How Working on the Facade System Can Make a Building More Energy Efficient

Today, everyone is looking to save on his energy bill. The cost of electricity and gas is simply out of control, in many European countries, and there is no end in sight. One of the ways to make a building more energy efficient is to work on its façade system. Here is what can be done to become more ecologically friendly in the construction industry.

How Facade System can make Building more Energy Efficient

Let there be Light

When working on facade systems, one must keep in mind the importance of natural light that comes inside. If it isn’t sufficient, you will need to use more electricity to light it, which is the first issue. But it is not the only one. If you do not choose to position as many aluminium windows as possible on a building, you may find yourself with rooms that are unfriendly to those who have to work or live inside them. This is a problem that new houses usually don’t have, as they all use extra-large aluminium windows, to let in as much natural light as possible, for the comfort of people, as well as for the energy efficiency factor.

Protection from Extreme Natural Events

Choosing the right materials for a façade system is crucial in the way that it will protect the house against natural events that can occur. When a storm comes in, it will hit the building with high winds, rain and snow. It may even throw the garbage that it will find along the way onto its walls and windows, as well as other natural elements, such as leaves and branches. The building needs to be built, so that it can protect itself against them. First, to sustain the attacks, but most importantly so that it doesn’t affect the temperature inside. Otherwise, the property will need to consume more energy.

Layers of Insulation

When you are building the façade system or renovating it, what you want is to add layers of insulation, one on top of the other, so that it is able to keep the warm air in winter time inside the house, without letting any of the cold come in. The same is true in summer time, when the air conditioning is used inside the house. Good insulation will keep the heat outside and the fresh air inside. Insulation needs to be handled inside the walls of the building, but also on the roof, where the sun beats down, during the warm months of the year.

A Façade System that is Airtight

What can be the weak points of a façade system? The ones that come to mind first, are certainly doors and windows. That is because they can let in some air from the outside to the inside, if they are not airtight. However, the new technology used in aluminium windows and doors has solved this problem. Nowadays, the glass panes that are used have been produced for optimal thermal protection. Therefore, adding more windows on a house to façade systems, in order to let the natural light in, is not an issue anymore.

Know About Popular Waste to Energy Conversion Routes

Waste-to-energy is the use of combustion and biological technologies to recover energy from urban wastes. There are three major waste to energy conversion routes – thermochemical, biochemical and physico-chemical. Thermochemical conversion, characterized by higher temperature and conversion rates, is best suited for lower moisture feedstock and is generally less selective for products. On the other hand, biochemical technologies are more suitable for wet wastes which are rich in organic matter.


Thermochemical Conversion of Waste

The three principal methods of thermochemical conversion of waste are combustion in excess air, gasification in reduced air, and pyrolysis in the absence of air. The most common technique for producing both heat and electrical energy from household wastes is direct combustion.

Combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration systems, ranging from small-scale technology to large grid-connected facilities, provide significantly higher efficiencies than systems that only generate electricity.


Combustion technology is the controlled combustion of waste with the recovery of heat to produce steam which in turn produces power through steam turbines. Pyrolysis and gasification represent refined thermal treatment methods as alternatives to incineration and are characterized by the transformation of the waste into product gas as energy carrier for later combustion in, for example, a boiler or a gas engine. Plasma gasification, which takes place at extremely high temperature, is also hogging limelight nowadays.

Biochemical Conversion of Waste

Biochemical processes, like anaerobic digestion, can also produce clean energy in the form of biogas which can be converted to power and heat using a gas engine. Anaerobic digestion is the natural biological process which stabilizes organic waste in the absence of air and transforms it into biofertilizer and biogas.

Anaerobic digestion is a reliable technology for the treatment of wet, organic waste.  Organic waste from various sources is biochemically degraded in highly controlled, oxygen-free conditions circumstances resulting in the production of biogas which can be used to produce both electricity and heat.


In addition, a variety of fuels can be produced from waste resources including liquid fuels, such as ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, Fischer-Tropsch diesel, and gaseous fuels, such as hydrogen and methane. The resource base for biofuel production is composed of a wide variety of forestry and agricultural resources, industrial processing residues, and municipal solid and urban wood residues. Globally, biofuels are most commonly used to power vehicles, heat homes, and for cooking.

Physico-chemical Conversion of Waste

The physico-chemical conversion of waste involves various processes to improve physical and chemical properties of solid waste. The combustible fraction of the waste is converted into high-energy fuel pellets which may be used in steam generation.

