranges between 200% and 500%. It’s a good idea to search for lenders with low interests.

  • Credit Card Cash Advance

This is a good option for people with credit cards. You can decide to borrow some cash against your credit card lender and pay them together with the normal credit card payments when the time is due. The cash advance, however, has a relatively high interest than the normal credit cards but it’s worth getting them.


It is easy to get money for moving costs. You can decide to save for it, cut down on the costs through cheap moving, or get a loan.

Why Should Your Company Commit to Renewable Power?

Roughly one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels to create electricity, according to Climate Collaborative. Using non-renewable gas, oil and coal adds to a rapidly growing carbon footprint, increases global warming and spells disaster for our fragile planet’s future. Companies and large corporations have the ability to make a positive environmental change by committing to transition to renewable energy in the coming months and years. Not only will this benefit our planet, but it also promises success for companies who choose to commit to it.

Reduce energy costs by producing your own energy

Utility bills are a huge expense for businesses, many of which are at the mercy of utility companies that could raise their rates at any moment. Renewable energy is an attractive alternative to electricity and the bills that come with it. Wind installations are one option, but solar panels are even better as they are more predictable, efficient and affordable.

In fact, the cost of renewable energy is dropping at an incredibly rapid rate. The total cost of developing wind power has dropped 55% in the last five years while solar energy has dropped a shocking 74%. These low prices stem from massive global investment and rapid technological advancement. And major corporations that are already using clean energy are only looking to buy more in the coming months.


Boosting public relations

An increasing number of companies are committing to renewable power to boost public image. Smart businesses know that, in today’s world, renewable power is a source of competitive advantage. Social pressure to reduce emissions continues to rise as consumers look for ways to be involved in saving the planet. This green movement has driven a demand for green products. And companies that can sustainably create these products are winners in the public eye.

Renewable power is also reliable and predictable

Unlike coal or oil, we’ll never run out of wind or sun. This makes the cost and savings of wind and solar power quite stable. Solar panels installed on top of business structures will produce a consistent amount of energy year after year as long as they are properly maintained. This strong reliability makes budgeting easier and ensures a less volatile bottom line.

Reducing carbon emissions

Every one killowatt-hour of energy produced keeps 300 pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere. So, replacing non-renewable energy with renewable resources naturally decreases global warming emissions. And that’s good news for everyone on earth because if we’re left with more carbon than oxygen, it’s going to be a little difficult to breathe.

How Can You Commit to Renewable Power?

The first step in committing to renewable power is shifting your perspective. Take time to personally research these benefits of renewable power. Once you decide sustainable energy is worth implementing, on both an individual and global scale, you can begin to look for ways to create your own strategy.

The best way to brainstorm and execute strategy is to develop a team with specific goals in mind. This team should include members from different departments such as legal, financial, environmental, sustainability and operations. Once there is a team in place, you can begin to integrate energy into the company’s vision and operations.

The team should begin by assessing current energy impacts and how they might change them. Analyzing impact and comparing your own to competitors’ will reveal performance opportunities and gaps. The team can then develop a plan of action. Aggressive targets should reflect the degree and pace of emission reductions necessary to mitigate climate change.

Once goals are outlined, the team must create incentives for employees and consumers alike to make energy an actionable priority. From there, they can measure and manage energy usage as the company transitions from non-renewable to renewable energy sources.

Biogas Prospects in Rural Areas: Perspectives

Biogas, sometimes called renewable natural gas, could be part of the solution for providing people in rural areas with reliable, clean and cheap energy. In fact, it could provide various benefits beyond clean fuel as well, including improved sanitation, health and environmental sustainability.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is the high calorific value gas produced by anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes. Biogas can come from a variety of sources including organic fraction of MSW, animal wastes, poultry litter, crop residues, food waste, sewage and organic industrial effluents. Biogas can be used to produce electricity, for heating, for lighting and to power vehicles.

Using manure for energy might seem unappealing, but you don’t burn the organic matter directly. Instead, you burn the methane gas it produces, which is odorless and clean burning.

Biogas Prospects in Rural Areas

Biogas finds wide application in all parts of the world, but it could be especially useful to developing countries, especially in rural areas. People that live in these places likely already use a form of biomass energy — burning wood. Using wood fires for heat, light and cooking releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The smoke they release also has harmful health impacts, particularly when used indoors. You also need a lot to burn a lot of wood when it’s your primary energy source. Collecting this wood is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult as well as dangerous task.

Many of these same communities that rely on wood fires, however, also have an abundant supply of another fuel source. They just need the tools to capture and use it. Many of these have a lot of dung from livestock and lack sanitation equipment. This lack of sanitation creates health hazards.

Turning that waste into biogas could solve both the energy problem and the sanitation problem. Creating a biogas system for a rural home is much simpler than building other types of systems. It requires an airtight pit lined and covered with concrete and a way to feed waste from animals and latrines into the pit. Because the pit is sealed, the waste will decompose quickly, releasing methane.