RDF pellet

The waste is first dried to bring down the high moisture levels. Sand, grit, and other incombustible matter are then mechanically separated before the waste is compacted and converted into fuel pellets or RDF.

Fuel pellets have several distinct advantages over coal and wood because it is cleaner, free from incombustibles, has lower ash and moisture contents, is of uniform size, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

How Climate Changes Affect Students’ Life and Education

Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges of this generation is climate change. If not proactively handled, its effects may become irreversible and catastrophic to humanity. Climate change affects all people on the planet, even if they don’t see this influence with the naked eye.

Students and other members of society try to fight climate change since they are passionate about improving the quality of their life and protecting the planet. This article briefly describes what climate change is. It also highlights its effects on students’ life and education within the global community.

climate change impacts on students

About Climate Change

Climate change is a well-known term, but what is it all about? Climate change describes a long-term shift in global weather and temperature patterns resulting from natural and human activities. Since the 19th century, human activity has been the primary driver for the shift in these elements, resulting in unprecedented changes in temperature and weather patterns that adversely affect humans, animals, and plants. The main drivers of climate change are as follows.

  • Burning of fossil fuels;
  • Deforestation for farming and industrial activities;
  • Exploration of natural resources;
  • Improper disposal of harmful waste.

All these actions translate into floods, wildfires, poor air quality, and more that threaten the existence of humans, flora, and fauna.

Effect of Climate Change on Students

Climate change affects students in various ways. Below are some of the main effects of these changes on learners.

1. Makes School Buildings Unsuitable for Learning

Lecture halls and classrooms are built according to the prevailing weather and temperature conditions of each location. Weather and temperature were stable and predictable when most schools were designed and built. As such, these spaces are conducive due to adequate lighting and ventilation. However, most of these designs and buildings are becoming non-conducive due to increased flooding, drought, and heat waves.

Many schools have become unfavorable for learning due to the lack of necessary cooling or heating options to mitigate these changes. Likewise, learning institutions in poor neighborhoods do not have access to the funding that can reduce these effects. Therefore, students and their teachers are left to find ineffective ways of managing the situation. In cases of flood, entire schools become inaccessible for weeks or even months until the water level drops. Even then, damage to infrastructure and facilities makes learning highly inconvenient or even impossible.

In many countries, students choose online education because they don’t like the available educational facilities or if those are unsuitable for attending. Such students also often opt for online writing services instead of writing their own papers. When they buy a custom research paper online, they can get an example of quality writing and learn to write better, even without the help of teachers. This is also an option for those busy students who like to attend climate change conferences and protests, thus having less time for paper writing.

2. Reduces Quality of Education

When students lack the required environments to learn, it can compromise their education. Teachers and professors become unable to deliver effective instruction due to problems with classrooms, lecture halls, and teaching aids. On the other hand, learners can’t concentrate in class because the learning environment is no longer conducive. Over time, comprehension and retention decline, which reduces the quality of education students acquire.

3. Causes Malnutrition

As high temperatures, floods, heat waves, and droughts persist, food production reduces. The cost of production of foodstuffs increases. Also, parents and guardians become increasingly incapable of providing the nutrition their children need to develop and grow. As a result, many students, especially in developing countries, are becoming malnourished due to poor diets. Bad nutrition creates a cascading effect that is relevant for both children at home and in school. Ultimately, students become preoccupied with how to feed themselves instead of concentrating on education.

small things to help fight climate change

Impacts Health

The risk of malnutrition to students can also lead to health problems. But you should only fill nutritional gaps with healthy eating. Malnourished students are susceptible to infections and diseases due to a decrease in the strength of their immune systems. Furthermore, floods, rising temperatures, hurricanes, and wildfires are causing serious risks to health through the propagation of waterborne illnesses, pollution, chemical hazards, and injuries. Similarly, vectors like mosquitoes and rats are on the rise and spreading diseases to more locations.

All these problems primarily affect students from low-income families and preexisting health problems. These challenges exist alongside modern health issues like poor eyesight, low concentration, insomnia, etc., that develop in students that use many gadgets while learning or relaxing.

Increases Domestic Abuse

Many children suffer from domestic abuse. However, being occupied with education reduces the frequency of violence since students spend considerable time away from their homes. As climate change makes more schools inaccessible, many children are forced to stay at home. When this happens, some students experience increased violence and abuse from their parents or relatives.

Increases Dropout Rate

As mentioned above, climate change is making many schools inaccessible for brief or extended periods of time. In addition, it is increasing the cost of acquiring an education. As a result, children and young adults who cannot access their schools due to these reasons may decide to drop out.


Climate change is a problem that can greatly affect the lives and education of students. It can make schools unsuitable for learning, and reduce the quality of education. Additionally, due to climate change and the difficulties it brings, many learners are becoming malnourished, which leads to further health issues. Furthermore, children who are unable to attend school are more likely to become victims of domestic abuse.

Finally, students unable to access their schools due to climate change problems are more likely to drop out. These issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to climate change affecting education. This is why all of us must concentrate our efforts on helping the planet, and ensuring a better future for our children.

3 Resources Students Can Use For Writing A Green Energy Essay

Most high school and college students often go through a major educational ritual: writing essays. As a student, you will most likely find yourself in a situation where you have to write an essay on an unfamiliar or abstract topic such as green energy. If this happens, how do you tackle the assignment?

Well, you can take the easy way out by hiring a college essay writing service to get the job done for you. However, there’s a harder but more fulfilling option: writing it yourself. If you do decide to go for the latter second option, here are some major resources to help you write a winning green energy essay:


Peer-reviewed Essays

When it comes to writing a green energy essay or any kind of essay at all, peer-reviewed articles should be your primary source of information. This is because they are more authoritative, making it easy for you to include only factual information in your essay.

Generally, peer-reviewed essays or articles are considered reliable hubs of information in the academic field since they have been closely reviewed by a panel of experts who have provided feedback on the ideas and research methods employed in the essay.

However, finding these top-tier essays can be a little difficult if you’re trying to find it on your own. Most websites offer only the abstracts of these articles which isn’t enough for you to write a comprehensive essay. An easy way to find peer-reviewed articles is by using your university’s library website or database to search for them.

Print or online textbooks

If you’re trying to write an essay, a renewable energy one in particular, textbooks are also great resources that could help you write a detailed work. Although these sources are not as reliable as peer-reviewed journals (for obvious reasons), they can be a comprehensive hub of information as well.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find a wide range of textbooks about green energy. All you have to do is search in your school library or do a quick Internet search for textbooks relevant to your essay. For instance, if you’re writing an essay on biorefinery, you could use a relevant textbook such as Biorefinery by Juan-Rodrigo Bastidas-Oyanedel and Jens Ejbye Schmidt.

However, when choosing a textbook, it’s important to choose the one that’s in line with your academic level. For instance, if you’re in high school, don’t use a textbook made for fourth graders or professors. The former will be too simplistic for your essay while the latter may be too advanced for you to understand.

Internet sources

The Internet is one of the most popular sources of information as a poll on Reuters shows. Most students often run to the internet when confronted with a difficult assignment or task. This is mainly because it’s easy to find any answer you need in just a few clicks. Whether you’re trying to find a picture of a grinning Cheshire cat or get information for an essay on clean energy, this serves as a great option.

However, the Internet is not so reliable since everyone can easily plaster their opinions online without providing evidence to back up their claims. As such, when using online websites or search engines to look for information, it’s advisable to always double check or filter what you see. You can review the information with your teacher or compare it with peer-reviewed journals and textbooks. This way, you can avoid including misinformation in your essay.

Tips for Writing a Comprehensive Essay on Green Energy

If you’re looking to write a winning essay on green energy, here are some tips to guide you:

1. Narrow down your topic

Clean energy is a wide, ambiguous field. If you try to write a generic essay on this field, you’ll most likely get overwhelmed or end up writing an entire book. To make the writing process easier, narrow down your topic to a specific niche. For instance, instead of writing an essay titled “Green energy”, you can whittle it down to the environmental impact of clean energy conversion or its benefits.

2. Come up with an interesting thesis statement

Your thesis statement forms the basis of your entire essay. As such, it’s important to make it clear, arguable and interesting. You should also ensure that it clearly demonstrates your stance on the subject matter.

3. Use examples

When writing your essay, you should back up every claim or topic sentence with alternative energy examples. This way, your audience – and teacher – will know that you have sufficient knowledge about the subject matter.

For instance, if you write a sentence that says “Many companies are now utilizing green energy conversion to help in IT modernization“, don’t just stop there. Add real-life examples to substantiate your claim, such as: “For example, Netimpact Strategies, an IT service provider, recently launched….”

This will lend your paper more credibility and authenticity.