This methane flows through a PCV pipe to the home where you can turn it on and light on when you need to use it. This system also produces manure that is free of pathogens, which farmers can use as fertilizer.

A similar but larger setup using rural small town business idea can provide similar benefits for urban areas in developing countries and elsewhere.

Benefits of Biogas for Rural Areas

Anaerobic digestion systems are beneficial to developing countries because they are low-cost compared to other technologies, low-tech, low-maintenance and safe. They provide reliable fuel as well as improved public health and sanitation. Also, they save people the labor of collecting large amounts of firewood, freeing them up to do other activities. Thus, biomass-based energy systems can help in rural development.

Biogas for rural areas also has environmental benefits. It reduces the need to burn wood fires, which helps to slow deforestation and eliminates the emissions those fires would have produced. On average, a single home biogas system can replace approximately 4.5 tons of firewood annually and eliminate the associated four tons of annual greenhouse gas emissions, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Biogas is also a clean, renewable energy source and reduces the need for fossil fuels. Chemically, biogas is the same as natural gas. Biogas, however, is a renewable fuel source, while natural gas is a fossil fuel. The methane in organic wastes would release into the atmosphere through natural processes if left alone, while the greenhouse gases in natural gas would stay trapped underground. Using biogas as a fuel source reduces the amount of methane released by matter decomposing out in the open.

What Can We Do?

Although biogas systems cost less than some other technologies, affording them is often still a challenge for low-income families in developing countries, especially in villages. Many of these families need financial and technical assistance to build them. Both governments and non-governmental organizations can step in to help in this area.

Once people do have biogas systems in place though, with minimal maintenance of the system, they can live healthier, more comfortable lives, while also reducing their impacts on the environment.

Finding the Most Appropriate Renewable Energy

Energy is very important nowadays. Contemporary people can hardly imagine their existence without it. Humans has always tried to produce cheaper and safe energy. Nature provides us with the energy we can renew daily. It provides people with the benefit which nobody can argue. It almost has no negative impact on the surrounding and is considered to be rather safe.

The cost of alternative energy systems has dropped sharply in recent years

When the scientists revealed that greenhouse effect led to the change of world’s climate they began to look for all possible ways to prevent the catastrophe. Fossil fuel does not give the chance to renew it after the use while sustainable energy can. In addition, fossil fuel is running out. That forces people to search some new ways to restore it. The depletion of conventional energy sources motivated scientists to develop new methods of energy production.

A country or even some particular geographical area should select a suitable type of renewable energy source. It usually depends on sources the region possesses. For example, countries which are situated on the equator can benefit from solar energy while those regions which lack sunny weather should better provide themselves with hydro energy or biomass energy.

There are regions which are trying to find the most appropriate renewable energy type. For instance, Massachusetts varies the use of different renewable energy sources. The state government proves that their region is able to provide the citizens with more wind’s energy than with any other ecologically safe power supply. The use of wind energy is beneficial for the state not only because it is ecologically safe but also because it has an economic advantage. They produce both offshore and onshore winds’ energy.

Yearly industry data manifests that the first one is even cheaper and ranges up to sixteen cents one kilowatt per hour. Such energy is clean and beneficial. In 2009 the government of Massachusetts issued the project of developing offshore ocean energy for a number of its regions. This plan proves the indisputable convenience of wind power use for this concrete state of America.

Despite the fact that wind power is rather sustainable, the US industry report relies greatly on solar energy use. This conclusion is based on three main reasons. The first and most influential is the fact that not all American regions can provide wind energy because of geographical peculiarities. By the way, some scientists and consumers find it rather complicated due to huge transmission lines it requires. That is why solar energy is more effective.

All regions receive the sun energy almost equally and they can depend on it mostly. The next factor that influences the choice of solar energy is its permanency and regularity. Wind turbines are more inconstant than the solar ones. Solar panels are able to generate energy even if there is no sun. Clouds cannot stop the penetration of sun rays completely. Due to that, scientists in Massachusetts also found solar energy to be rather beneficial and constant. The last factor that contributes to the number of advantages of solar panels use is their productivity. They are capable to produce more energy than the turbines which are enabled by winds.

The experiment of solar and wind energy testing lasted during thirteen days in Massachusetts. It took place at the beginning of January. Solar panels managed to produce thirty-five kilowatt-hours of pure electricity. At the same time, the winds turbines had hardly provided the territory with fourteen kilowatt-hours of clean energy. The outcome of the experiment supported the idea of solar panels efficiency compared to the wind turbines productivity on Massachusetts territory.

The investigation reasoned the use of solar and winds’ energy. Even if some type of renewable energy is less effective still it provides humans with ecologically safe power. It is unsound to refuse at least from one of them. All renewable energy gives the chance to save the planet from ecological disaster and improve human lifestyle and health condition.

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