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay on green energy is easy enough once you have the right resources. In this article, we’ve outlined the best resources you can use for writing a winning, comprehensive essay. Good luck!

Role of Food Waste Disposers in Food Waste Management

Food waste is a global issue that begins at home and as such, it is an ideal contender for testing out new approaches to behaviour change. The behavioural drivers that lead to food being wasted are complex and often inter-related, but predominantly centre around purchasing habits, and the way in which we store, cook, eat and celebrate food.


Consumer Behavior – A Top Priority

Consumer behaviour is a huge priority area in particular for industrialised nations – it is estimated that some western societies might be throwing away up to a third of all food purchased. The rise of cheap food and convenience culture in recent years has compounded this problem, with few incentives or disincentives in place at producer, retail or consumer level to address this.

While it is likely that a number of structural levers – such as price, regulation, enabling measures and public benefits – will need to be pulled together in a coherent way to drive progress on this agenda, at a deeper level there is a pressing argument to explore the psycho-social perspectives of behaviour change.

Individual or collective behaviours often exist within a broader cultural context of values and attitudes that are hard to measure and influence. Simple one-off actions such as freezing leftovers or buying less during a weekly food shop do not necessarily translate into daily behaviour patterns. For such motivations to have staying power, they must become instinctive acts, aligned with an immediate sense of purpose. Click here to see what steps you can take to tackle this issue. The need to consider more broadly our behaviours and how they are implicated in such issues must not stop at individual consumers, but extend to governments, businesses and NGOs if effective strategies are to be drawn up.

Emergence of Food Waste Disposers

Food waste disposer (FWDs), devices invented and adopted as a tool of food waste management may now represent a unique new front in the fight against climate change. These devices, commonplace in North America, Australia and New Zealand work by shredding household or commercial food waste into small pieces that pass through a municipal sewer system without difficulty.

The shredded food particles are then conveyed by existing wastewater infrastructure to wastewater treatment plants where they can contribute to the generation of biogas via anaerobic digestion. This displaces the need for generation of the same amount of biogas using traditional fossil fuels, thereby averting a net addition of greenhouse gases (GHG) to the atmosphere.

Food waste is an ideal contender for testing new approaches to behaviour change.

The use of anaerobic digesters is more common in the treatment of sewage sludge, as implemented in the U.K., but not as much in the treatment of food waste. In addition to this, food waste can also replace methanol (produced from fossil fuels) and citric acid used in advanced wastewater treatment processes which are generally carbon limited.

Despite an ample number of studies pointing to the evidence of positive impacts of food waste disposer, concerns regarding its use still exist, notably in Europe. Scotland for example has passed legislation that bans use of FWDs, stating instead that customers must segregate their waste and make it available curbside for pickup. This makes it especially difficult for the hospitality industry, to which the use of disposer is well suited.

The U.S. however has seen larger scale adoption of the technology due to the big sales push it received in the 1950s and 60s. In addition to being just kitchen convenience appliances, FWDs are yet to be widely accepted as a tool for positive environmental impact.

Note: Note: This excerpt is being published with the permission of our collaborative partner Be Waste Wise. The original excerpt and its video recording can be found at this link

Problems Caused by Pigeon Population Growth

Pigeons, these flying birds have grown in number alarmingly in the past few years. You find them flocking around in your garden or sitting on your window sill cooing in their particular manner. It seems like they are everywhere and have started to feel annoying. So, what can be done to control their vast population? And how did it increase so much?  Is using a pigeon birth control tactic the answer? If so, then which tactic could be the most effective in controlling their population? Read on to find your answers.

It has been estimated that the worldwide population of pigeons is 26,00,00,000. The main cause behind these big numbers is that some people feed these pigeons just because they love to. That is, they feed on humanitarian grounds since they feel that they must. They do so to ensure that pigeons don’t starve to death. At the same time, others do so because they believe that feeding birds is their moral duty.


Thus feeding birds at feeding centers and public places has become a common practice. This feeding is the main cause of the overpopulation of pigeons. Even if it gives you satisfaction, it actually ends up becoming harmful rather than benefiting you. As Dr. Naveen Panday says that alarmingly, feeding pigeons exposes us to health problems and may become a danger for society.

Health problems caused by pigeons

Pigeons secrete their droppings at odd places almost everywhere. These droppings are filled with spores. If you breathe them in, then they may cause many problems for you. The foremost of them being respiratory disorders. Moreover, the feces of pigeons is extremely acidic. If dropped on buildings, it destroys them. It also corrodes monuments.

In addition to this, female pigeons reproduce at an alarming rate; that is, they give birth to 48 squash in a year! On average, a pigeon can live up to 20 to 25 years. With such long lifespans for a bird, they don’t die off quickly. A well-fed pigeon excretes around 11.5 kilograms of hazardous droppings in just a year.

Global actions for prevention

In the year 2001, in London, a ban was imposed on the Trafalgar Square on feeding pigeons as it is extremely toxic for human health. In 2008, Venice also put restrictions on people who sell grains for feeding pigeons, applying strict penalties on them. Even Spain’s Catalan Town took a precautionary step in managing their pigeon population. They have been feeding pigeons Ovistop, a contraceptive that is composed of corn seeds. Those seeds are then covered with Nicarbazin. This helps in limiting their population.


Talking of contraceptives, the OvoControl pigeon control program is your perfect choice for limiting their population. It has been estimated that by using the OvoControl program, pigeon growth declined rapidly with a 50% decrease per year. Furthermore, this birth control technique is humane and non-lethal. It simply disturbs the female pigeon’s ability to produce an egg. Thus fewer eggs mean fewer birds.

Diseases Caused By Pigeons

Dr. Kedar Toraskar says that for patients suffering from bronchitis, asthma or similar respiratory diseases, exposure to pigeons is harmful to their health. In fact, it may end up worsening their condition. The best preventive measure that can be taken is the complete removal of the source and maintaining cleanliness in the contaminated area. However, killing them off is not an option. Since this method does not produce immediate results; instead, their population increases rapidly. If you kill them, they would simply grow more. Thus OvoControl program is an ideal choice.


In addition to this, patients suffering from the diseases mentioned above should consult their physician at once to control their condition before it gets out of hand. Other birds like parrots, parakeets etc., can also worsen these diseases.

The biggest con of feeding sites is that a lot of these are constructed right outside marketplaces or community areas. As a result, many people are vulnerable to these problems. Doctors say that frequent feeding sites may lead to a disease known as extrinsic allergic alveolitis. In common terms, this is called pigeon breeders disease or bird fanciers disease. Persistent dry cough, fever, malaise and fatigue are the symptoms of this particular disease.

Dr. Kedar also adds that exposure to pigeons might cause progressive symptoms, including irreversible lung fibrosis and, in severe cases, death. These issues are caused by exposure to fecal matter and proteinaceous material on dried dust which finely falls off from the pigeon feathers.


Different governments and authorities must take quick steps to shut down the pigeon feeding stations. Hence all of these birds will move away somewhere else in the search for food. Furthermore, using anti-fertility drugs or contraceptives like OvoControl would end up controlling pigeon growth without harming them in return.

3 Important PCB Types Used in Renewable Energy Industry

Printed circuit boards play an essential role in many industries. And with the speedy growth of the energy field and the innovation of complex machines, building of high quality PCBs is needed.

In a growing sector such as the renewable energy industry, lead-free and quality PCBs are needed. Below are the three vital circuit board types that are used in the renewable energy industry.

circuit board types used in renewable energy industry

Printed Circuit Board used in Renewable Energy Industry

1. Heavy Copper PCB

A heavy copper printed circuit board has a very heavy copper circuit. It is a type of circuit board subjected to specialized etching and plating techniques.

Heavy copper PCB has great features that make it ideal for high-end applications in the renewable energy industry. For instance, it is heavier and thicker to handle higher voltage and power.

Benefits of heavy copper PCB

a. Good thermal distribution

Heavy copper PCBs have copper-plated vias that provide good thermal distribution. This means they are outstanding when used in renewable energy applications that need high frequency and speed. Moreover, they can be used in harsh environments.

b. Excellent conductor

Another benefit of using heavy copper PCB in the renewable energy industry is that it is an excellent conductor. This means it can be used in the production of complex electronic devices.

c. Multi-use

Heavy copper printed circuit boards can be used in devices with fluctuating power. In addition, heavy copper PCB can endure any weight without sacrificing the quality or performance of the board.

d. Enhances load sharing

With heavy copper PCB, you do not need to generate multiple duplicate and parallel layers. This is because the board can be combined with copper vias. Hence, it lowers the load-sharing difficulties linked with many parallel levels.

Applications of heavy copper PCBs 

Heavy copper PCBs can be used in various renewable energy industries such as solar energy, military, aerospace, geothermal, and many others.

2. Multilayer PCBs

A multilayer PCB is a circuit board with 3 or more conductive copper foil layers. It uses more single-sided or double-sided circuit boards to enhance circuit wiring. The number of layers of a multilayer PCB can be four, six, eight, ten, and up to a hundred layers.

Due to the numerous benefits of multilayer PCBs, renewable energy industries are among the beneficiaries of the boards. Multilayer PCBs have more conductive layers to achieve better electrical performance.

Benefits of multilayer PCBs

a. Smaller size

One advantage of using multilayer PCBs in the renewable energy sector is that they are small in size. This means they encourage manufacturers to build smaller gadgets that do not use a lot of energy.

b. Lightweight

Compared to other printed circuit boards, multilayer PCBs are not heavy. This means they can be used in smaller devices that are mostly found in the renewable energy sector.

c. High durability

Multilayer PCBs are more reliable than single-layer and double-layer PCBs. Since there are no external wires and connectors, the boards are clean and tidy. In addition, they are made to withstand temperature stress, and pressure.

d. Fast performance

Since multilayer PCBs do not use wires and jumpers, the distance between layers is very minimal. This means the performance of the boards is commendable.

Applications of multilayer PCBs

For many industries such as renewable energy industries, multilayer PCBs have become the best option for a wide range of applications. Some of the applications of multilayer PCBs include consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer electronics, and many others.

3. Rigid-flex PCBs

Rigid-flex PCBs are circuit boards designed to act as replacements for rigid circuit boards. And as the name suggests, rigid-flex PCBs are hybrids of flex and rigid circuits. This means they display the benefit of rigid PCBs and flex PCBs.

Several rigid-flex PCBs consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates normally attached to rigid boards externally or internally. They are designed to fit in applications that may require both flex and rigid circuit boards.

Advantages of rigid-flex PCBs

The combination of rigid PCBs and flexible PCBs makes it a beneficial product for many applications. Here are the main advantages of rigid-flex PCBs.

a. Flexible design alternatives

A rigid-flex PCB is a board that accepts any component and connector that can be assembled on the board. Hence, manufacturers can be flexible when designing or coming up with new ideas.

b. Reduction in size and weight of the package

Reduction in the weight and size of products is a policy that is adopted by renewable energy industries. Hence, rigid-flex PCBs are preferred in the industry because the combination of flex and rigid boards helps you to simplify your design.

c. Reduction in assembly cost

Since there are fewer connections and parts, the assembly cost is minimized. In addition, the development of the board’s prototype is significantly reduced thus minimizing the product cost of production.

Applications of rigid-flex PCBs

The main applications of rigid-flex PCBs are medical equipment, the telecommunication industry, the automotive industry, and consumer appliances among others.

what is IMS PCB

Tips to choose a supplier for your project

Below are vital tips to look into when choosing a PCB supplier for your application.

1. The supplier should have a proper set of guidelines

To avoid serious mistakes, a good supplier should have a proper set of guidelines. With the guidelines, the company will be able to maintain repeatability during the whole production process.

Moreover, the PCB supplier must be ready to show the guidelines to the client so that the client can be satisfied.

2. Check the type and quality of the machines

Due to the growth of technology, the printed circuit board industry has added new designs and ideas. Hence, the supplier should use the latest equipment and software to ensure the boards are up to the latest standards, such as lamination, CNCmilling, photo process and so on.

3. Use of green materials

When choosing a supplier to produce PCB type to be used in the renewable energy industry, you need to ensure the elements are lead-free. Hence, the company should be committed to using green materials when manufacturing PCBs.

4. Know the order size and time limit they offer

Before mass production, you require prototypes. Hence, it is essential to check whether your PCB supplier can manage the prototypes and produce small quantities before hiring them.

You need to understand that time is a crucial element in any part of a business. Hence, the supplier should be able to handle all the due dates effectively.

Bottom Line

With the rapid growth of the energy industry and the innovation of more complex equipment, PCB suppliers are building high-quality PCBs to support complex machines. The circuit boards must be reliable, small in size, and made of lead-free components.

Hence, it is important when choosing a supplier to make sure they are committed to using green material when making PCBs.

Why You Must Check Tata AIG’s Reviews Before Buying Insurance?

Many of us associate our insurance needs with different risk factors. Take the increasing instances of critical illnesses in India. Various life-threatening ailments such as cancer and cardiovascular conditions have grown in prominence in the past few decades, resulting in increased healthcare costs and lower life expectancy. Similarly, the increasing number of cars on Indian roads and lenient traffic rules implies a higher risk of road accidents.

In such circumstances, having some form of financial security is essential. And this is where buying insurance comes into play. Buying insurance, be it health insurance plans, motor insurance or travel insurance, is both necessary and overwhelming. It is because you need to think about various factors such as policy coverage, exclusions, insurance-related jargon and the choice of insurance provider.

Choosing the right insurer is perhaps the most crucial part of your insurance buying journey. Since there are many insurance companies in the market, you may feel confused unless you perform a thorough check of different insurers’ reviews. Tata AIG General Insurance Company is one of the trusted names in the Indian insurance sector and offers a wide variety of insurance products, including health insurance plans, home insurance, and car insurance. The positive reviews given by their loyal customers says a lot about the value of their policies.

Here’s how checking reviews of Tata AIG’s insurance policies can help you out:

1. You Get to Know About Customer’s Experience

Before making a significant purchase decision, you often ask about the experience of your friends or peers. You want to know if the product or service you have chosen is worth the price you will pay for it. The same approach bears fruits while buying insurance policies.

The reviews given to Tata AIG’s health insurance plans, car insurance and other policies tell you more about the experience of other policyholders. You can even find detailed reviews from the customers who have written about the benefits they have received with Tata AIG’s insurance policies. In other words, you get to know more about the real-world instances where insurance benefits from Tata AIG have helped an individual, thus, helping you make the right choice of an insurance plan.

2. You Can Find Out Which Add-ons to Choose

Different types of insurance, including health insurance plans, have add-ons that you can choose to strengthen the policy further. Whenever you buy an insurance policy, you are asked to select add-ons of your choice by paying a small premium amount additionally. You can therefore, choose add-ons that align with your requirements.

Genuine reviews from Tata AIG’s policyholders can help support your research by clearing your doubts about the right combination of add-ons that you must include in your policy. For instance, if you buy Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy from Tata AIG, you can choose the depreciation reimbursement add-on to get a full claim amount without any deduction for depreciation during claims as per policy terms.

3. You Can Verify the Claim Settlement Ratio

While buying an insurance policy, you want to know more about the process of claim settlement followed by your insurer. Along with this, it is crucial that you are aware of the insurer’s claim settlement ratio (CSR), which is essential, the number of claims settled by that insurer in a year.

Many customers write reviews online to shower praises on Tata AIG’s policies for their seamless claim settlement process and high CSR. This way, you can be sure of selecting Tata AIG as your insurance partner.

4. You Can Check the Worth of Premium

Most people include benefits such as insurance coverage, NCB, add-ons and their entire experience with their insurers while writing online reviews. Consumers also describe the premium payable for their insurance plan. The premium of insurance policy varies with the coverage and add-on options that you choose at the time of buying.

Therefore, the customer reviews can help you choose maximum insurance benefits at a nominal cost of the premium. At the same time, you can better assess your premium paying capabilities by thoroughly checking out reviews given by Tata AIG’s customers.

Bottom Line

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Common Brands Of Washers And Dryers

We’ve discovered a few excellent washing machines to suit various budgets and methods of washing clothes after washing hundreds of dollars worth of fabric stained with pig blood and body oils of unknown origin, visiting some washer brands’ quality-testing labs (and one factory), looking into the state of appliance reliability, and trying to debunk some laundry-related urban legends (and the best dryers to match). If you have a broken machine that needs to be fixed, Nashville area customers can get it fixed today.

Best Brands Of Washers And Dryers

On our list’s top spot is the LG WM4000H front-loader.

How did we test?

Cleaning effectiveness

To evaluate how successfully each washer cleared stains during the Normal cycle, we utilized industry-recognized stain test strips.

Textile handling

We used industry-standard fabric samples for our test loads in order to demonstrate how kind (or not) washers are to the fabric.

Use of water

In order to analyze water usage and measure water temperature throughout several cycles, we set up washers to drain into garbage cans.

Smart elements

Wi-Fi-enabled models were linked to test how user-friendly their apps were, as well as how useful the notifications and remote control were.

First place: LG WM4000H

The LG WM4000H is a top-notch machine. It was among the finest washers we tried at getting rid of all kinds of stains, and it also treated materials with more care than most of the others. The WM4000H boasts one of the broadest selections of wash settings, including a stain-loosening prewash option, extremely high temperatures, and additional rinses. It can wash a load far faster than a conventional high-efficiency washer.

The WM4000H is a front-load washer with a large capacity, quiet operation, and exceptional water and energy efficiency. Even the door prop has a special design to help avoid the unpleasant mildew odor. In addition to being more user-friendly and feature-rich than those of our other recommendations, we found the Wi-Fi-connected features to be helpful, including the end-of-cycle notifications, maintenance alerts, remote start, and extra downloaded wash programs.

Although reliability is difficult to forecast, according to a number of sources, LG front-loaders have recently had some of the lowest repair rates among major washers. (They won’t, however, survive as long as the old Maytag your parents had.) In comparison to most of the other dryers we tested, the matching LG DLEX4000 dryer dried loads more quickly.

In the odd event that you need a warranty repair, it may be a problem because the LG washer and dryer’s control panels are difficult to operate in low light, and LG’s customer service is terrible.

The WM4000H and the complementary dryer (which is available in electric or gas) may be stacked; in fact, any 27-inch LG dryer, regardless of age, can be stacked on top of the WM4000H. The WM3600H from LG is a comparable washer that is less expensive but skips a few helpful functions.

Second place: GE GFW650

In our tests, the GE GFW650 cleaned identically to the LG WM4000H and was as kind to textiles. Additionally, compared to the other washers we evaluated, it takes extra steps to lessen possible mildew and mold issues: The washer offers a venting option that you may use after a cycle has been done to dry the drum with the door closed.

The gasket, detergent tray, and drain hose are manufactured with antibacterial Microban. The GFW650 is not our top selection since, according to our tests, it took the WM4000H roughly 20 minutes longer to wash a load on Normal. In addition, we discovered that LG full-size washers are more reliable than GE’s.

The GFW650 offers a variety of wash programs, as well as choices for presoaking and extra-hot water, like the WM4000H. Although LG’s ThinQ app is superior at providing performance reports and diagnostics, GE’s SmartHQ app offers many of the same features as LG’s ThinQ if you connect your washer and dryer to Wi-Fi and are successful in doing so.

These features include cycle-end notifications, downloadable wash programs, and remote start. The GE GFW650 includes a reversible door, an inside light, and a detergent auto-dispensing option. While drying a load on Normal, the GE GFD65 dryer took around 10 more minutes than the LG DLEX4000. Both gas and electric versions are available.

Upgrade Option

Nowadays, just a few manufacturers provide reliable washers, and some of those powerful models are practically laundromat washers—often noisy, harsh on fabrics, inefficient, and not the best at cleaning. The Miele WXD160 is the exact antithesis of everything said above, yet it was nevertheless designed to survive for 20 years.

In our tests, it removed stains exactly as well as the LG WM4000H; however, it should last twice as long and only costs a few hundred extras. The disadvantage is that it’s a little washer. Its capacity is almost half that of a regular 27-inch model. In some US regions, it might also be challenging to locate Miele models and experts.

Another oddity is that the Miele TXD160, the dryer that matches it, is a ventless heat-pump type. The TXD160 is far more energy efficient as a consequence, but it takes roughly twice as long to dry clothing as a typical vented dryer. You can connect it—and the washer—anywhere you have a typical 120-volt outlet.

Budget Option

We advise thinking about whatever top-loader with an agitator you can get on sale from Whirlpool or Maytag (they’re the identical basic machines, with slightly different features) that is somewhere in the area of $600 if you can’t or won’t spend much on a washer. The Maytag MVWC465HW passed our tests and proved to be a reliable cleaner.

It’s reasonably effective and gentle with its usual Normal cycle. Additionally, it includes a few options that allow it to behave more traditionally, as some people prefer top-loaders to front-loaders. These settings include a Deep Water Wash option for more water and a Powerwash setting for more vigorous agitation.

The LG DLEX4000 dried our test load on Normal in around 15 minutes less time than the same Maytag MEDC465HW dryer, which has a speed-dry setting. However, it does the job, and some individuals might like the simple controls and lack of frills.

Because this isn’t the Maytag of yesteryear and Whirlpool’s reputation has changed, we can’t say with certainty if the Maytag set is particularly dependable or long-lasting. (Although we weren’t using the washer as it was meant to be used, we actually broke one portion of the washer during testing.)

Additionally, you could find yourself paying more on utilities and new clothing than you would if you were using a front-loader, which is a kinder and more effective machine. However, if saving money on the purchase is your top goal, we believe a product like this Maytag offering is your best option.